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Thursday, March 15, 2012

nautical baby room nursery ideas

Here is the last of the Seed Factory boards!  I’m really excited about this one, because Courtney & Kyle of I Screen You Screen kindly offered to giveaway one of those gorgeous vintage ship diagrams (no. 11 above).  What a perfect addition this would be for a nursery!  To enter, please just leave a comment, and the winner will be drawn randomly one week from today (Thursday, March 22nd).

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151 responses to “first little mate”

  1. Katie says:


  2. Margie Kopp Sorrell says:

    After having lived on a sailboat for two years with my hub, if we were fortunate enough to have a son I’d definitely do his nursery in a nautical theme. So needless to say, Joni, this is one of my favorite combos you’ve ever done!

  3. Megann Johnson says:

    I love everything on this board! Perfection!

  4. Michelle Vore says:

    Thanks for posting this awesome giveaway, I love the print! 

  5. Kelsieraec says:

    Love this nursery board! Such a sophisticated way to approach the ocean. I’d love to win!

  6. Kasey says:

    Love love love this! Your blog has the only designs my husband and I can agree on for our nursery! We’ve painted stripes on the wall and just need to find the perfect vintage “sailor-style” paraphernalia for in the frames!

  7. stephanie says:

    pick me.  🙂

  8. Raquel Gimenez says:

    Absolutely! I would love that print!

  9. Jess says:

    I LOVE this room…we are having a little boy and have decided on a nautical theme. Thank you so much for adding to our ideas!! I have already added a few things from this page to our registry 🙂 I am so excited to put it all together!

  10. Gabriela Sue says:

    this is exactly what I am looking for my nursery! 🙂 thanks for the opportunity for the giveaway!!

  11. ChristiKelly says:

    Such a great inspiration board.  I love looking at your layouts for great ideas not just for my future baby’s bedroom, but also for my house 🙂

  12. Gwendolyn says:

    I’m working on my sons new toddler room in order to get ready for his little sister. This would be just perfect!

  13. I love this board! I was just told about this site and when I logged in the first thing I saw was a nautical dream board, which is the theme we are planning for our baby boy! I’d love to win the diagram!!

  14. rachel says:

    I would love to win!

  15. Ladavis3 says:

    Such a perfect print for my son

  16. Hallie Barnhill says:

    love that print!  very cool.

  17. Chrissy G says:

    Awesome giveaway – Thanks, Courtney and Kyle!

    Beautiful board as always!

  18. Christine Aerin Wood says:

    I can’t tell you how much I love this! My husband and I are both in the US Navy so this board actually has a lot of personal meaning to both of us! To top it off, the ship we were both originally assigned to flew the “Don’t Give Up The Ship” flag and had it posted all around our shops. The back-story to the flag is very humbling!

  19. Jorden says:

    I’d love to have that print!

  20. Courtney says:

    I love the nautical theme!

  21. SarahM365 says:

    Love it! I’m doing a similar theme and have found some of these items along my Internet search but just happened upon this on pinterest

  22. I’m having a baby boy in July and this print would look awesome in his ‘well-traveled baby’ nursery:

    Thanks for the giveaway! 🙂

  23. This could be my favorite board of yours YET! I absolutely love the nautical feel!! I am due with our first child, a sweet little boy on July 1st and would love the addition of that ship diagram. Love it!

  24. Melisa says:

    I’m planning a nautical nursery right now – so I would love that print! 

  25. Kacey Gilpin says:

    I don’t have a boy, but if I did, this mood board would definitely inspire my nursery!

  26. Rikah_1823 says:

    Darling!  I love your blog too!  I wish, wish, wish I had half your talent!!!

  27. Renee says:


  28. kbarnes says:

    LOVE this board. Perfect nursery for my nautical city (Seattle)!

  29. Nicole says:

    I am crazy about this print! And the board! And this site! And exclamation points!!!
    I check laybabylay just about every day and am constantly getting ideas for my son’s nursery. He is 6 months old now, and I am still not done with his room as I get new ideas every day! 🙂

  30. Kristajcoyle says:

    So adorable!  I love the nautical theme!

  31. Marissabchampion says:

    I’m inspired to redecorate my son’s room! Such a great inspiration board.

  32. sarah phillips says:

    Since we are house hunting at the beach this would be a perfect addition to our new home! Love this board!

