brigette is 8 months!

Thursday, October 10, 2013

8 monthsMy little Brigie is 8 months!  Can’t believe how close we are getting to a year!  I’m so happy to have caught some pictures of her precious little smile – somehow it’s harder to catch her smiling on camera than it was Vivi, although she does it all the time.  I know I’m a broken record, but I’m over the moon for this little darling.  Sometimes I comment that I kind of wish she had come as a pair, and Chip looks at me like I’m crazy.  It is fun when you have a second to sort of “re-live” some of what you enjoyed with your first.  With Vivi, I used to feel like whatever stage we were  in would last forever and the time seemed to crawl by when she was a baby.  Now I realize they truly are changing all the time, and it’s fun when Brigette does something new and I can remember how much fun it was with Vivi.  Now that she is sitting up, I can let her play in the kitchen with pots and pans while I cook, and it’s so cute.  She also stays happy much longer, with Vivi running around and providing lots of extra entertainment.  The interaction between the two just keeps getting better.  I’m sure we have some challenges ahead as Brigette becomes more mobile and starts playing with more of Vivi’s toys, but I’m really enjoying the right now.

3 responses to “brigette is 8 months!”

  1. Tommie Maria Hart says:

    Such a good point about the time seeming to crawl. Madeline is our first and at 4 months old my husband and I just commented it feels like she should be way older. I know I will look back and think it all flew by so I am trying to enjoy every second!

    Brigie is just precious! Happy 8 months!!

  2. Jennifer Patillo says:

    she is a doll! Happy 8 months to you both!! 🙂

  3. Ellen Martin says:

    Aw! Happy 8 month! Our baby’s 6 month is only a few weeks away … and it seems unbelievable! Brigette sure is a cutie!

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