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sharks & minnow

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sharks room inspirationRecently, I received a request for a shark room.  If you want to use this in a big kid room, just substitute a big boy bed for the crib, and maybe use some of these cute shark sheets.  That shark print over the bed comes in a small size, but you could scan it in high resolution and reprint it in poster sized scale to make it more fun. (And Julie, it also looks fun on the tiffany blue color, shown with this dresser!)shark room inspiration


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blue for two

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blue baby nursery inspirationThis inspiration board is up on BHG today (so go here for links to all the items) – a little inspiration for a twin room.  This has a neutral feel (for those of you brave enough to wait to find out with twins!!) that you can easily tweak to go more girly or more masculine if needed.  Or it would work well for a girl and a boy duo.  Those darling sparrow cribs are a bit pricey, so if you like the look, you could go with the Hudson crib for a modern lookalike, or a Jenny Lind for a classic touch without the hefty pricetag.  If you prefer color on the walls, a very light fresh blue would be nice (like Sherwin Williams Embellished Blue).


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baby loves the blues

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baby room ideas cobalt blueSome cobalt blue inspiration for a sophisticated girl’s nursery!  Who says ladylike has to be pink?


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