  33. Ashleigh says:

    Love all your boards, but this is my favorite yet.  I need to update my little boy’s room and am absolutely using this as my inspiration!  Great collection of beach house-worthy items!  Adore the vintage ship diagrams!  

  34. Susan Lentz says:

    Love a good giveaway – thanks for hosting!

  35. Abby K says:

    I love the boards you make!  This is beautiful!

  36. Jmoffat84 says:

    Will go perfect in my baby to be’s room!

  37. Jennifer Dolan says:

    This is my favorite board yet! I love all the different types of art.

  38. Andrea_Wiggins says:

    I adore this!! I’m currently working on my little guys nautical nursery. It’s the best theme!! The vintage ship diagrams are amazing!

  39. kapachino says:

    I love it! My daughter’s name means “guardian of the sea.” 🙂

  40. Amanda says:

    how gorgeous!!! what a gracious giveaway!

  41. pasternak.sarah says:

    These Seed Factory boards have been awesome!!! We love all things nautical here as we are less than a mile from the ocean. I’m crew on my dad’s sailboat during the summer…although wondering how that will go this year with a toddler;) Would love that ship print, so cool!! Thanks for the wonderful giveaway!!!

  42. Anne says:

    What a cute color combo! And is truly gender-neutral… LOVE! <3 

  43. Eod_army_wife04 says:

    Ths is beautiful!!

  44. Katherine says:

    I would love this for my little man’s room!

  45. Lacey says:

    Love your mood boards, and this giveaway is amazing!

  46. Betsy says:

    So cute! 

  47. Kate Aus says:

    My husband and I are expecting our little boy in 8 short weeks and have been finishing off his room. We both work on the Great Barrier Reef (hubby is a skipper and I am a marine bio). This would be a perfect finishing touch as I finalize our wall decor! Love your work Joni !

  48. teamjones says:

    My little’s guy room needs that poster.  So great!

  49. Lyllian says:

    I love the ship diagram!  Also, just stumbled on your site the other day, and totally fell in the love with the Indian-elephant themed inspiration board, and I’m totally doing it in my daughter’s room.  Thanks for the ideas!

  50. Brookehamacher says:

    Such a cool print! It would look great in my son Raife’s nursery! Thanks 🙂

  51. lydiagrassi says:

    the print is amazing…would look good in my baby BOY’s nursery come august!!

  52. ryan owen says:

    Thanks for putting together so many great nursery ideas for boys lately! I love this room!

  53. Grace Ann Lukach says:

    We are having our first baby in July and I always look to your blog for beautiful inspiration. Your “First Little Mate” is no exception. Thanks! 

  54. Nicolemack says:

    Oh wow! How beautiful is that! As a historian I’m just drooling over this.

  55. Valerie says:

    That’s so beautiful!! I love your nautical themed rooms.

  56. Wonderful collection, thanks so much for including my vintage brass letter!

    copper and tin (dot) com

  57. Justine says:

    I am doing a nautical theme nursery, so this board (and that print) is so perfect! 

  58. Maribeth says:

    This design would be perfect.  My husband is currently deployed on the U.S.S. Abraham Lincoln and so I have chosen the “nautical” theme for our son who will be here this summer.   🙂

  59. Sabrina Bleech says:

    Living on the MD Eastern Shore and expecting our little guy in July – definitely doing a nautical theme in his room!  Love the look!

  60. Ursula Spadea says:

    So Cute! 

  61. Love the board and the print!  As always wonderful work Joni!!!!

  62. HaleyY says:

    Our little guy will be here in August and this would be perfect for his nursery!  Love it!

  63. Lizette Schapekahm says:

    This is beautiful!  My boys have a nautical room but it could use some updating!  

  64. jes.innes says:

    this is so adorable.. such a nice space for both mum and her little first mate to spend time.

  65. Paulag14 says:

    Love the print

  66. Janabartlett says:

    What a wonderful nursery! I love it’s sophistication!

  67. Nikicauley says:

    I would love one!

  68. Abby says:

    You find the coolest things. Love the poster!

  69. Kristin says:

    Awesome print! Would be very lucky to win that!

  70. Betterthansugarart says:

    I am totally obsessed and inspired by your boards!! It’s one of the highlights of my day to look and see what amazing space you’ve created today. 🙂 

  71. Lauren in NC says:

    What a cool idea!  It’s definitely more sophisticated than some of the nautical-type rooms I’ve seen in the past.

