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little girl guide(Sources: Silver Tea set; Princess ABC’s; Dolled Up Outfit; Agnes Doll; Stepstool; Flower Raincoat; Leopard Tulle Skirt; Wellies; Pink Crosley Turntable; Mary Poppins Album; The Scarecrow of Oz Album; Fox Sleeping Bag; Doll Stroller; Memory Game; Shopping Cart)

Today’s gift guide is for little girls.  These are all items Vivi either has or would go crazy over.  We have a record player and a few vintage kids’ albums, and I have to say they are a hit.  It’s worth trying, for sure.  Vivi loves books on tape in the car, and this is like that experience at the next level.  The vintage albums are so absolutely charming.  They have dances and activities and some come with books to follow along with, and the best part is that Brigette loves it, too, and it’s a great alternative to TV since I don’t let little Brigie watch it when Vivi does.  Truly, it’s the cutest thing to watch them light up over it, and it’s something we all enjoy.  I love dancing with Vivi to the music and the stories and songs are so entertaining.  It’s fun to find a new album here and there when you go to a vintage shop, and there are tons on etsy!  I also adore those princess ABC cards, and they would be darling hung up as art if your girl is into princesses.


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viva la viviRecently, we celebrated Vivi’s third birthday (seriously, can’t believe she is three!).  I asked her what she wanted for her party and she said “cupcakes,” so that left a lot of room for extra fun details.  Her birthday is in November, and here in Georgia that equals getting dark early and chilly-but-not-too-cold nights.  For her first two birthdays, we celebrated in the backyard and watched a movie, and it’s a fun tradition to continue.  I hope you don’t mind the complete photo overload.  Sara Harper did such an awesome job of capturing everything!

vivi's 3rd birthday

vivi's 3rd birthdayWe set out several toddler sized tables (we somehow have quite a few play tables on hand, and added in a couple of low benches, and Daddy/Grandpa custom built a really adorable 8 foot long banquet table!).  The tables were set with bamboo plates and forks, pink and white straws, a wooden necklace, and a feather headdress.  The name of the party was “Viva la Vivi” and we watched Peter Pan so everything had sort of a fiesta/lost boys/Tiger Lily mashup feel.

viva la viviThe long banquet table was stained a pickled white, and the other tables were covered in kraft paper, to keep a consistent, natural feel.  My talented friend Lindsay Coletta put together the absolutely gorgeous florals in cute little cans.  I’m completely crazy about the way they turned out!

viva la viviviva la viviviva la viviThe necklaces were really fun.  I used these beads (along with some black ones), painted the flat sides, and strung them on mason twine or suede cord.  They were really cute on all the girls, and a fun party favor!

viva la viviviva la viviviva la viviWe strung lights up everywhere to add to the magic, and to keep it bright enough after the sun set.

viva la viviviva la viviviva la viviThe food was pretty simple; Vivi’s only request was cupcakes, so we had strawberry cupcakes, a selection of fruit, chips and salsa, and hot dogs, and coffee to keep the grownups warm.  I kind of like not over-stressing about the food!  The kids are easy to please, so I like to keep that simple and make the rest feel like magic.

viva la viviviva la viviviva la viviviva la viviMy Uncle Jimmy was kind enough to let us borrow Porky for the kids to ride.  It was quite a hit, and the kids had to put in a dime for each ride.  So cute!

viva la viviWhen it got dark, we turned on Peter Pan.  The kids were completely mesmerized, and cuddled up on fluffy rugs and blankets and munched on their hot dogs and cupcakes.  The curtains around the screen are the playroom curtains, by the way.

viva la viviviva la viviIt was such a fun night, and such a blast celebrating my sweet girl.  You have changed my life, little Peanut, and I couldn’t be more thankful you came to live with us!

viva la viviviva la viviviva la vivi


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gift guide:


new mom gift guideCan you believe it’s December already?  I have a few gift guides for this week, the first of which is a guide for gifts to give to new or expectant mamas.  I created this with the guys in mind, so send along to your guy, or to your best friend’s husband who might need some ideas.  All of these are fairly simple; they would work well as stocking stuffers, or as thoughtful gifts that won’t break the bank.  Just know that some of them require some follow through (like the vase, the books, and the time-out kit)!  I think my favorite is the books.  It’s often challenging for first-time dads to find ways to be helpful and involved, and this is a great way to do just that.  I found that evenings were really hard for me in the beginning with Vivi; we ended up making it a bedtime ritual for Chip to sit in there with me and read a chapter or two from a book out loud while I fed her and did her nighttime routine.  It made it so much more bearable and memorable, and how sweet would it be to gift those pretty editions to your child as a keepsake once he or she is older?  For extra points, guys, choose some books that are her favorites, or just try something new and different neither of you have read!  Our favorites were Winnie the Pooh (if you have never read them, the original stories are darling and really sweet!) and the Chronicles of Narnia.

Tomorrow I’ll be posting photos from Vivi’s birthday party – can’t wait to share!  (And, p.s. don’t forget it’s the first week of advent!  We will be making paper cup telephones!)


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may-your-days-be-merry-and-brightHope everyone has a happy Thanksgiving tomorrow!  Just added these prints to the Society6 shop (from the Land of Nod trunk show).


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table setting love

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thanksgiving tableIt’s Thanksgiving week, hooray!  We will be traveling to visit family, so I won’t be setting a table of my own, but here is one I’ll dream about.  How lovely is that decanter?  I’m also crazy about those sweet little elephant placecard holders, and those pretty napkins remind me of some curtains my grandmother used to have.  Find all the sources on BHG Style Spotters.

Last night, I went to see About Time with some friends.  It was a really sweet and beautiful movie; perfect for this week focusing on being thankful.  I keep thinking about it today and getting a little choked up.  It’s especially poignant for those of us with little ones under our roof, and so very perspective shifting.  I can’t be grateful enough for those every day moments brimming with sweetness, and I’m trying to scoop them up and hold them close in my heart as much as I can.


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