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Friday, January 6, 2012

I never envisioned myself to be a mama who put lots of bows in her daughter’s hair.  That all changed, though, when to my surprise my baby was born with a headful of dark tresses.  It didn’t take long before I was hooked.  Then, I was doubly surprised when I actually liked the extra large bows and now Vivi never leaves the house without one.  (They are really necessary at this point to keep the hair out of her eyes!)  I keep getting questions about where they come from, so hopefully this will be helpful to those of you on the bow search.  All of her grosgrain bows I have purchased at local boutiques, but those pictured above are very similar.  My favorites are made with thicker grosgrain ribbon, and attached to alligator clips.  Bows Alamode (#2 above) will let you choose whatever color you want, and as I’m sure you can tell from Vivi’s pictures, turquoise and aqua are my favorites.  Somehow it seems to tone down the girly a bit, and it’s my favorite color, so I’m wearing it out until Vivi can declare her favorite.  I’m also really loving the felt bows.  They are extra sweet in the cold weather, and I love the structured look they give.  Lulu’s felt clips have the contour/snappy clips on the back, which really work well if your baby has finer hair.  Vivi’s is much thicker now, so the alligator clips seem to work best, like the Shay.Jay Love clips.  Also, check out Abby’s Shop Lovelay store (#7).  She gives hair accessories to little girls in the NICU at Vanderbilt Hospital – so sweet!  Vivi has one of her clips, and it is really darling.  Please feel free to comment with links to any of your favorite bow sources!


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  1. Karin Marie says:

    These are so cute!  I love bows!  I love that Abby’s shop donates to NICU babies that touches my heart!  But I’m cheap and I like to make my own bows.  I have my own board on pinterest for all the bow tutorials and flowers. I love em! 🙂

  2. Molly says:

    Yay! I love this post.  I too would never have thought I’d so enjoy putting bows in my daughter’s hair.  Now I can’t wait for Zoe to grow more of it! 🙂 
    Have you heard of Bitty Bows Boutique? Also a great resource: Vivi’s feeling better!

  3. Thenewdiplomatswife says:

    loooove! i have been getting ours at janie and jack and a local shop, and they both have the felt lining.  also bergdorf goodman has some truly ginormous ones in every color of the rainbow but no felt – boo! have been stockpiling them ever since i saw yours and we do a lot of non girly colors  – always have white on hand but also navy’s and greens !

  4. The Pokorny Family says:

    Love this post! I’m 28 weeks pregnant with a girl (my first baby is a boy) and the bows have been stressing me out!  I don’t have any for her yet, so I need to get her collection started soon! 🙂

  5. Terry says:

    So sweet! I love bows on girls. Lucy was a “bow-head” till about second grade.

  6. Kristen says:

    i am a new reader and soon to be mama of a baby girl and of course, in love with your blog. thank you for so much great inspiration!! xx kristen

    mikie and kristen

  7. Paigeliljenquist says:

    The etsy shop Cranberries and Capers has my favorite bows. Thanks for posting. I’m always looking for new ones. 

  8. Christine Aerin Wood says:

    I love to make my own bows for my daughter! It’s so easy and way cheaper and you can make them as fancy or as modest as you want in any color/fabric/style you want!

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