  72. Liz Darby says:

    i love anything striped and/or nautical. such a great board!

  73. Fourtrees photography says:

    Thanks so much for featuring my photo! I’d be happy to throw in an 8×12 of my Into The Mystic print to the winner as well. I tried to email you guys but I couldn’t get it to go through. Please contact me at or send a convo at and let me know where I should ship the print. 🙂

  74. Raquel Wilson-Sow says:

    One of my favorites to date.

  75. ichh22 says:

    Love it!!!

  76. Jessica C. says:

    Oh my! This would be so perfect for my baby’s nautical themed nursery! Pick me! Pick me!

  77. Wendy Skinner says:

    omg! this is exactly the nursery that I have in mind, I love every single detail….oh and a giveaway awesome! 

  78. Christi says:

    Yeah! My boys are getting ready to share a room and it’s a nautical theme. This beach mama loves boats!

  79. Liz K. says:

    Awesome theme! Beautiful give away! Thank you for this amazing site!!

  80. Jan O'Rourke says:


  81. Jennifer A says:

    Our Son’s room would be perfect for this print!

  82. jojo says:

    love the print! would look great in my son’s room. Thanks!

  83. Stephanie F says:

    First of all, I love the site! Second, my daughters room is fully nautical and we would love a print!

  84. Ania says:

    Love love love! Would look perfect in my son’s explorer nursery 🙂

  85. Jenni says:

    I want this whole room… for me! 🙂 And I love that ship diagram!

  86. Erin says:

    I love this nursery board!

  87. Samantha C. says:

    I used the vintage ship diagram in our nursery! I chose to go with the navy background/white print version and it turned out lovely. Happy to see it on your board. 

  88. Allyson says:

    So sorry I didn’t make it to the store last week. Thanks for the great design ideas. I love checking your blog for the fresh inspiration!

  89. Michelle says:

    We have a beautiful view of the water where I live and I think that print is exactly what my wall needs!

  90. Rose says:

    Love this board! Would love to win!

  91. Ashley says:

    Saving this board for future inspiration! I would love to win the ship diagram!

  92. Alla says:

    Thank you for posting the giveaway!

  93. Ashley says:

    Amazing ideas for our sea-themed nursery! Love the wooden whale 🙂

  94. Emily Vance says:

    Growing up on Coastal Georgia, I’m a nautical girl through and through. I am so inspired by this board and would love to win the vintage ship diagram! 

  95. Jill Kincaid says:

    This is my son’s nursery theme- I would love to win!

  96. Megan S says:

    I love the modern crib!

  97. Lindsey says:

    super cool.

  98. Cindy Atwell says:

    I love this. Remind me of Annapolis, where I just moved away from…

  99. DLK says:

    Fingers crossed that I may be the lucky winner!

  100. Sabrinakwilder says:

    Love it!

  101. Sarah says:

    This board is wonderful ! I love the giant whale and the blue dresser especially. I helped a friend of mine accessorize her little boy’s nautical nursery, and I wish I’d seen this first. 😉 I did find these: Fun, right? The shop used to have many more though. Anyway, great work!

  102. Katelyn Burgess says:

    I love the idea for this nursery…I live on the water and couldn’t think of a better way to decorate a room and bring  a little bit of the outside into the home.  Adorable!  Thanks for the great contest, that print is beautiful!

  103. Dubmom says:

    We are having twins! As Floridians, we are drawn to anythingwater/beach related. This is such great inspiration 🙂

  104. Taylor says:

    My sweet nephew’s room is in progress and is a pirate them! He needs that ship 🙂

  105. Bghoney2 says:

    Love the colors. I am decorating a room in our beach cottage for the grandkids and this will be a great way to begin with color and style. I have already purchased white bunk beds that they love. Now to paint and add linens…

  106. Meaganfertig says:


  107. Elenarf81 says:

    I love this idea board! I am due in July with a boy and we are putting together a nautical nursery for him.  The ship diagram would go great in his room! Fingers crossed!

  108. sarahd says:

    my husbands is in the navy, we love it!

  109. Kjlnevins says:

    I love this whole room- it’s gorgeous!  And the screenprint- amazing!

  110. Sara says:

    Love the ship diagram and this mood board!

