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diaper bag

It’s been quite awhile since I have done a roundup of diaper bags, so here are some favorites (for under $200 – some of those above are really great sales, like that Marc Jacobs bag, and the gorgeous hot pink Rebecca Minkoff number!).  When choosing a diaper bag, keep these things in mind: (1) Don’t skimp on size, (2) compartments are essential, especially to keep bottles or sippy cups upright, and (3) consider the closure and method of wearing.  I think it’s helpful to have a bag with a couple of options for wearing (i.e. over the shoulder or cross-body)- and stroller clips are an extra bonus!  Also, as a note, I bought Chip one of those Fjallraven bags, and he loves it.  It’s perfect for his laptop for work, and also great when he takes adventures with the girls. He can fit all the necessaries in there without having to carry around a diaper bag – so it’s a great daddy gift!!

Sources: (1) Pretty Eliz-a-baby Bag; (2) Messenger Diaper Bag; (3) Fjallraven Kanken Bag; (4) Harper Diaper Bag; (5) Olivia Nylon Bag; (6) French Stripe Duo Bag;  (7) Downing Tote (not super great as a diaper bag, but it is handy when you have a toddler and just need snacks and extra clothes); (8) Allure Stripe Bag; (9) Kate Diaper Bag; (10) Lina J Bag; (11) Cinnamon Grand Central Bag; (12) Amanda Zipper Bag

And if you are feeling extra spendy, or want to splurge on someone else, here are some fancier bags (my sister has the Knocked Up bag and is crazy about it! Sources below image.).

diaper bag splurges

Sources: (1) Marc Jacobs Eliz-a-baby Bag; (2) Danzo Baby Diaper Bag; (3) Kate Spade Stripe Stevie Bag; (4) Rebecca Minkoff Knocked Up Bag; (5) Kate Spade Stevie Baby Bag



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chloe's garden partyHooray for the weekend!  It’s nearly over, but we have really enjoyed it.  We spent some time at the farm relaxing, and spent a little time in the yard working this afternoon.  I’m not sure I’m ready for Monday, but I’m thankful to feel rested!!

A few links:

My friend Kristin (who happens to live within walking distance of our house – so awesome!) just threw this gorgeous garden party for her little Chloe (snapshot above).  All the details were so sweet, and Vivi had a grand time re-potting a flower (and being sure to take care of it since!), playing, and of course, eating yummy cake.  Kristin’s house is so lovely – I mean, just look at that dreamy kitchen nook that was just featured on Domino!  She’s super talented, and super fun to hang out with, too.

Loved this post from Lesley on how we can’t do it all.

Drooling over these gorgeous gilded gemstone popsicles.  They are almost too pretty to eat!

This chair from Ikea is the sweetest.  We hung it in the playhouse, and it’s the perfect little reading spot for Vivi.  Speaking of – can’t wait to share it this Friday!



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I don’t often feature children’s clothing, but lately I have run across a few brands on instagram that I just can’t forget.  I think all are started by talented mamas, and while sometimes I get a bit tired and disenchanted with social media, it’s pretty incredible how it has enabled artists and creatives to find a way to do what they love while staying home with their babies, isn’t it?  This wouldn’t have been possible even five years ago!  So, here goes: duchess + lion co I’m pretty crazy about Duchess + Lion.  These clothes have sort of a Moonrise Kingdom feel to me – love the darling little knee patches and sweet details.  That wool scarf on the little girl in the far right image is made from a vintage WWII blanket.  So awesome, right?  Goodness, I love this so much.  You can see more of her fall styles that will be available soon on her pinterest page. cute kids' clothes Next up is Wren & James.  I follow Kiley on instagram, and can’t get enough of that precious gingham pinafore.  Seriously, those ruffles on the shoulders and the wooden buttons on the back are almost more than I can handle.  Her items have such a sweet vintage look, and I hope I can snag one of those pinafores for Vivi!  They seem to be in high demand, so follow her on instagram to find out about shop updates, etc.  She is re-opening on August 9th. cute kids' clothes And finally, The Brass Razoo Kids.  Currently all of Elise’s ridiculously awesome rompers are sold out (check them out on instagram if you haven’t seen them – they are truly gorgeous!), but these shorts are darling.  You have to get them quick when they are available!  The pom pom and tassel details are just amazing.


rattan chic


Loving all the rattan and wicker accents that are everywhere.  Such a fun way to add a little of the outside to a room – especially with the warmer weather upon us!  Check out the sources to all of the above on BHG Style Spotters!


sailor suits for baby

I love little sailor suits.  I’m not super traditional when it comes to my girls’ clothing (mostly, I just want them to be comfortable and I don’t want to stress about them messing up their clothes) but I have a soft spot in my heart for a little sailor outfit.  I bought one on consignment that Vivi used to wear, and now Brigette wears it, and it’s my favorite!  I found it online (the middle one above) and thought I’d share because I got a few inquiries after posting a picture of Brigette wearing it on Easter.  It has these wide legs that are just so precious!  I also rounded up a few other cute little nautical inspired dresses.  That precious little pinnie isn’t really nautical, but the retro look was too adorable not to include!


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