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rippling waters

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nature baby room ideasI was listening to some old music I had this weekend, and “Ripplin’ Water,” a song by the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band felt especially inspiring with the change in seasons.  It captures the feel of a crisp fall day spent outdoors in a pine forest with your favorite person in the world and no one else around for miles.  I love the warm red tones above and the vintage nature photographs.  They remind me a little of my parents’ honeymoon photos, and this entire board makes me want to drive to the mountains for a hike up to a waterfall amongst the changing leaves.

Stay posted for a fun giveaway from Darling Clementine tomorrow!  Also, check out this fun roundup of shared kids’ rooms by Apartment Therapy – Vivi & Brigette’s room is featured along with several other great inspirations!


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toddler beddingI am working on updating Vivi’s room a little.  Nothing too major, but just moving things around a little bit.  We were kind of in a rush to move her into a big girl bed shortly before Brigette came, and we kind of did what we had to in order to make it work.  Now she is really in a good routine with her big bed, and I can move it around a little.  We had it up against the wall (oriented the same as her crib), which was really a pain to make up, and now I have changed it so it’s much easier to keep neat, and the furniture all fits in a lot better.  I’m still working on it, but Crane and Canopy was kind enough to send one of their gorgeous white pintucked duvets, and it’s so beautiful in her room.  toddler beddingA lot of you ask about bedding suggestions, and I’m a big fan of white bedding.  It’s clean, simple, and easy to change or freshen up with different throw pillows, and will likely outlast trends and changing tastes.  Crane and Canopy also has gorgeous sheets that would add a pop of color, like these scalloped sheet sets.  I also have to say that I love how the duvets and shams zip closed.  So much easier than a ton of buttons and edges that wrinkle up strangely in the wash (because, um, who has time to iron duvets?). toddler beddingIt looks so dreamy, like a fluffy white cloud.   I’m wishing I could crawl in there and take a nap right now!  As I type this, Vivi is in there boycotting her nap . . . sure wish pretty bedding would make a toddler go to sleep, too . . .

Also love this mint green duvet . . . would love to put it on my bed.  And then go to sleep.

(Links to some of the other items in the room in the pink margin to the right of this post!)


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garden prep inspiration

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floral baby room ideasCheck out this inspiration on BHG style spotters today inspired by a Vampire Weekend concert  . . .


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(First off, congratulations to Ashley, who won the Layla Grayce giveaway!  Thanks to everyone who entered, and Ashley, I’ll be emailing you shortly.)third birthday inspirationWhew, it’s quite a Monday.  Things just aren’t lining up right . . . one of those days.  I’m distracting myself by thinking about Vivi’s third birthday and making happy plans.  It’s going to be sort of a fiesta, with a mash up of some other fun details.  The one definite thing right now is that it will involve cupcakes, which is Vivi’s number one and only request.  (I can’t seem to find the source for that pretty flower arrangement.  I found it on pinterest, and it isn’t linking back correctly – if you know the source, please let me know, and I’ll happily credit it appropriately.)


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babe in wonderland

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alice in wonderland baby room ideasI have received quite a few requests for a wonderland inspired room, so here it is!  There are so many fun details you can include, but hopefully this will get you started if this is the direction you want to go.  I love how the natural Rhea crib grounds all the pinks, and how adorable are those bunny lamps?  I added a white shade just to keep things light, but the denim is fun, too.


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