candyland confection

pink baby room ideasSome sugary sweet inspiration for your little gumdrop.  If you like this look, check out last year’s Marshmallow World board.  (. . . And if that gorgeous-but-pricey changing table is outside of your budget, get crafty with an Ikea dresser & O’verlays!)

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5 Responses to “candyland confection”

  1. Ann says:

    Pink extravaganza!

  2. Rachel Booth says:

    I LOVE this one!!! :) I’d love to see it adapted for a toddler room! My little girl is almost one and I’m going to do a girly room for her when she turns two! I want to have plenty of time to plan it all out! :)

  3. Amy Peltier says:

    LOVE that pink and white dresser, so fab!

  4. Emerson Grey Designs says:

    I’m using the pebbles print in a nursery right now! Love it!

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