cute inexpensive bedding for kids

Thursday, April 20, 2017

cute inexpensive bedding for kids

While I really do think that you get what you pay for, it’s really nice to have some cute and inexpensive spare bedding on hand for the kiddos.  Unexpected accidents at night, the tummy bug, or just the luxury of having a little extra time to get the laundry done are all great reasons for an extra set, and it can add up really quickly – especially if you have multiple beds to make.  I’ve rounded up a lot of options that won’t break the bank (they are all under $30 – and many are under $20!), and also are have lots of cute factor.

See the roundup and sources below, and check out my bedding pinterest board if you need more inspiration!

(pictured above: gemstone beddingsimilar sunshine pillow; scallop wall shelves; the moose belongs to me; Picchu the Alpaca; Rainbow Pillow; Doodad wallpaper;

cute and inexpensive bedding for kids

(1) Gemstone Bedding; (2) Botanical Bedding; (3) Dot Bedding; (4) Tree Bedding; (5) Gingham Bedding; (6) Batman Bedding; (7) Ice Cream Bedding; (8) Cacti Bedding; (9) Flamingo Bedding; (10) Critter Bedding; (11) Landscape Bedding; (12) Fairy Bedding; (13) Pink Star Bedding; (14) Anchor Bedding; (15) Black Star Bedding and sheet

See the botanical bedding in use here:

cute and inexpensive kid bedding

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