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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

sports baby nursery ideas

Kaitlyn emailed because she and her husband are planning a sports-themed nursery for their little one.  They are trying to avoid anything that looks too much like a sports bar while working on a budget (like all of us, I am sure!).  Some of her ideas, which I love, include displaying old baseballs in large glass apothecary jars and hanging her husband’s baseball glove.  Scanning in some of his old sports photos from growing up and printing them in black and white would also add some sentimental interest to the walls.  I really love the color blue of the dresser above.  It looks really fresh, and adds a bit of punch to the room.  Quite a fun color (Benjamin Moore’s Cayman Blue is close-ish) to paint a piece of furniture that needs re-purposing.  If you prefer a dark wood crib, here is a good option at a very affordable price; the Birch Sparrow crib is just a nice complement to the very affordable Poang Chair if you are needing both items (really, it ends up being about the same cost all together as purchasing an inexpensive crib and an upholstered glider, depending on what kind you choose) .  Maybe it’s just the crispness of fall creeping into the air that makes this sound good to me, but old stadium blankets would be a fun addition as well, and cutting them up to make large pillows would make cozy spots to play and cuddle.   Just for fun, below are two other wall color options:

sports baby nursery ideas

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12 responses to “homerun baby”

  1. rachel jeraffi says:

    Oh, how adorable!

  2. Amanda says:

    This is so fantastic! Kaitlyn is my co-worker and I know she is going to love what you have done here. Thank you!

  3. Kaitlyn says:

    Wow, thanks so much for doing this! I love all of your ideas, especially the pendant with the baby’s name in it!  The vintage prints are great too.  

  4. Rachel Herr says:

    I love that blue dresser and that rug! So cute!

  5. Remembrancestone says:

    I just found both your sites and LOVE your work. Truly inspired! You have given me tons of great ideas. I can’t wait to see more!

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  7. BritneyL says:

    SO i love with this!! You are very gifted! Could you please tell me where to find #5, #13 & #3. Sorry for all the inquiries, but this is just too cute!

  8. BritneyL says:

    wait nevermind on #5! Just found it on etsy:)

  9. BritneyL says:

    Omgosh ok i’m an idiot! I just saw your sources cited on the side. Sorry i have a bad case of baby brain haha.

  10. Julie says:

    How do you take care of/restore/display old pendants. I’ve found some of my husbands and they are over 50 years old. Very thin and wrinkled. What can I do?

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