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girl baby room ideasHere is a bit of inspiration for a girly room that isn’t too girly.  It’s sophisticated and has some feminine details, but the mix of modern touches keep it grounded. I can’t get enough of InaLuxe – might have to snag a piece for the new nursery!  I have used that glider a few times lately in style boards, but I finally saw it in person last week, and sat in it, and it’s just as lovely as you might imagine as well as incredibly comfortable.  The back comes up really high, too, which is a plus.  It’s challenging to find a glider that has a taller back, and that drove me crazy about the glider in Vivi’s room.  I would be so tired, and couldn’t lean my head back . . . I’m hoping we can get one that is a bit taller, but tailored, this time around.  I’m dreaming about the Empire Rocker . . .

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4 Responses to “modern whimsy”

  1. Coryann says:

    This reminds me of my daughter’s nursery!

  2. Joni I love that you included Chester for a girl!! So cute!

  3. Jean says:

    Hi there, where can I locate each of the items in this room? It’s darling and just what I’m looking for! Thank you!!

    • ParrishWalton says:

      Hi Jean! All the links are in the pink margin to the right of the post. Hope that helps – happy to hear you are inspired!:)

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