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black and white baby nursery inspirationI’ve been working on some harvest/halloween projects for a Home Depot style challenge, which I’ll admit is a bit out of my element.  I don’t typically get super into the fall decor – not that I don’t like it, but it just usually sneaks up on me a bit and then before I know it, Christmas is here (favorite!).  Anyway, everything gets a lot more fun when the little ones are into it, so I thought it was a good excuse to deck the house with pumpkins and such – Vivi loves baby pumpkins!  This is sort of a re-visit to this board from last year – it’s one of my favorites for whatever reason.

Sources: (1) Notre Monde Pendant Light; (2) Harry Potter Quote; (3) Brass Cat Pair; (4) Lucky Star Banner; (5) Marble Shelf; (6) Feather Poster; (7) Gold Unicorn; (8) Tiny Moon Print; (9) Faceted Pastel Table Lamps; (10) Sequin Cat Pillow; (11) Brimfield Crib; (12) Pom Pom Blackout Drape; (13) Black Forest Crib Sheet; (14) Vintage Black Dresser; (15) The Black Kitty; (16) Glow in the Dark Moon; (17) James Harrison Wing Chair; (18) Checkerboard Rug; (19) Faceted Woodblock Table; (20) La Jolla Pink Basket; (21) Lovely Love My Family


Cathy Pascual"Love the splash of pale pink. "

Rachel"am i the only one who thinks its even cuter because of the name? "


science + space nursery

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science baby room inspiration Be sure to check out Honest to Nod today, and the post about the Little Rockstar nursery!  I love how this room came together!  It’s a space and science baby room with an edge.  And I think it would work great for a girl or boy – extra bonus!  Ahh, how gorgeous is that campaign dresser?  Go here to see more photos of the space, and the inspiration board behind it all.

(Also, be sure to check out Timothy’s Nursery, the Candy Kisses Nursery, and the Baby Bear Nursery with the Land of Nod!)


Tour of the Blogoshpere: Part II | Bichona"[…] bonus!  Enjoy browsing! The Painted House | From The Right Bank | Sarah M. Dorsey …"

Tour of the Blogoshpere: Part II"[…] bonus!  Enjoy browsing! The Painted House | From The Right Bank | Sarah M. Dorsey | …"


tiny dancer

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ballerina baby nursery inspiration

Vivi has been really fascinated by ballerinas lately, and I have received a few requests for a ballet board, so here is a little inspiration!  I am loving all these vintage black and white ballerina photos.  They would look lovely scanned and printed at a much larger scale (FedEx Office and Staples have super affordable printing options for black and white!) and the black and white keeps the room from feeling overly sweet.  And how sweet are those glittery ballet shoes?  I’m having a hard time not buying a pair for Vivi.  This would also make a beautiful toddler room; just put in a big girl bed and go!


lesley"this board brings tears to my eyes. beautiful. "

Ashley Nolan"Oh I love this one Joni! I just told Jon you did this one for me! Heehee! Thank you! "

Ashley Nolan"YAY! I just told Jon you made this board for me-or Vivi possibly but I am super pumped! P wears …"

Katie"My 2yo "big girl" is also enamored with ballerinas. We just added a few ballerina touches to her room …"


white on white

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black and white baby room ideasI love all the sculptural details in this board.  How lovely are those bedroom suite pieces?


black forest layer cake

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black and white nursery inspirationA little nod to the season: some Harry Potter, imagination, and crisp black and white. I think these tree decals would also be pretty cute as a pattern on one wall, and  I love that giant (24″ x 36″!) feather photo!


Kitty"I some how managed to miss this one. I love the black and white with the tan colors. …"

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