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beach babies



The sun is out and it’s really starting to feel like spring.  I can’t stop thinking about being somewhere warm, and neither can Vivi.  She keeps asking when we are going to the beach (guess we had better get something planned!).  I’m in need of a new suit (it’s like the whole closet thing – feels like I’m a different size and shape every summer in between babies)!  I have learned the hard way that it’s a great idea to wear a suit that can withstand the grabbing, twisting, running, and what not that occurs when you are with a baby or toddler in and around a pool, so I’m loving all the new one piece silhouettes with the interesting cutouts, shapes, and details.  Above are some of my favorites (and I really love this one, too, but it’s a bit spendy).  I am crazy about those glasses; I’d love to splurge on some tumbleweeds, but these will do for now.   I also bought the girls matching versions of that heart suit.  It’s really perfect for my little redheaded Brigette and her fair skin!  Extra coverage will be great for her.


christa"Love! Where's the sunhat from!? Its perfect! "

lesley graham"i looooove that top middle!!! "


warm & woodsy


neutral baby nursery inspiration

Some neutral inspiration on BHG Style Spotters today – go here to find the sources!  Loving all the natural wood and neutral palettes I keep seeing.


Heather Robertson"I love the vintage pieces you find on etsy. Do you have any shops in Texas (DFW/Houston) that you prefer? "

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This past weekend, we finished up our work on the patio and photographed it.  (Vivi’s adorable dress from here!) I’m so glad to have this project done, and excited to be able to use this space now that it’s warmer outside and the backyard is in gorgeous full bloom.  We had a fun little celebration while we photographed everything, and I’m pretty sure Brigette thought it was the best deal ever to wake up from her afternoon nap and then be whisked outside to be placed in a chair just her size to have her fill of scones, fruit, whipped cream, and other delights.  It was really fun to watch my little people enjoy themselves.

It has been somewhat of an exhausting couple of weeks!  I recall specifically that 14 and 15 months was a really challenging age for Vivi; she was walking, but not very stable, and she wasn’t very verbal yet, so she would get frustrated easily since we couldn’t always communicate well.  She was also frequently falling or getting boo boos as she worked on her mobility, and it seemed she was just crankier than usual.  I would often find myself in the driveway, exhausted and counting the minutes until Chip came home.   If there was supper on the table, it was a miracle.  Now we are there with Brigette, and it’s actually much easier this time, but still it is draining.  She wants to be held from 4 to 6 p.m. every day, which isn’t such a bad deal except that is also when I need to get supper together and it tends to be when Vivi is tired and needs attention as well.

One night last week I dropped a pan as I was trying to hang it on the rack above the stove, and it came crashing down, breaking a glass pitcher and landing on my foot.  I was at the end of my rope that afternoon, and told Vivi not to move an inch while I stayed put in my place until Chip came home to clean it up (he was only a couple of minutes away, thankfully, and Brigie was in her high chair!).

To top it all off, Chip, myself, and Vivi all got the stomach bug last week, and then Chip was out of town for two nights.  But in the middle of the crazy, I’m so grateful for rays of sunshine.  My parents came to visit and helped with the girls and with finishing up the patio project, I got in a rare visit with my sister, and we enjoyed some good family time this weekend.  Also, by some miracle the girls slept until 8 on Sunday morning, and Chip and I relished the chance to catch up on some sleep.  Saturday afternoon really was a delight, and I loved watching the girls enjoy themselves.  It’s a joy to watch Vivi get excited over things, and she had been looking forward to the “patio party” all week.

backyard patio

I’m looking forward to sharing the patio soon, but here are a couple of small snippets.  That vintage glass and caddy set is one of my favorite little details.  I’ve been wanting to find one for awhile, and figured a backyard patio was the perfect excuse because after all we will be toting drinks back and forth.  Aren’t those glasses lovely, and how about the perfect mid century wooden handle?  It was also a great reason to take my little side cart out to use.  I’m finding it’s really helpful to have pieces that can do double duty in our smaller home.  We don’t have a lot of extra storage, so when something can work as a nightstand and is a great asset for entertaining, it’s a sure win!

I was so grateful that the dogwoods bloomed just in time for us to take photos.  Spring always brings a sense of renewal, doesn’t it?  It’s a fresh start, with the long days, the warm sunshine, and the happy colors.


Christina"Love the glass and caddy set. Excited to see your pictures!!! "

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This morning, I sorted through Brigette’s clothes to put away those that are now too small.  It’s crazy how quickly we go through them!  Time to pull out the next bin of old Vivi things.  Sometimes I get overwhelmed by archiving and storing outgrown clothes, although they are so helpful to have.  I thought it would be fun to do a roundup of some of my favorite graphic tees; the girls are usually dressed pretty causally so the outfits don’t get in the way of play, and I have a soft spot for a good graphic tee.  That Crewcuts solar system tee makes me think of Young Astronauts (anyone?) and I also love this Sevenly Autism awareness tee (not pictured) and how awesome are these leggings?

Also, I’ll be pinning tonight with Project Nursery and Britax here if you want to follow along (from 9 to 10 p.m. EST)!  We will be pinning nursery finds inspired by the new Britax Affinity stroller!


the den


living room inspiration

I’ve been working on and off to get our den refreshed; it started out sort of a toffee color (if you scroll to the bottom of this post, you’ll see part of how it used to look) and I’ve been really wanting to brighten it up.  We spend a lot of time here, so it was in need of some love!  The most recent addition was this gorgeous lamp from Lulu and Georgia, and it gave me the extra incentive needed photograph the room and share.  Isn’t it beautiful?  I love that avocado green, and the geometric dimension to the base!

It’s the perfect pop of color, and coordinates well with the vintage needlepoint landscape on the wall (a wedding gift to my parents from one of my grandmother’s close friends – I adore it!).

gallery wall inspiration

Lulu and Georgia has lots of other great home decor items (their rugs are some of my favorites – see some inspiration here and here!).  If you are feeling inspired, they are offering 20% off with the code LAYBABYLAY20 until this Friday, April 4th!

living room ideas

The little “coffee table” is one of the tables my dad made for Vivi’s party, and it’s perfect for this room where we spend a lot of time with the girls, and it’s extra fun styled with some of their favorite books, a definite hit with Vivi.

living room ideas

living room ideas

I’ve posted about these shelves before, but they are one of my favorite features.  They are Ikea brackets spray painted gold, and then paired with some old barn wood.  I love the effect.

living room shelves

The art was done by Vivi – she aptly named it “the egg.”

living room inspiration

living room ideas

Now, if I can just decide what I’d like to do around the TV.  It’s on the other wall.  I’m really enjoying all the bright white and sunlight in this room now, though!!  Thanks so much to Lulu and Georgia for the beautiful lamp – be  sure to check out all the lovely inspiration on their site – I can’t stop thinking about this rug.



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