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Friday, December 9, 2011

tartan scottish plaid baby room ideas

I always loved the part in “Lady and the Tramp” where the scottie dog says Lassie’s mistress is expecting a “wee bairn.”  Here is a board for your wee bairn, with rich chocolate walls and cozy tartan for a sweet space to slumber and play.  (I am a little crazy over the plaid vintage tins – perfect for organizing q-tips, cotton balls, and tiny baby items!)


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4 responses to “wee little bairn”

  1. Jamie Baker says:

    I knew exactly where the title of your post came from đŸ™‚Â  This room design could not be more perfect for a wee litte bairn.  It’s one of my favorite’s so far.

  2. Casarah29 says:

    This is lovely! I especially love the safety pin plaques they are perfect for this nursery!

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