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minted christmas

First, I’m excited to be giving away $350 to Minted!  If you are interested, just leave a comment on this post, and the winner will be announced Wednesday morning 12/17 (closes tomorrow at midnights, so you have enough time to do a little Christmas shopping with it!).  They have especially great options for grandparent gifts!

(pictured above: red paper fans, white paper fans, mint fans, cherry red stripe ribbon)   

Minted hosted a Christmas card stuffing party in collaboration with Southern Living just before Thanksgiving.  It was such a fun time, and we were able to order our cards ahead of time, and then stuff and stamp and address them while spending time with friends.  Such a great idea for a party, and it felt so great to have our cards done early (for once!).  Plus, we got to sample some extra delicious Southern Living treats from their Christmas edition, and it was all so delicious!!

(pictured above: shine + florals card)

Mmmm, gingerbread cupcakes!

I love that Cheers card, and it’s extra gorgeous in the foil.

And how adorable are these cards, with the mini car and tree on top?  That velvet ribbon is also so lovely.

Minted now has a studio here in Atlanta, which I’m really excited about, because they will be having regular events.  I love seeing the Atlanta creative community grow!  I was able to collaborate on a workshop recently making inspiration boards from their beautiful new fabric line.  It’s all so pretty, and it’s hard to pick a favorite, but I do love that over the hills pattern!

These boards were super easy to make, and turned out really cute.  They would be great for displaying Christmas cards, or bits of inspiration!  We used Minted frames, cork board, and fabric.

Love this display on the wall in embroidery hoops!  Sweet Krista of Blue Eyed Yonder provided all the vintage furniture goodness, and Meredith of Amy Osaba created the drool-worth florals.

It was such a fun night, and I’m looking forward to more events in the Minted space!  Don’t forget to enter the giveaway by leaving a comment below!!

(Pictured with my talented and awesome friend Alea!)


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Deb"Wowsas! Love love love all the other offerings from minted! I've only ever done our Christmas postcards! "

Carrie"Looks like an amazing event! Absolutely love Minted. "


We have more boxes around here than we know what to do with, especially at Christmastime.  I figured it would be nice to make use of some of all this cardboard (planning to make a dollhouse a la the fantastic mermag) so we made some angel wings.

I cut out the wing shapes, and gave the girls a glue stick and some feathers, and they had a great time pasting on the feathers.  I think glue sticks might be my new crafting best friend for doing projects with the girls.  They are so minimally messy, and work really well.

I painted some white details on the front, poked holes in them and strung through some ribbon, and then hot glued some feathers onto ribbon for Vivi’s crown (always have to have a crown!) and they had fun running around the yard in their wings.  Little B didn’t want to take hers off.

It also proved to be a fun talking point as we made them.  We talked about what angels might look like, how the shepherds might have felt when an entire host of angels appeared before them.  If you have boys, it might be fun to make some shields, too, and talk about how this was an angel army delivering the good news, not just fluffy cherubs!  Even though I can’t get enough of my little fluffy cherubs.


Jackie G"What a great idea! So cute :) "

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Jennifer T."These are adorable! A friend made my boys ninja turtle costumes out of cardboard and they are one of …"

sarah b"What an awesome and adorable idea for the wings! My 6 year old daughter loves "arting" with boxes...I can't …"


christmas party ideas

Before Thanksgiving, I had the awesome opportunity to throw a Christmas party with some friends.  It is sort of a long story as to how we arrived at this point, but we were at a place where we had a date set and people coming, and needed to make it a special event.

christmas party inspiration

(tree pillow from here; poster from here)

I talked with a couple of my friends about some ideas I had for something we could do to help the community, and they mentioned the work they are doing to start up a ministry for teen moms at a local high school.  It’s a real need, and something they are truly passionate about and it seemed like the perfect thing, especially since it was mostly moms coming to the party.  As moms, we all know how challenging the transition can be and how life-changing it is to have a baby; can you imagine going through it mostly alone and with very little support?

Many of these girls/young women are victims of abuse or trafficking, which makes things even more difficult, so my heart was certainly moved to intervene however we could.  My friends Christina and Keri were working to put together care packages for these girls, so our objective was to raise enough support and gather enough items to put together 15 packages.

(garland from here, adorable map from here, poster from here.)

