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brigette and me (sweet photo by Alea – more to come later!)  Motherhood has been somewhat exhausting lately.  I have this image in my head of a salmon swimming upstream; it’s how I feel.  I feel like I am, from the minute they wake up until the minute they go to bed, swimming against a strong current of chaos and it seems that if I relent for a moment, we might just all drown.

Every season is so different; this one is a challenge because precious Vivi is in that stage where she is constantly delivering a stream of consciousness that I sometimes have a hard time following, and Brigette wants so badly to be a big girl like her sister, but can’t quite communicate everything yet (although she is making huge strides!).

I also feel like my brain is hard-wired to hear my children’s voices.  (I mean, it probably actually is in some way).  It seems whenever I am talking with someone, whether on the phone or in person, if Vivi or Brigette begins talking I cannot possibly sort out what the other person is saying.  I am immediately tuning into my children’s voices, sorting through in my mind what course of action needs to be taken (much like this video, which I completely identify with!).

It seems like my arms should be much more lean and toned than they actually are.  I feel like I am forever holding up the emotional and physical well-being of this household.  It’s a big job, to be sure.  I’m not trying to complain here, just expressing what this season is like.  And my girls are truly the sweetest.  It’s not really even misbehavior (because honestly, it’s rare right now!) that makes the days long; it’s just the way it is.

I’ve been reading Homemaking by J.R. Miller, which Lesley recommended.  I’m sure many would find the ideas and thoughts in it somewhat dated and perhaps even backwards (there’s my disclaimer), but I am loving it.  As a stay at home mom, it is so inspiring, and I find myself to be encouraged by the gorgeously written prose (from 1882!), this little excerpt in particular:

When we look at a little child and remember all this, what a dignity surrounds the work of caring for it!  Does God give to angels any work grander than this? . . . But is any work in marble so great as hers who has an immortal life laid in her hands to shape for its destiny?  Is the writing of any poem in musical lines so noble a work as the training of the poem of a human soul into harmony?

Whew.  Being a mama is not an easy task, but I’m so grateful that it’s mine.  It is both the sweetest and the toughest thing I have ever tackled.

(And, p.s. the playhouse will be up tomorrow!)

how to turn vintage photos pink I realized I never posted a tutorial on how to turn photos pink, and some of you asked about it, so here it is!  It’s actually really easy if you have Photoshop.   If you don’t have it and want to give it a try, you can get a 30 day trial for free, which is pretty great!  (I’m not familiar with Photoshop Elements or other photo editing software, so I can’t speak to how to do this elsewhere – apologies!)  Here are the steps: how to turn vintage photos pink (1) Scan your photo.  If you want to print this out large (I went from about an 8″ x 10″ photo to 40″ x 50″!), then scan it in at a very high resolution (600 dpi or so).

(2) Desaturate your image.  Even if it’s black and white, it may have some yellow or other tone to it, so go ahead and desaturate it.  You can do this in photoshop by clicking Image > Adjustments > Desaturate.

(3) Adjust the curves.  It will help to give the photo some more contrast, and will make it look cleaner.  To do this, go to Image > Adjustments > Curves.  To do this, adjust the diagonal line when the curves box appears.  An “S” shaped curve is usually what you go for, but play with it until it suits you.  (You may also wish to come back and edit it again after overlaying the color.)  If you haven’t done this before, pull the diagonal line up in the top right quadrant of the box, and maybe down a little in the bottom left quadrant. (If using curves intimidates you, this can be done somewhat by adjusting the brightness and contrast, which is found under Image > Adjustments > Brightness and Contrast).

(4) Overlay a pink layer.  To do this, set your foreground color (the two boxes stacked on top of each other in the bottom of the tools palette – they start white on black – just double click the top box) to pink.  I used fc5ea8, which you can just copy and paste by the # box if you want the same color.

(5) Adjust blending mode.  Make sure the Layers palette is showing (if it’s not, then go to Window > Layers and it will appear).  Double click on the layer with the pink box, and you will see a “layers style” box appear.  Change the blend mode to “vivid light”.  You may want to play around and try some of the other blend mode options – there may be one you like better!  (This can also be done by selecting/highlighting the layer and then selecting different blend modes under the drop down menu directly above in the layers palette.)   Also, you may want to adjust your curves again to make sure the image really pops.

(6) Save your image.  You can flatten it (Layer > Flatten Image) and then save it as a high resolution jpeg or tif to send to the printer.  Find a digital printer in your area (just google “digital printer Altanta” or whatever your city is) and call or email them for a quote.  You will probably be surprised at how reasonable it is to make large prints!  There are also a lot of substrate options, and you could go for sintra or cardboard or poster board, and then you don’t have to frame it! turn vintage photos pink Don’t be afraid to experiment with the colors – you might find something you like better than the pink, and you can certainly find some hues that would be better suited for a boy’s room!  It’s a fun way to make an old photo feel fresh and modern, and add a big pop of color!  Let me know if you have any questions!


a big girl room for vivi

THEMES   |    |    |    |  

pink big girl room

(sources below) For awhile, I’ve been thinking and planning about some changes to Vivi’s room.  We have moved things around a few times, but as we recently became officially done with the changing table and she has been adjusted to the big girl bed for awhile, it seems a good time for a refresh.  Her rug is also in need of replacing after three and a half years of toddler love, and all the moving around of artwork and such has left quite a few scars on the walls.  We are (attempting) to work on stopping the thumb sucking – it’s so hard!  She really wants to paint her room pink, and we have promised once she stops sucking her thumb, we will repaint it.  I’m also hoping to move Brigette into Vivi’s room once she graduates to a big girl bed (cue tears!), which is still a little bit away.  Vivi tends to have a lot of bad dreams, and I’m hoping having Brigette close by might bring her a little extra comfort, not to mention fun.  Also check out my pinterest board of inspiration here.

