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(First off, congratulations to Ashley, who won the Layla Grayce giveaway!  Thanks to everyone who entered, and Ashley, I’ll be emailing you shortly.)third birthday inspirationWhew, it’s quite a Monday.  Things just aren’t lining up right . . . one of those days.  I’m distracting myself by thinking about Vivi’s third birthday and making happy plans.  It’s going to be sort of a fiesta, with a mash up of some other fun details.  The one definite thing right now is that it will involve cupcakes, which is Vivi’s number one and only request.  (I can’t seem to find the source for that pretty flower arrangement.  I found it on pinterest, and it isn’t linking back correctly – if you know the source, please let me know, and I’ll happily credit it appropriately.)


Linka Kruszla"Gold dipped Feathers are very nice! Good Idea! "

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babe in wonderland

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alice in wonderland baby room ideasI have received quite a few requests for a wonderland inspired room, so here it is!  There are so many fun details you can include, but hopefully this will get you started if this is the direction you want to go.  I love how the natural Rhea crib grounds all the pinks, and how adorable are those bunny lamps?  I added a white shade just to keep things light, but the denim is fun, too.


West Coast Buyer"That beautiful rug brings it all together so nicely. That rug is a steal! Very favorable pricing. "

Sabrina"This is so cute! I've always loved Alice in Wonderland!! It did remind me, though, that I have an origional …"

J is for Jessica"Your ideas are so lovely! Seriously, makes me want to redo the nursery every week...although I have a boy, …"

Jane My Little Lovebird"I love it! That rug is amazing, and the bunny lamps are so cute! x "

Gwen, The Makerista"I have always loved Alice in Wonderland, and really wanted to use some Alice things in my daughter's room, but …"


pretty preppy inspiration

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preppy baby room ideasToday, I’m posting over at Honest to Nod, the Land of Nod‘s blog.  The room is inspired by those super sweet pillows, which I have always adored.  Go here to find the sources.  (And check out my previous two boards in collaboration with the Land of Nod here and here!)

P.S. Don’t forget to enter yesterday’s giveaway!

bird baby room ideasI have a giveaway from the fabulous Layla Grayce today!   This online retailer has a fantastic collection of beautiful home decor items, including wallpaper, furniture, rugs, pillows, details, as well as clothing (for you and baby!), jewelry, diaper bags, baby toys, and more.  It’s endless!!  The winner will receive a $100 gift card to Layla Grayce, and to enter, just leave a comment with what you would purchase with that $100.  There are so many options it will be hard to choose!  I’m loving some of the adorable pajama options . . . would be so perfect for after baby!  Or maybe a pretty diaper bag (they also have Petunia Pickle Bottom!) . . . Leave your comment below, and winner will be drawn randomly and announced next Tuesday, October 8th.  (If you need any help, all the items in the board above are Layla Grayce, except the dresser, painting, and bird hooks!)


Elizabeth"I would buy something for Baby's room... cute crib sheets, curtains, and a lamp are on our list! "

Jenn Lara"I would buy cute prints for my daughter's room. Love them! "

Casey"i would LOVE one of the poufs for my kids to sit on! "

Emily"I looove the painting by Michele Armas. "

Rachel"Those bookends are to die for! "

Tessa Braden"LOVE it all! Since my daughter is in love with books and dolls I would have to say the Blablah …"


sitting prettyMy sweet friend, Sara (a special person who came to our house in the middle of the night to keep Vivi when I went into labor with Brigette – forever grateful for that!!), is a talented photographer who will soon be doing studio photography.  She asked if the girls could come in for a little shoot, and I love what she was able to capture!  I had never really considered studio photography, but I really adore these clean photos that showcase the little ones and their expressiveness.  Brigette is such a ball of chubby deliciousness.  I could cuddle her all day!sitting prettySara picked up those darling Oeuf knitted crowns from the Seed Factory (favorite!) before the shoot.  Too much cute.  I’ll definitely be doing something with that top photo of Vivi and Brigette.  It’s like my heart in a picture.  (You can find Vivi’s shirt here.  My mom brought it back from a trip, and it has the most beautiful colors!)sitting prettyAt ease, girls.  There’s my sweet Vivi in her natural state: sucking her thumb and clutching bear.  Thanks so much, Sara, for all this sweetness!  Be sure to check out her site if you’re in Atlanta somewhere and you are interested in a studio shoot!

(Also, don’t forget 25% off my Tea collection picks until tomorrow at midnight!!)


Julie Blanner"Your girls are darling and the photography is beautiful! "

Schaneon"I love all that chunky monkey goodness! Your girls are beautiful! "

Gwen, The Makerista"so much studio can be done so poorly. these are simply beautiful! she really captured them well, and …"

Lesley Graham"beautiful!! "