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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

boy nursery ideasExciting news!  My nephew, little Henry, arrived last Thursday!  He is perfect, and I can’t wait to get to hold him again.  I’m excited to get to share his room today (see inspiration here).  It was fun to get to work with my sister on a room for a boy, since we’re used to girl rooms over here.  His space is really great, with super high 10′ ceilings and a huge open window with a pretty green view.  I’m sure he is going to love getting to play and (hopefully) sleep here!boy nursery ideasI love the Skip crib.  It’s so pretty in person, and it’s a great crib in a mid-price range.  That giraffe print is from a really small page from an old book from the 1800’s that we purchased from etsy, scanned in, and then re-printed at a much larger scale.  boy nursery ideasThe changing table came from an estate sale, and makes a perfect changing table.  The gallery wall includes a photo of Ashley’s parents, Kemble’s parents, and a photo of themselves.  That leather triangle mobile from the Alison Show will definitely keep little Henry entertained during diaper changes.  The changing table tray is like the one in Vivi’s nursery (super simple and inexpensive project!), but with little ball feet added for a bit of height.  Those arrows came from here, and we hung them with washi tape.boy nursery ideasThat picture of Kemble is from Ashley’s baby shower.boy nursery ideasMy dad helped make the bookshelf according to their spec, and it turned out so sweet!  He made it with a removable back panel, so it can easily be repainted for an easy update if they ever want it.boy nursery ideasThe only thing missing is something with his sweet name on it.  It was a surprise (so fun!) so it isn’t up yet.  Hope you enjoyed the little tour of baby Henry’s new room, and congratulations to Ashley and Kemble on his arrival!  Hope you two are soaking up all the sweet, snuggly moments, and getting rest when you can!

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161 responses to “henry’s adventure nursery”

  1. Brandi says:

    Fantastic! Where are those arrows from? And are the taped to the wall with washi tape?!!

  2. The Babyletto Team says:

    Joni it’s BEAUTIFUL! Amazing work, as always! <3, Team Babyletto

  3. Keely says:

    It’s beautiful! Can I ask where she bought the fabric for the drapes?

    • Joni Lay says:

      Hi Keely! Ashley found the fabric at Forsyth Fabrics here in Atlanta – I think she bought them out of all they had, though! You can certainly call and try to describe it to them – I’m not sure the name.

  4. Tiffanie says:

    This is a gorgeous, cohesive room. Baby Henry is one lucky little guy. You have really outdone yourself editing the pieces to capture the charm and bring our the best of Adventure! This room can easily be adapted for a brave baby girl.Thanks for introducing me to the Skip crib.

  5. little0ne says:

    Where did you get the rug? It’s so sweet!

    • Joni Lay says:

      Hi there! It’s the Souk Rug from West Elm – all the links are in the pink margin to the right of the post! Hope that helps!

  6. buckiddo says:

    Oh my gosh, what a gorgeous and simple nursery! So well done!

  7. Tiffany Winn says:

    Beautiful! Can you please tell me about the wall color?

  8. Bethany Dufilho says:

    Where is the Psalm 1 print from? That is one of my favorite scriptures!

  9. Shari says:

    Beautiful – we have created a safari theme for my son Maxim’s room. Some nice touches here that I could incorporate!

  10. Littleboybluebird says:

    I heart everything about this nursery, so very beautiful! Welcome to the world baby Henry x

  11. Tamsin Joy Dawson says:

    Hey!! I’ve been following your blog for about a year now, hoping to gain inspiration for our nursery. Our baby Henry was born 7 months ago and we still haven’t completed his adventure-themed nursery. This post simplified it for me and I think we’re finally ready to complete it. Thank you so much. I felt so pressured by Adventure being related to Africa themed, Indiana Jones themed, forest or tough themed. I love how you’ve mixed the elements in this room. You’re so very talented. I do wish you did consultations for individuals! Lovely as always.

  12. Erin Craig says:


  13. Petite Peltier says:

    So simple and beautiful! I love how soft it looks yet still has color. This can easily be a gender neutral room too.

  14. Lindsay @ Strickland + Company says:

    I love this so much. The space seems soothing and peaceful!