(By the way, anyone have any tips on the thumb-sucking thing?  It’s a challenge!  We are trying to be very encouraging, but it’s a tough habit to kick!)

(1) Marmont Pendant; (2) Mini heart print; (3) Large reprint of vintage photo from the playroom; (4) Sunshine Print; (5) Cloud shelf; (6) Pink acrylic shelf; (7) Pink Alphabet Print; (8) Brass Bunny; (9) Turquoise Lamp; (10) Caravan Divan in pink (for Brigette – Vivi will still have her big girl bed!) ; (11) Save the Day Sheets; (12) Belly Baskets; (13) Just love this art; (14) Faceted Mirror; (15) Gold Lamp; (16) Mon Cheri Print; (17) Bonjour Pillow; (18) Her dresser – thinking about stripping it; (19) Pom Pom Pillow; (20) Little Nest Chair; (21) Divisadero Rug; (22) Dress up clothes station (from pinterest); (23) Beach Basket; (24) Light Green Pouf; (25) Dance Party Print


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chloe's garden partyHooray for the weekend!  It’s nearly over, but we have really enjoyed it.  We spent some time at the farm relaxing, and spent a little time in the yard working this afternoon.  I’m not sure I’m ready for Monday, but I’m thankful to feel rested!!

A few links:

My friend Kristin (who happens to live within walking distance of our house – so awesome!) just threw this gorgeous garden party for her little Chloe (snapshot above).  All the details were so sweet, and Vivi had a grand time re-potting a flower (and being sure to take care of it since!), playing, and of course, eating yummy cake.  Kristin’s house is so lovely – I mean, just look at that dreamy kitchen nook that was just featured on Domino!  She’s super talented, and super fun to hang out with, too.

Loved this post from Lesley on how we can’t do it all.

Drooling over these gorgeous gilded gemstone popsicles.  They are almost too pretty to eat!

This chair from Ikea is the sweetest.  We hung it in the playhouse, and it’s the perfect little reading spot for Vivi.  Speaking of – can’t wait to share it this Friday!



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tropical party ideas

I just got the photos from the super talented Haley Sheffield from the Search for Your Awesome event with the Alison Show and Bing.  It was such a fun night, and it came together so well, and I’m excited to share the photos – hope you are ready for lots of them!

tropical party inspiration

The party was held at Amy Osaba’s gorgeous studio, and Meredith made the most gorgeous flower arrangements.  Seriously, they were just breathtaking!

tropical party inspiration

I co-hosted with Anna, Jamie, and of course, Alison, and it was really fun getting to work with all of them.  It’s amazing what you can do when you have a team to work with – I loved getting to collaborate.

party inspiration

tropical party inspiration

We went for sort of a tropical/travel/paradise feel, so we pulled in some vintage paradise items, like those mid century candle holders, and my favorite, this gorgeous vintage macrame chandelier.  The ends are dipped in pink dye to freshen it up a bit.

tropical party ideas

tropical party ideas

I also printed some vintage postcards really large and added song lyrics and other fun quotes in vinyl.  So fun!

tropical party inspiration

tropical party inspiration

I mean, those flowers!!  Meredith, you are amazing!

tropical party inspiration

These white burlap banners were dip dyed, and then I used heat transfer gold vinyl for the letters and hung them on wood dowels.  They were a really fun punch of color on the brick walls.

tropical party ideas

tropical party inspiration

tropical party ideas

Jamie and Jason of Homespun did an incredible job with the food.  Not only was it incredibly tasty, but it was incredibly beautiful, too.  Can’t say enough good things about them.  (They did the birthday dinner for my parents a couple of months ago – you have to try them if you are in the Atlanta area!)


tropical party ideas

Those pickled beets were to die for.  I think I probably ate about 30.  And they are so gorgeous, too!

tropical party ideas

tropical party ideas

We had some King of Pops for a sweet treat.  I can’t ever get enough of those – especially the chocolate sea salt.

tropical party ideas

tropical party inspiration

Sweet Krista of Blue Eyed Yonder provided the furniture rentals – I wanted to take that pink glider home!!  She is the best.  That cute umbrella is from Urban Outfitters – and it’s on sale right now!

tropical party inspiration

Those pink and purple pillows are made from some vintage fabric, and that cute leaf fabric is from Lewis & Sheron - it’s outdoor fabric, and it’s only $10/yard.  That pink pom pom trim is the perfect accent, I think!

tropical party inspiration

Alison is so fun – she is such a positive, cheerful person who has a gift for encouraging others.  And of course, Anna is the sweetest!  I have been so excited to get to know some other Atlanta creatives here lately.  (I honestly think I’m delirious at this point.  I might have stayed up a bit too late the night before working on a few details . . . )

tropical party inspiration

Thanks so much to Bing and Alison for letting me be a part of such a fun night!  It was a treat to get to throw a party and have some of my favorite people there to spend time with – including Lesley, Kristin, Meghan, and more!!  Y’all are the best.  And awesome, too.  And extra thanks to Haley for the gorgeous photos!


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