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a big girl room for vivi

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pink big girl room

(sources below) For awhile, I’ve been thinking and planning about some changes to Vivi’s room.  We have moved things around a few times, but as we recently became officially done with the changing table and she has been adjusted to the big girl bed for awhile, it seems a good time for a refresh.  Her rug is also in need of replacing after three and a half years of toddler love, and all the moving around of artwork and such has left quite a few scars on the walls.  We are (attempting) to work on stopping the thumb sucking – it’s so hard!  She really wants to paint her room pink, and we have promised once she stops sucking her thumb, we will repaint it.  I’m also hoping to move Brigette into Vivi’s room once she graduates to a big girl bed (cue tears!), which is still a little bit away.  Vivi tends to have a lot of bad dreams, and I’m hoping having Brigette close by might bring her a little extra comfort, not to mention fun.  Also check out my pinterest board of inspiration here.

(By the way, anyone have any tips on the thumb-sucking thing?  It’s a challenge!  We are trying to be very encouraging, but it’s a tough habit to kick!)

(1) Marmont Pendant; (2) Mini heart print; (3) Large reprint of vintage photo from the playroom; (4) Sunshine Print; (5) Cloud shelf; (6) Pink acrylic shelf; (7) Pink Alphabet Print; (8) Brass Bunny; (9) Turquoise Lamp; (10) Caravan Divan in pink (for Brigette – Vivi will still have her big girl bed!) ; (11) Save the Day Sheets; (12) Belly Baskets; (13) Just love this art; (14) Faceted Mirror; (15) Gold Lamp; (16) Mon Cheri Print; (17) Bonjour Pillow; (18) Her dresser – thinking about stripping it; (19) Pom Pom Pillow; (20) Little Nest Chair; (21) Divisadero Rug; (22) Dress up clothes station (from pinterest); (23) Beach Basket; (24) Light Green Pouf; (25) Dance Party Print


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dream in color

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mermaid baby room inspiration (Sources listed below.)   I’m loving this bright and happy inspiration for today!  I came across the Hooray Today etsy shop. and I’m loving all the bright and quirky prints!  So fun – especially the kitty cone.  Also, who is going to purchase that awesome vintage Copenhagen travel poster?  Comment if you get it and send me pics of how perfect it looks in your space – wish I could snag it!  It’s also quite a statement piece at 24″ x 39″, so it would really anchor a room!!  Seriously, someone needs to grab it! (1) Euclidean Pendant; (2) Vintage Brass Unicorn; (3) You Wonderful Thing You; (4) Kitty Cone; (5) Wonderful Copenhagen Poster; (6) Pink Acrylic Shelves; (7) Swirly Clouds Crib Sheet; (8) Neo Geo Lozenge Pillow; (9) White Sparrow Crib; (10) Neo Geo Polygon Pillow; (11) Mini Abacus Lamps; (12) Kent Coffey Dresser; (13) Molded Rocker; (14) Pink Acrylic Tray; (15) Triangles Rug; (16) Martini Table; (17) Shaggy Pouf; (18) Play Pram


jonilay"Haha, thanks, Morgen! I'll have to think on that!! xo! "

jonilay"Of course!! Love your shop and your adorable prints! "

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Morgen"I wish you had a mermaid print I could buy in the society 6 shop! Just saying!:) "

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Molly"Sigh. Perfection. "


pink lemonade

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pink and yellow baby room ideas

A happy pink and yellow palette for today!  Can’t stop thinking about spring . . .


Andreina"Thanks for featuring my "love circle print" made my day! Love your style boards ;) great colour pallette "

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Henry Otto’s Nursery

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boy nursery inspiration

Happy Friday!  I’m excited to share the nursery my talented friend Erica put together for her adorable little boy, Henry Otto.  This room is just so perfectly boy.  She says they wanted to keep his room comfy and light, and also fairly neutral.  They kept the gender a secret from everyone until he was born!  That takes a lot of self-control.  I don’t think I could contain that information for so long once I knew it!

boy nursery inspiration

Don’t you love the mural?  She found the inspiration on Pinterest, and her husband worked on the design and she painted it while 8 months pregnant.  That kind of makes me tired thinking about it!  I love how it turned out, and it looks pretty great on the shades, too. (White Hudson Crib by Babyletto).

boy baby nursery inspiration

She found that vintage ottoman at a local antique market, and her mother reupholstered it in that fantastic aqua.

The beautiful alphabet print below is available in her shop (love the colors!) and the red metal basket is vintage (will be super great for toy storage as little Henry grows) as well as that amazing chair.  She recovered it herself in mustard covered vinyl.  So perfect.

And how awesome are those animals?!  She scoured thrift shops for months to build the collection.  She painted them gold to make them work well together, and added a few pops of aqua for fun.  Erica custom designed all the artwork in those frames, and that awesome giraffe is a custom paper (hand!) cut based on Charley Harper’s baby and mama giraffe illustration (amazing!).

I adore that dresser.  It’s a craigslist find that she painted a very light teal.  Below is a little more of it.  I really love that hardware!

I love all the pops of yellow everywhere.  It looks like little Henry adores his space!

Thanks for the tour, buddy!  (And, hey, Gingiber pillow up there in the rocker!)

How cute is that little goat up there on the mountain top?  And just because I am sure you want to see a close up of those animals like I do, here is some more detail (they are so fierce!  So perfect for a little guy’s space):

Erica cut out his name for the door.  She says he points to his name every morning and they say “Henry’s room!”  He loves it.   (She offers custom ones here, and check out the gorgeous calligraphy version here.)

Hope you are inspired!!  Be sure to check out Erica’s shop to view all her awesome prints, cards, stamps, and more!




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Kendra"That is one lovely nursery - the colors are neutral, but with a twist. That mural is beautiful! "


a toddler masterpiece

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bedroom art

I’m working on refreshing our bedroom a bit, making it lighter and brighter and happier, and with that comes the question of what art to put on the walls.  I am loving all the beautiful abstract art out there, but I really wanted something original, and that’s just not something I can get right now.  I love drawing, coloring, and painting and don’t do it nearly enough, but creating abstract art is a little beyond me.  Maybe that’s something I should explore at some point, but I’m just a little too inhibited.  I can’t be all free and loose with the paint because in my head it has to be perfect.

(Sources: Side Cart, Gold Vase, Hourglass, Big Ben Clock, Everett Sconce, Citrine Sheets, Book)

bedroom art

Then it occurred to me that there is in fact a small person in my house who is not inhibited in the least.  She puts on daily dance, singing, and acting performances without an ounce of fear, and I felt confident this would translate well onto paper.  I bought some white poster board, a super chunky and juicy marker (seriously, it’s an awesome marker), stripped her down and put her in the sunroom and let her go to work.  It was a 3 year old’s dream.  I just told her to try to cover the paper with her drawings.  And, what do you know – it turned out perfectly.  Her Grandpa made the gorgeous heart pine frame, and this will be a treasure for sure.  The poster board was much larger than the frame, so I was able to trim it down to fit, and also get the perfect little slice of her creativity as well.

bedroom art

I think we’ll just have to do more.


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