  15. Lauren O'Donnell says:

    First of all, congratulations to Ashley and Kemble!! What a beautiful room; it has so many sweet touches! I especially love the changing table/dresser. What a great find!

  16. Meg Pearson says:

    STUNNING! You are so talented.

  17. Rachel says:

    Love it! What is the paint color?

  18. Amy says:

    Absolutely adorable!! Question for you… when you hang artwork over the cribs, do you use any special kind of hangers? I’ve been too afraid to hang anything over my girls’ cribs for fear of it falling off and hurting them. I also live in southern California earthquake country so I’m even more nervous :/ Thanks!

  19. am says:

    Hi! Could you tell me where the bedding is from? I’m on the hunt for simple white bedding for my little girl. Thanks!

    • Joni Lay says:

      Hi there! I responded to this in today’s post – the crib sheet and skirt are no longer available, but I love the crib sheets by iviebaby on etsy, and there are some great simple white pique crib skirts at new arrivals! Hope that helps!

  20. Fawn says:

    Really cool!

  21. Marilyn says:

    The vintage giraffe print is amazing! Did you use any specific printing technique to keep the pictures clarity?

    • Joni Lay says:

      Hi Marilyn! I just scanned it in at a very high resolution and made sure the file was saved at 300 dpi to ensure a quality print. Hope that helps!

  22. Belinda says:

    Such a beautiful, light nursery!

  23. Lauren says:

    I’m in love with this nursery! Did you paint all of the frames, or were they all purchased like that? And if they were painted, what did you use? Thanks!

    • Joni Lay says:

      Hi Lauren! I only painted the bamboo looking frame with the adventure print and the frame over the bookcase. All the others were already gold or wood. I used gold spray paint for the bamboo frame, and rub n’ buff for the other (works really great and it’s super easy!).

  24. Angela Lott Bounds says:

    Where do you find the chest? Love it….

  25. Julie says:

    Can you please let me know the name of the children’s book where you copied the giraffe print? It is a beautiful print. Thanks!

  26. Amy says:

    Hi! Could you tell me where you had the giraffe print printed out at a large scale? Have something that I want to print similarly, but want to make sure the quality will be good! Thanks in advance!

    • Joni Lay says:

      Hi Amy! I used a local printer. If you search for a “digital printer” in your area you should be able to find one! Just call around, and quite often they will have samples you can review to make sure you like the quality, and to decide on the paper/substrate you would like to use. Hope that helps!

  27. Lulubelle says:

    Love the shag pattern rug in front of the crib, but we have shag carpet. Would that look bad to put a shaggy rug on top of shaggy carpet???

    • Joni Lay says:

      Hi Lulubelle! I think it might be too much to put a shaggy rug on shaggy carpet. If you want a rug on top of carpet, I think it’s best to go with the opposite texture on a rug – so I’d probably do a flat woven rug as opposed to a shaggy or tufted rug. You could do a smaller size, just to add a bit of pattern and color.

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  29. Heather Stein says:

    What is the wall color? Looks fresh and soothing. -Heather

  30. Tomi Birdsong Blevins says:

    Could you share what color is painted on the back of the bookshelf? I love it.

  31. Felicia Schmitz says:

    Two questions regarding the Psalm 1:3 print. What size is shown in Henry’s nursery?
    Second, is there any way the “he” can be made into “she”? I know in biblical reference its all relative to male and female but I’m having a girl so thought I’d check!
    Such a perfect room. Thank you,

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  33. Loz says:

    Hello. Beautiful nursery. Where did you get the cute smiling apple toy? Thank you.

  34. Shelby says:

    Love this nursery so much!!! I was wondering if you knew where the deer wall hooks are from???

  35. Abby says:

    Hi, I love this room…it is so beautiful! I especially love the giraffe print. I happened to find one like it on Etsy, but the colors are very much less saturated. Do you have any trick you may have used to give the color a boost, or did you just happen to get a really saturated book plate? Thanks!

  36. julie says:

    Oh my heavens…………..perfection this room is. What is hanging above the chair ? Been trying to google what that type of hanger is called with wood at top and bottom. Love the print, where did you find it ?
    Hope I dream about this room tonight.

  37. Maggie says:

    Soooo gorgeous! In love with this!

