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platesIt’s November!  I’m daydreaming about Christmas parties and entertaining and vintage plates.  Such a fun season!!   (Links to above plates in pink margin.)

Thanks to everyone who entered the Snuggly Ugly giveaway!!  Congratulations to Cara who is the winner!

If you fell in love with as much Darling Clementine as I did, Lindsay is offering 20% off for two days to celebrate the shop’s two year anniversary!  Just enter code “dcturnstwo.”

Hope everyone has a great weekend – I’ll be working with Lesley on some fun Christmas surprises!


little park hopper

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First, don’t forget to enter the snuggly ugly giveaway! Winner announced tomorrow!

little park hopperLast week, the Best Made Co. catalog came in the mail (great resource for man Christmas gifts – the axes are gorgeous!).  It’s so beautiful, and I was inspired by the national park maps with the “wonderful forever” screenprinted on top.  This is making me wish for a trip out west to take in all the raw, unbelievable beauty!  (Speaking of beauty, isn’t that rocker gorgeous?)  This national parks checklist would also be a great addition to this room.


Kate"I just want to share an absolutely horrible experience I had with Papaya Tree so no one else goes through …"

Joni Lay"Haha - yes!!!!!! "

Alea Moore"Love this one!! Now I just have to have that little boy to put in it! ;) "

Elizabeth Hovorka"This title made me think of an amusement park! That would be a fun one to see you …"


little monster hunter

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monster baby room ideasToday I have a little monster inspiration, an update from last years board.  Rachel was interested in the room with a lighter, brighter feel and mint walls. I also have a fun giveaway from Snuggly Ugly for a $75 credit towards one of their recycled cashmere cuties!  If you want to enter, just leave a comment, like them on Facebook, and winner will be announced on Friday!  Plus, Lay Baby Lay readers can get a a 20% discount on purchases with code “laybabylay.” Happy monster hunting!snuggly-ugly-giveaway


Sarah Markway"Madelynn would love these adorable little monsters!! "

Jen B"These are tremendously cute! "

Trish"Just found you tonight, and I think I'm in love. "

Nicolle Magro"Did someone win yet? "

Brittany Basquez Cousins"So adorable and unique! "

Laura"Super cute! :) "


rainbow brite


rainbow brite costumeThis past weekend, I managed to finish up Vivi’s costume, which is really kind of a feat because my typical behavior is to finish something like this up the day before.  However, I am excited about a few Christmas projects coming up, so I was eager to get this one done.  It really ended up being much easier than I expected, too!  I’d been planning on this costume for awhile now; it really suits Vivi’s personality so perfectly!  She has one of my old Rainbow Brite books that she likes to read, so she does know who Rainbow Brite is, and she had a blast playing the role.  We went to a local farm Saturday night for a hayride, bonfire, and general outdoor fun.  She loved pressing the little star button on her belt and yelling “Starlite!!”  I had grand plans of making Brigette a sprite costume, but this was about all I could handle getting together.  I saw on Kristin‘s instagram that she bought a costume for her daughter that was an apron (ingenious!), so I made Vivi’s dress apron-style, and it was super easy to put together.  It’s made from felt (bonus points for no hemming needed!) with a tulle skirt for extra flare, and  leggings and a thermal tee are underneath for warmth.   rainbow brite costumeHope everyone has fun costum-ing it up this week!  What are your plans?

P.S. Be sure to check out my friend Lesley’s beautiful kitchen she posted last week!!  It’s gorgeous!



Megan"This is so so awesome!!! "

Gwen, The Makerista"I made a costume for my daughter out of felt too! The no hemming is a definite plus, and …"

cuteheads"THE CUTEST! "

Erin"so cute! my mom made me a rainbow brite costume when i was little. it would be so fun to …"

Jessica"Adorable!!! "

girl in the pjs"That is such an awesome costume & you made it yourself?! So talented!! "


black forest layer cake

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black and white nursery inspirationA little nod to the season: some Harry Potter, imagination, and crisp black and white. I think these tree decals would also be pretty cute as a pattern on one wall, and  I love that giant (24″ x 36″!) feather photo!


Kitty"I some how managed to miss this one. I love the black and white with the tan colors. …"

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