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boy nursery ideasExciting news!  My nephew, little Henry, arrived last Thursday!  He is perfect, and I can’t wait to get to hold him again.  I’m excited to get to share his room today (see inspiration here).  It was fun to get to work with my sister on a room for a boy, since we’re used to girl rooms over here.  His space is really great, with super high 10′ ceilings and a huge open window with a pretty green view.  I’m sure he is going to love getting to play and (hopefully) sleep here!boy nursery ideasI love the Skip crib.  It’s so pretty in person, and it’s a great crib in a mid-price range.  That giraffe print is from a really small page from an old book from the 1800’s that we purchased from etsy, scanned in, and then re-printed at a much larger scale.  boy nursery ideasThe changing table came from an estate sale, and makes a perfect changing table.  The gallery wall includes a photo of Ashley’s parents, Kemble’s parents, and a photo of themselves.  That leather triangle mobile from the Alison Show will definitely keep little Henry entertained during diaper changes.  The changing table tray is like the one in Vivi’s nursery (super simple and inexpensive project!), but with little ball feet added for a bit of height.  Those arrows came from here, and we hung them with washi tape.boy nursery ideasThat picture of Kemble is from Ashley’s baby shower.boy nursery ideasMy dad helped make the bookshelf according to their spec, and it turned out so sweet!  He made it with a removable back panel, so it can easily be repainted for an easy update if they ever want it.boy nursery ideasThe only thing missing is something with his sweet name on it.  It was a surprise (so fun!) so it isn’t up yet.  Hope you enjoyed the little tour of baby Henry’s new room, and congratulations to Ashley and Kemble on his arrival!  Hope you two are soaking up all the sweet, snuggly moments, and getting rest when you can!


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my little pony

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baby room ideasHere is a more rustic spin on a room inspired by horses . . .


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steve mcqueen vintage

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A slick, uncomplicated room for the little speedster in your life.  Lots of fun CB2 finds – I am loving that red bookshelf!


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baby nursery inspiration

How darling are these mobiles from Gifts Define?  Each little character has such personality  – from their sweet airbrushed cheeks to their lovely muted colors!  Better yet, you can even order a customized mobile in colors to match your little one’s room, and they offer lots of other delightful items, such as cupcake toppers and party favors.

Welcome to Lay Baby Lay!  My name is Joni and I’m a mom, designer and blogger.  Lay Baby Lay features nursery inspiration and various projects and musings from my life as a new mother.  I very much enjoyed obsessing (maybe a little too much – obviously this is my first baby!) over Vivi Charles’ nursery and would love to share this newfound interest with you.  As I seem to get as many requests from new mothers as I do from brides, I found this to be a fitting venture to accommodate the inquiries I receive.  I hope you will enjoy Lay Baby Lay and find it to be a source of inspiration and delight!  Please keep stopping by to visit!

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