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Brigie just turned one (sigh!) and I’m planning a mini valentine party to celebrate.  We may have a couple of friends over, but mostly I just wanted to have a small celebration, and since Valentine’s Day is around the corner, it’s a great excuse to dress the girls up, get a little crafty, and take some sweet pictures.  Above is some of the inspiration – have you seen the Valentine cuteness Minted has currently?  Their classroom Valentines are precious.  I ordered some of the hula girl ones for Vivi to hand out to her class and she will get to decorate the envelopes at our little party.  She’ll be crazy over them, and the little hula girls remind me of the little dolls on the “It’s a Small World” ride at Disney World – so sweet!

Sources: (1) Gold Garland; (2) Hula Girl Valentines; (3) Date Night Arrows; (4) Mini Treat Cart; (5) Heart Pillows; (6) Heart Print; (7) Conversation Heart Table Runner; (8) Paperless Post Card


Brianne Heape"Happy Birthday, Brigie!! :) Time sure flies - I can't believe she's one! "


Last week was Alt Summit!  (Business cards letterpressed by my friends at Crayton-Heritage and photographed on my pretty tablecloth from Chip.)  I loved getting to connect with so many fantastic creatives and smart business women.  It’s quite a bit outside of my comfort zone to introduce myself to people I don’t know (or perhaps even tougher, people that I recognize because I admire their work, but haven’t met in person), but really every interaction I had was great, and there was no reason to be intimidated. Can we talk, too, about how I sat directly in front of Jamie Mears of Furbish Studio on the plane to Alt?  I didn’t realize who she was, but I did turn around and say hello because I could tell she and her friends were headed to the same place and I was too excited to contain it.  However, I was too afraid to introduce myself and ask who they were.  I wanted to connect with Furbish while I was at the conference, but didn’t make it happen, and didn’t realize it all until after we got home.  Lesson learned: it’s better to be brave than miss an opportunity to meet someone awesome!  It was really fun to see how many different types of creatives attended.  It wasn’t just bloggers, but also graphic designers, developers, and shop owners and there was great content and networking opportunities for everyone.  Below are some of the talented shop owners I got to meet (and there were lots more, too, I am sure!).

(1) The awesome Alison of the Alison Show (just as fun as you would expect in person!); (2) The inspirational Susan of Freshly Picked; (3) The talented and trendsetting Amy of Little Hip Squeaks; (4) Sweet Jessica of Fraulein Co. (I’m going to have to get some of those bows for Vivi!); (5) the beautiful Erin of Candy Kirby Designs; (6) Preppy and polished Rachel of Pencil Shavings Studio; (7) the adorable Megan of Goods by Grinn; and (8) the smart and talented Stacie of Gingiber (she has a lot of new stuff coming out this year!!).

Chip came along with me, and we (mostly he!) put in quite a bit of hours on the new site.  We still have some more work to do, but it’s going to be awesome, and we are trying to get it working as perfectly as possible before letting y’all see it!  It was so great getting to be there with Lesley (she has a much better recap than me!) and Krista – love them so!  I can’t wait to start utilizing what I learned to continue making Lay Baby Lay a more inspirational and beautiful place.  I feel so blessed to get to do what I do, and even more blessed to have readers who connect with and appreciate the content here, so thanks so much to all of you!



antisparkle09"Wasn't it wonderful? I wish I was back. I didn't get a chance to meet Stacie of Gingiber. I wanted …"

Joni Lay"Aww, thanks, Patty! Maybe next time - I hope to go back! It was such a great week. "

Joni Lay"Hi Meghan! They were letterpressed by Crayton Heritage (http://heritageletterpress.com) - love them! Thanks so much! "

Patty // House of Lucky"So amazing, overwhelming and inspiring! I went alone and was totally out of my comfort zone, but I gained …"

Meghan J Splawn"Hey Joni! Who did your business cards? They are just darling! "


I’ve been working on another post for today, but honestly, I just can’t get my mind off ALT summit next week!  I’m pretty much over the moon excited, as I have been wanting to go for a few years now, but the timing has never worked out quite right.  I’ve been trying to plan my outfits, which has been a little of a challenge.  I’m the kind of person who typically packs last minute, and then overpacks in the extreme to compensate for the lack of thought.  Since I don’t really do much these days that requires much pre-planning or consideration when it comes to my wardrobe, I’m trying to be a little more intentional for this trip.  While it’s a bit overwhelming, it’s also really fun.  Above are a few things I’m really excited to take, and a couple of new additions that I love.  I wanted to share them, as I’m always on the hunt for great pants or jeans (because hips! and they are never long enough!), and the two up top are my new favorites.  If you have similar issues, maybe you’ll like them, too!  I still need to find a good bag for my computer, business cards, and other fun stuff.  Any suggestions?  I have a larger 15″ macbook, and it seems most things are designed for dainty little macbook airs and such.  I’d love to find something fun, that isn’t too pricey!

Sources: (1) Crazy expensive but beautiful clutch (that I don’t have); (2) Gigi Ponte Pants; (3) Anchor Necklace; (4) Frye Boots; (5) Joe’s Skinny Jeans; (6) Gold Booties; (7) Aqua Skirt and Pink Skirt


As January is settling in, I find myself wanting to get more organized, especially in the girls’ rooms.  Sometimes the clothes and the books and the toys can get overwhelming, and while I try to keep the amount of stuff low, it’s really a challenge after Christmas.  I like having a few baskets around the house for quick and easy clean up at the end of the day.  I rounded up a few of my favorites on BHG today; go here for sources!


brigie's gift guideToday is a little guide inspired by Brigette, my 10.5 month old who follows fast on the heels of her big sister.   There are a few baby toys pictured above, but overall, toys they both can enjoy are the best way to go, because inevitably they will be shared, and Brigette prefers Vivi’s toys to hers, anyway!  (1) Cuddly Bear hat (my favorite!!); (2) Wooden Popsicles; (3) Wooden Toaster; (4) Handprint Ornaments; (5) Pretend Camera; (6) Watercolor Leggings (available soon); (7) Redheaded Doll; (8) Circus Train; (9) Lollacup; (10) Red Moccasins; (11) Silver Tiny Toms; (12) Red Push Cart; (13) Cloud Pillow; (14) Hello Kitty Dress; (15) Stacking Toy

(Gifts that Keep Giving Guide; Man Gift Guide; Vivi’s Gift Guide; Expectant & New Mama Gift Guide)


EHayes"the popsicles... amazing! "

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