bows bows bows + happy friday

Friday, May 24, 2013

Happy Friday!  Just sharing a quick little something today.  I have gotten a few inquiries about Vivi’s bows that are usually in her hair.  I never thought I’d be one to put bows in my girl’s hair all the time, but when she had so much hair right from the start, I just couldn’t resist!  Most of the bows she has are purchased at little boutiques, but I recently tried an etsy shop, so I could recommend a good source.  I purchased these and I love them!  They are extra big and so very pretty, and you can choose whatever colors you wish.  I prefer the alligator clip closure, and I pull her hair up with an elastic, and then place the bow right above it, as that seems to work best in Vivi’s curly hair.  My latest favorite way to style her hair is pulling it up in a little topknot with a bow on top.  She really can’t stand having her hair brushed, and that way I can let her go a little longer between hair washings, plus it keeps it nicely out of her face on all her toddler adventuring.  The moon-stitched bow above came from a little boutique, and I couldn’t find any on etsy in the same shape, but these jumbo grosgrain bows are awesome and I highly recommend them!!

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