We asked everyone to bring a pack of diapers , and I worked on getting some items donated and we also had a silent auction for artwork and other items.  I asked 4moms if they would be interested in donating anything, and was completely floored and moved to tears when they graciously gifted enough mamaroos for each care package we were assembling (that is 15!).  Can you even imagine how much of a blessing those will be to these precious young mamas learning how to soothe and help their babies sleep (seriously, those things are the best!)?  Just amazing.  They also gave spout covers, too – so helpful for safe bath time!  And look at all the diapers!

We also wrote notes of encouragement to include in the packages.  I adore this sweet stationery from Minted!

Sugarboo donated this gorgeous wood print for the silent auction.  There was a quite a bit of back and forth over this one, and I think everyone wanted to go home with it.  So beautiful.

Of course, we also had plenty of yummy treats and such on hand, and it was a really fun night hanging out with friends and enjoying an evening out!  (And also, much to my surprise, this polar bear-a-lope was the second highest bid item.  This would be such a fun idea to do among friends – everyone bring a crafted item for a silent auction, and everyone contribute some food to raise money for a cause!)

christmas party inspiration

And what about this cake?  I just love it.  It’s a simple white cake with a vintage deer placed on top.  Isn’t it the cutest?  Kind of wishing I could have a slice right now . . . it was strawberry with white buttercream . . .

christmas party inspiration

On one wall, we put up this quote from Home Alone.  I was inspired by Lindsay Letters’  Christmas print with the same quote (love her entire Christmas collection!).  It just seemed so fitting as it was an event for moms to bring hope for other moms!  And it just makes me want to cry, because Christmas movies always make me want to cry.

And that s’more pillow.  I just love that little guy.

I had my favorite deer and armadillo prints up for auction, and my dad was kind enough to make some custom heart pine frames for them.  That blue mantel is from an old farmhouse.  Isn’t it great?

It was a truly sweet and special night.  There really is something extra magical about working side by side with your friends, using your hands together to bless others.  The results are exponential, and it is just so good.  I hope we can do it again next year, and make it an even bigger event!

Thank you so much to the Land of Nod, 4Moms, Minted, Sugarboo, Swell Forever (go check out their sweet and precious blankets!), and Kids II for all they donated to make this event possible, and of course to my sweet friends who inspired the event, brought the most yummy food and drinks, and helped me get it all together at the last minute.  My cup overflows!


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christmas wrapping paper

Vivi is incredibly excited about wrapping presents this year.  The moment we put up the tree, she was assembling a collection of toys and items from around the house to put under it right away, and she has been asking over and over to wrap some boxes to put under the tree.

christmas wrapping paper

I figured it would be fun to channel this enthusiasm into some wrapping paper making, so I pulled out a roll of black paper I’ve been holding onto from past craft projects, trimmed it down into 36″ x 36″ squares, and laid them out on the floor with some pink and white paint and paintbrushes.  Vivi loved painting whatever came to mind all over them.

toddler wrapping paper

After letting it all, dry, we just trimmed the pieces as needed for wrapping paper.

christmas wrapping paper

She is completely enchanted with all the embellishments of yarn, tassels, miniature trees, and jingle bells.

christmas wrapping paper

It’s almost like the wrapping is just as good as the gift to her.

christmas wrapping paper

Also, I’m pretty crazy about how some of the wrapping paper pieces came out that she painted – I’m tempted to frame one for over the fireplace, they are so cute! At any rate, it’s like having precious little masterpieces under the tree!

christmas wrapping paper


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(note: this giveaway is now closed!  Congrats to Susan M., the winner!)

I’m excited to share that Land of Nod is having daily discounts on different toy categories each day until 12/17, and today it’s 20% off dolls and stuffed animals!   (And there is a giveaway in this post, so keep reading so you don’t miss it!) If you were thinking about some of their cuteness for your girls (or your little guy – there are stuffed dinosaurs and other boy stuff, too!), it’s a great time to purchase!  Brigie will be getting that sweet little Avery doll and cradle with this adorable bedding and I can’t wait to give it to her.  She loves taking care of anything cuddly and has been making little beds for her animals out of leftover felt I have in my craft stash, so she’ll be over the moon about this! (also pictured is the Christmas tree pillow!) 

And how sweet is that little pram?  I’m so excited to be offering a giveaway for a pram to one of you – to enter just leave a comment below, and the winner will be announced this Saturday (12/13)!

It’s one of those toys you won’t mind leaving out, because it’s just so lovely.  I also love these sweet unicorns!   They are sweet and cuddly, but still stand up on their own, and I know they will be a big hit with my girls.

So, leave a comment to enter the giveaway, and be sure to check out all the plush cuteness that is 20% off today (12/12 only)!


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