  38. Jessica says:

    Love this room! It’s so serene and lovely. Where did you find the ottoman?

  39. Joyce says:

    I’m in love with this room. Can you tell me what color the changing pad tray/bookshelf back panel. Is?

  40. Loren says:

    Joni, I would love to purchase the Giraffe print. I was not able to find it on the link given last month. Is it still available? I am working on my nursery now and it would be perfect! Thanks, Loren

  41. Audrey Sanders says:

    Where did you get those deer wall hooks?

  42. Kendel says:

    What is the mint color behind the bookshelf, I love it. Great room!

  43. Amberlee says:

    Hi, is the rocker in the nursery the Wingback Convertible Rocker from Pottery barn? If so, which material and color? I’m considering this rocker in cream twill. Thanks!

  44. kgeorge says:

    Did you say where you got the curtains from, or are they DIY?

  45. Amanda says:

    Hi! Can you tell me the color you painted the changing pad tray? Thanks!

  46. Teresa says:

    Hi Joni, It doesn’t seem like you have the giraffe print on society 6 anymore. Please tell me how I can get one for my baby’s nursery!

  47. Heather says:

    Adorable nursery! Can you tell me what size you used for the giraffe print and did you frame it? If so can you tell me where you got the frame?

  48. Maria says:

    What color is the wall paint? It’s pretty!

  49. Athena says:

    So much inspiration in this nursery. Where are all the awesome frames from, specifically the poster prints? Thanks!

  50. Carolyn Jenkins says:

    I LOVE the giraffe print! Would you be willing to send me the scan? We’re expecting a boy in May and I have been hunting for the right animal prints for his safari-theme nursery.

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  52. Kristina says:

    Could you tell me where you got the ottoman? We have that rocker and I am looking for an ottoman to go with that isn’t the same square one from PBK. Thanks!

  53. Sofia says:

    Hi Joni! I’m a huge fan of your work, especially this nursery! Would you mind telling me what fabric you selected for the Wingback Rocker? The color is perfect and I can’t really tell from PB Kids website which fabric it is. Thanks so much!

  54. Blair says:

    Hi! I know this post is almost a year old but I thought I would ask anyway! Do you know what the paint color is for the room! Slash how tired are you of questions like this haha sorry not sorry but it’s such a pretty color and I am trying to find something similar!

    • jonilay says:

      Hi Blair! oh, goodness, so sorry for the late reply! It’s Sherwin Williams Mindful Gray. I will say this room gets a ton of light and the ceilings are high, so it may appear darker in a different room – the lighter shade is really lovely, too, so I’d test a swatch of both!

  55. Emily says:

    I love this nursery! could you tell me where you got the frame for the Psalm print? Thanks!

    • jonilay says:

      Hi Emily! Sorry for the late response!! We had it printed on wood and then used flat 3/4″ wood trim from Home Depot that we painted gold and stapled to the edges.

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  57. Anna Fry says:

    Joni – love the paint color you chose for the room. Any chance you recall the brand and namejQuery1110043570294324308634_1403124319572?


    • jonilay says:

      Hi Anna! The color is Sherwin Williams Mindful Gray. This room gets a ton of light, and the ceilings are really high, so it might appear lighter here than it would in other spaces. The lighter shade on that swatch card is also really lovely, so you may want to test a little of both colors to see which you like! Thanks so much!

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  59. Jessica says:

    Can you tell me where the giraffe poster is from? I found a print from the early 1900s on Etsy, but it’s only 6.25 x 9.75″. Thanks!

  60. Natasha says:

    would love to purchase this giraffe print, can you give me more specifics on finding it online to purchase.

  61. Elizabeth says:

    Hi, where can I find the Psalm 1:3 and shooting cowboy art? I love the both!

  62. Natasha says:

    Thanks for the giraffe picture info, I’m ordering one 🙂 I’m so excited to hang in our first baby’s nursery. Can you give me details on the frame, where to purchase? The black and white striped pillow, where to purchase? and finally the crib bedding and skirt. This has been so helpful and inspiring. I just love your style.

  63. Krystal says:

    Hi Joni! What color did you use for the trim in the room?

  64. Christina says:

    Where is that rug from?

