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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

I don’t often feature children’s clothing, but lately I have run across a few brands on instagram that I just can’t forget.  I think all are started by talented mamas, and while sometimes I get a bit tired and disenchanted with social media, it’s pretty incredible how it has enabled artists and creatives to find a way to do what they love while staying home with their babies, isn’t it?  This wouldn’t have been possible even five years ago!  So, here goes: duchess + lion co I’m pretty crazy about Duchess + Lion.  These clothes have sort of a Moonrise Kingdom feel to me – love the darling little knee patches and sweet details.  That wool scarf on the little girl in the far right image is made from a vintage WWII blanket.  So awesome, right?  Goodness, I love this so much.  You can see more of her fall styles that will be available soon on her pinterest page. cute kids' clothes Next up is Wren & James.  I follow Kiley on instagram, and can’t get enough of that precious gingham pinafore.  Seriously, those ruffles on the shoulders and the wooden buttons on the back are almost more than I can handle.  Her items have such a sweet vintage look, and I hope I can snag one of those pinafores for Vivi!  They seem to be in high demand, so follow her on instagram to find out about shop updates, etc.  She is re-opening on August 9th. cute kids' clothes And finally, The Brass Razoo Kids.  Currently all of Elise’s ridiculously awesome rompers are sold out (check them out on instagram if you haven’t seen them – they are truly gorgeous!), but these shorts are darling.  You have to get them quick when they are available!  The pom pom and tassel details are just amazing.

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  1. Claire says:

    You should also check out Vivi– a girl’s dress line that is handmade in the US, all limited edition and created by a SAHM. Use code VIVI15 for 15% off your first order. []

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