  111. […] don’t forget to leave a comment for the ship diagram giveaway!  Four Trees Photography is also generously including the beautiful Into the Mystic photo as well, […]

  112. Annie says:

    what an amazing nursery!  i love everything about it.  The ship diagram is such a versatile piece.  It would go perfect in my son’s room which I am now transitioning from a baby to boy room. LOVE!

  113. Jennifer says:

    I am inspired by all of your boards and not just for nurseries, but I’ve particularly enjoyed your Seed Factory boards. This board is darling!

  114. Lisa says:

    My little boys would love that ship diagram. Thanks for the chance to win!

  115. Elissa says:

    This is one of my faves. I’m designing a nursery for my future niece or nephew and the parents are really into their boat and life on the water. I love the colour scheme too.

  116. Brooke Jarrett says:

    Love, love this room, as I do every room you design!  I am considering this for Reed’s big boy room.  Thanks for all the pretty things you post!

  117. Jenna Willcox says:

    It would look so cute in my little boy’s room!

  118. Bri says:

    This would be perfect for my little guy’s nursery!  Thanks!

  119. Jerri says:

    Lovely and sophisticated.  I am drawn to so many aspects of this nursey.

  120. Kjoseph09 says:

    Beautiful nursery! 

  121. Gbetancur says:

    LOVE THIS!! 😀

  122. Carlee Sizemore says:

    These would be so great in Baby S’s nursery!

  123. Silvia Berlin says:

    Ooohhh! Me! Me!

  124. Melinh Pham says:

    This print is perfect for my baby’s “world explorer” themed room. We also just moved from Mystic 🙂

  125. Sally says:

    I love this blog so much and I really love the vintage ship diagrams. I have a nephew whose room I am helping decorate with his mama and I would love to use it as the inspiration for the room. Thanks for your great blog.

  126. Lisa Kelley says:

    I’m obsessed with nautical things, this is a perfect mix for a nursery! Love it!

  127. Christy O'Brien says:

    Gorgeous! I think I would gift these to my parents for their beautiful beach house!

  128. Emily says:

    Oh goodness what a treasure that ship poster is!! Love the graphic black and white demotion it would add to a room!


  129. Kristin says:

    Love this room! Those prints are amazing, and the pop of that rug is perfect!

  130. Katie B says:

    Super cute!! 

  131. I love this board, and the prize as well!

  132. Jody2182 says:

    We’re decorating our nursery with a nautical theme- love this inspiration!!!

  133. Yellow and Gray are the best…I think my aqua color antique oar would be the perfect combo with this nautical baby room!

  134. Lori says:

    The print is gorgeous, and holds its own outside of a nautical nursery. I love the idea of putting art in a child’s room that stands the test of time, and grows with them.

  135. MeganC says:

    Love the colours and that it’s gender neutral. Thanks for the inspirations, wonderful as always and delightful. 

  136. kelseyb44 says:

    Love to win this for my little one to be 🙂

  137. JennaC says:

    Love it!

  138. Lmcknight23 says:

    I love this! My sister-in-law is due in June and this vintage ship diagram would look so lovely in thei nursey!

  139. Allison says:

    Love this, it would be perfect to add to the nursery for my baby on the way.

  140. Shannoncbarker says:

    I’m loving this nursery! have pulled so many ideas and love the ship print!

  141. Kimbathegreat says:

    That picture is amazing and would go so well with our anchor themed home. 🙂 

  142. Ekpell says:

    I love this print

  143. Bri Simons says:

    Love the color scheme. We are due in October and I can’t wait to do the nursery!

  144. Emily says:

    My third child isn’t a baby anymore at 19 months, but I still love to look at your boards. You’ve got such a talent for rooms that are inspiring and unique!  Trying to draw inspiration for my 6 year old boy’s room redo.

  145. Jennipicalo says:

    It sticks with my theme “Ahoy! It’s a boy!!!”

  146. Shelley says:

    You have truly outdone yourself with this board! We live in Maine, and everything on here feels so wonderfully ‘mariner’, rather than the full-on ‘nautical’ theme so often seen in nursery decor. Each item you selected perfectly compliments the others, and the vintage Ship Diagram and Whale Chart were so amazing I pretty much drool over them on Etsy on a daily basis 🙂

  147. Terri B says:

    Now this is something that my husband and I would agree on… love this nautical nursery!

  148. Love this nursery! (and what a great giveaway!)

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