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nautical nursery ideas

Brooke was kind enough to send me some photos she took of her client Sarah’s nursery she created for her baby Hank.  I thought it was so perfectly sweet and had to share!  She said Sarah used a lot of Lay Baby Lay inspiration, and I love seeing how it all came together.  This room has such a perfect vintage feel with all the wood trim, which ties in with the nautical look so nicely.  I really love that she used the Jenny Lind crib; I think it’s easy to be hesitant to use this style in a boy’s room, but I think it works so well, especially in the cherry or ebony colors.

nautical nursery inspiration

Sarah’s sisters hand painted that sweet banner with Hank’s name on it, and aren’t the anchors sweet on the wall?  You can find similar ones here; such a great way to make a statement wall affordably!  That vintage helm clock is also such a great accent.

nautical nursery inspiration

This is such a great collection of nautical inspired art, and the natural wood frames in varying finishes make it feel cohesive.

(Sources: (1) Anchor print, made by a friend; (2) Octopus print; (3) Vintage Coulter Garage License Plate; (4) Anchors Aweigh Print;  (5) The Whale Print; (6) Vintage Navy Bumper Stickers from Brimfield; (7) Ship Print)

nautical baby room ideas

Love that rocker – it looks really comfy!  That license plaque on the wall is from Sarah’s great grandfather’s auto garage; Hank’s middle name is Coulter.  What a sweet nod to his heritage!  (Moustache pillow from here.)

nautical baby room ideas

The rug is from ikea, and that organizer (also from ikea!) makes the perfect little piece for storing odds and ends and keeping them close at hand.  I love that she put the books next to the rocker within easy reach for bedtime stories and cuddling (similar shelves here).  Seriously, I just love all that wood trim.  It’s the perfect complement to the nautical look.

nautical baby room ideas

Thanks so much for sharing, Brooke and Sarah!!  I love the space, and I’m sure little Hank does, too!  And speaking of, here is a pic of the cute little guy:

nautical baby room ideas

So precious!


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love me do

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beatles baby nursery inspirationA little Beatles inspiration for today!  That lamp is pricey, but I am loving the shape, and all of the color options are divine.



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adventure at sea

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nautical baby room ideasHave you seen all the new adorable-ness at the Land of Nod?  They just launched their spring collection, and it’s full of lots of fun new things.  I am loving all the new nautical touches, so here is a classic boy’s room designed around maritime adventures.  I also love all the new shelving options like these and these (excellent for storing and displaying all the books)!

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baby blues

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blue baby nursery inspiration The other day, I came across a beautiful vintage desk at one of my favorite thrift shops.  It had lots of nooks and cubbies in the top, and would be perfect as a changing table with lots of storage.  I couldn’t find the same model, but thought this one was lovely, too, and makes for a beautiful understated and masculine space.  Are you loving that rug as much as I am?  It appears you can custom order the size you need!  A white Jenny Lind crib would also work well, and the Graham glider would be nice, too, as that rocker is so pricey.  I just love the look of that caramel leather with the blues.  That plaque is really fun, too; might be a nice little DIY to create a custom one for your little honor camper.


a mini dining room

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dining room ideasI am working on our dining room (when I can).  The official dining room was turned into Brigette’s room, so we had to figure out an alternative solution.  I really wanted a place for us all to eat as a family, because I think it’s really important to regularly sit at the table together, so we decided to use our little sunroom as the dining room.  It’s not very large, but there is enough room for a table and chairs, with large windows that let in lots of light.  We already painted it a creamy white, with glossy black trim.  Because it’s where we enter the house (very high traffic), it’s also kind of a “catch-all” room, so we need space for hanging coats, jackets, bags, and other items. Our plan is to do a built in banquette to maximize seating, and to make it feel more purposeful.  I can’t wait to see it all come together!  Several of the vintage items above are just placeholders, as I’m on the hunt for just the right pieces.  I am loving kitsch-y  landscapes these days, and the rich blue on those chairs is so divine.

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