time to eat

Friday, July 19, 2013

time to eatI can’t believe it’s already time for Brigette to start trying out solids!  I kind of put it off a little (her 6 month birthday is next week), but she was ready.  You can probably tell from her intense stare down with the oatmeal in that first picture.  I have an adorable video of Vivi trying cereal for the first time, and she made these crazy little expressions as she tried something so novel and different; Brigette just ate it up like it was another day at the office, with a poker face like it was nothing new.  Vivi has also thinks it’s great fun to feed her sister.  It’s quite nice she wants to help, although it gets messier and messier with each spoonful.  She does a pretty great job overall, though, and I have to appreciate her enthusiasm, for sure!   I’m looking forward to seeing what little B does when she gets something with a little more flavor.  Oh, the time, how it flies . . .

(pictured in her cute little Vonbon bib on the left!)

2 responses to “time to eat”

  1. Megan @ Two Live Colorfully says:

    What cuties! Have fun with all the new funny faces Brigette will make!

  2. Hilary Jepsen Franks says:

    I’m expecting baby number two this winter and am so excited and overwhelmed with decorating the nursery, getting prepared etc. This photo is just the reminder I needed of the truly exciting things that are to come; the great experiences I get to share with my daughter and our new bundle of joy. Thanks for not only inspiring in regards to the nursery, but the experience of motherhood as a whole!

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