  65. Brooke says:

    I’m obviously a little late in the game here but can you tell me where you got the paisley pillows in the crib and on the chair? Thanks!

  66. Jenna says:

    Where are those curtains from?

  67. suzanne says:

    I LOVE this paint color. may I ask what it is?

    • jonilay says:

      Hi Suzanne! It’s Sherwin Williams Mindful Gray. This room gets a ton of light, though, so it looks a little lighter than it might in other places – you may want to also try the lighter shade on the swatch card!

  68. Kandi says:

    Where could I find the Psalm print?

  69. misty says:

    love love love everything about this room !! any idea where I could find the pine tree/cone picture/scroll ? and on the twin cowboys … is that a personal picture you did or is it available ?

  70. Maria says:

    What is the color of that paint?

  71. Ashley says:

    Where did you get your curtains?

  72. Claire says:

    Love your style and attention to detail!
    Been looking long and hard for a dresser/changing table like this – and don’t see the link here. So sorry if I missed it.

    • Joni says:

      Thanks so much, Claire! It’s a vintage dresser bought at an estate sale, so unfortunately I don’t have a link! I’d recommend going to antique markets/estate sales/thrift shops, because you never know what you’ll find – and this one was only $100, which is pretty great for the piece. Hope that helps!

  73. Krista says:

    Hi Joni! I love this nursery and just found out we are having another little girl 🙂 Any ideas on how to make this theme more girly? Trying to stay away from a ton of pink, but I do have some RH Baby

  74. Krista says:

    one of my favorite nurseries!

  75. Liz Ann says:

    Hi! I’d love to know what paint color you used in this nursery . It’s a great neutral beige.

  76. Britt says:

    Love that neutral but interesting rug — sorry if I missed it in the comments above, but where did it come from? Thank you.

  77. Bess Toussaint says:

    What size is the giraffe print in this nursery? Is it the large or extra large from the society6 link? Love your website!! (I am Laura

  78. Angela DiStefano says:

    This room completely inspires! You are truly gifted!!

    Would you share your source for the B

  79. Angela says:

    …would you share the source for the B

  80. Lacey says:

    Where is this rug fromjQuery211017916190205141902_1421213916528 I love it!

  81. Rachel says:

    awesome room! Where is the rug from? I love it!

  82. Claire says:

    Hi just wondering where you got the rug from? Thanks 🙂

  83. Maureen says:

    So beautiful! What color paint is that on the walls?

  84. Maureen says:

    Apologies, I did not see all the other hidden comments at first. Mindful grey it is!

  85. julie says:

    Hi Joni! Will you share where the pendant drum light is from? Also, do you have a go to for nursery drum pendants?!

  86. michelle says:

    What is the paint color on walls?

  87. Laura S. says:

    Probably to late since this was posted in 2013, but where are these pillows from?

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  89. jen says:

    Love this. I love love the curtains. Do you happen to remember where they came from?

  90. Angie Clark says:

    Hi! Where is the wood frame from? I love it!

  91. Jaime says:

    I don’t see any links on a margin next to the pictures. Where is the antler lamp from?

  92. Leah says:

    Lovely! Where may we find the drapes/curtains? Are they blackout? Thank you!

  93. Michelle says:

    Hi- I have been looking for giraffe artwork for my nursery and this one is perfect. Can you tell me what book you got the photo from? Thank you so much!!!

  94. Catie says:

    Can you tell me where to find the giraffe print?

  95. Ann says:


    I am inlove with this nursery! where are the curtains from?

  96. Sara says:

    I know this post is old but wondering if you remember what size rug you went with? Debating on getting this rug but curious what it looks like in the size I’m thinking? Thx!

  97. Nicole says:

    Where is the rug from? Love this nursery!

  98. Samantha says:

    Hey Joni! I have a few questions and I apologize if they’ve been asked before! What size is the Elvis picture and giraffe picture? Also, would you be willing to put the giraffe print back up for sale on your site? Love this nursery!

  99. Matthew says:

    I love the outdoor adventure / wilderness theme! We are actually in the process of planning our new nursery and are using something similar. It all feels very warm and welcoming but still exciting at the same time. Very nice work!

  100. Brandi Stockdale says:

    Hi Joni. Any chance you know the paint color on the walls 🙂 Love it

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