a toddler masterpiece

bedroom art

I’m working on refreshing our bedroom a bit, making it lighter and brighter and happier, and with that comes the question of what art to put on the walls.  I am loving all the beautiful abstract art out there, but I really wanted something original, and that’s just not something I can get right now.  I love drawing, coloring, and painting and don’t do it nearly enough, but creating abstract art is a little beyond me.  Maybe that’s something I should explore at some point, but I’m just a little too inhibited.  I can’t be all free and loose with the paint because in my head it has to be perfect.

(Sources: Side Cart, Gold Vase, Hourglass, Big Ben Clock, Everett Sconce, Citrine Sheets, Book)

bedroom art

Then it occurred to me that there is in fact a small person in my house who is not inhibited in the least.  She puts on daily dance, singing, and acting performances without an ounce of fear, and I felt confident this would translate well onto paper.  I bought some white poster board, a super chunky and juicy marker (seriously, it’s an awesome marker), stripped her down and put her in the sunroom and let her go to work.  It was a 3 year old’s dream.  I just told her to try to cover the paper with her drawings.  And, what do you know – it turned out perfectly.  Her Grandpa made the gorgeous heart pine frame, and this will be a treasure for sure.  The poster board was much larger than the frame, so I was able to trim it down to fit, and also get the perfect little slice of her creativity as well.

bedroom art

I think we’ll just have to do more.

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10 Responses to “a toddler masterpiece”

  1. katie says:

    I absolutely love toddler artwork. So much so it’s displayed throughout my house. This one’s pretty spectacular too. And adore that frame.

  2. I love this. It’s so simple, sweet, and meaningful. And I’m with you on the abstract art – I love it, but it’s not my knack. I actually tried my hand at it last week and whew… I’m no Vivi Charles. ;) I think I’m too much of a perfectionist.

  3. Sara says:

    This is so brilliant! Totally having my 20-month-old tackle something similar this summer :)

  4. Corrita says:

    Gorg! I have a similar piece where I dipped my toddler’s feet in paint played a song and let her dance become the abstract piece!

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  6. Soo pretty! I’m not artistic like you, but I am type A, so abstract is so hard for me too! I just bought a huge piece of art because I loved the size and the square shape and it has a modern medal frame, but I’m not even sure how to go about making it pretty..because right now the colors are terrible. :) Great job, Vivi!

  7. John says:

    Such a great idea! I started taking pictures of cute animals in our town for the baby’s room. Wish I had thought of something as personal as this though :) My friends and neighbors loved the pictures I was taking so much that they convinced me to make it a business. Who knows, this might be million-dollar abstract artwork one day :)

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