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Tonight, I’m participating in a pin party with Project Nursery and RH Baby & Child – join in here!  Above is some inspiration centered around their collection.  Most of their line has a very traditional, heirloom feel, and is perfect if you want to go for a very serene and sophisticated look.  I mixed it up a little by adding in some aqua – sources below!

(1) Milk Glass Pendant; (2) Vintage Arrows; (3) Feather Sketches; (4) Mini Ohio Print; (5) Bear Portrait; (6) Ragamuffin Pennant; (7) White Marquee Light; (8) Fox Porcelain Nightlight; (9) Teal Jingle Pillow; (10) Sportsball Bookend; (11) Faceted Pastel Lamp; (12) Mt. Rainier Retro Print; (13) Vintage Flashcard Prints; (14) Layne Crib; (15) Wilkes Trunk Dresser; (16) Wingback Swivel Glider; (17) Periodic Table of the Elements; (18) Ukulele; (19) Matra Flatweave Rug


family beach trip

We just got back from a family beach trip this afternoon!  We went to our favorite beach – 30A along the Gulf of Mexico – with my sister and her family and my parents.  I was kind of sad to leave (although really with littles, it’s always nice to come back home!).  I feel like yesterday we finally hit our vacation stride, and then it was time to head home.

beach trip with toddlers Do you ever feel that way when traveling with little people?  I think there is probably a bell curve for vacationing with toddlers: it’s a bit crazy at first and people don’t sleep well, and then they adjust and everyone starts having fun, and then everyone just gets a bit overstimulated and crazy and you need to get back home as quickly as possible.  We left on a high note, which is good, but I think I could have done a couple more days! (My fave sunglasses, above, which I have in two colors!)

family beach trip

My poor little Brigie came down with hand, foot, and mouth which is one of the most miserable things for a toddler.  She recovered by the last day or so, but those first couple of nights were rough!  Thankfully, my parents were with us to help, so we could still get Vivi out to the beach (she has been asking about the beach since January, I think!).  Brigie didn’t think too much of the sand or the water.  She wouldn’t even put her feet in the sand, except for the two seconds it took to snap the above shot – and that was before she figured out she really didn’t like it at all.  She would curl her little feet up in protest.

beach with toddlers

Vivi, on the other hand, was entirely in her element.  She had a ball, and spent most of her time on the beach in her own musical.  It was so fun to watch!  Isn’t the water gorgeous?  The gulf is just glittering, and the stretch along 30A is pretty much a fairy tale for families with young children (and just anyone, really!).  I can’t say enough good things.

seaside florida

I love the food trailers (they are all cute little airstreams!) in Seaside proper.  Here is Vivi with one of the epic sno cones from Frost Bites.  We  went twice, although I would have been happy going twice a day!  It’s the perfect treat in all the sunshine and humidity.

family beach trip

We stayed in Watercolor, and the house was perfect.  Vivi was crazy about the bunked boat beds in her room, and I think she slept extra well because of it.  They both loved cozying up and reading in them during the afternoons!

family beach trip

It was the perfect last hurrah for summer – now we are excited for all the fun things ahead for fall!!  (above photo taken after a super yummy dinner at George’s at super dreamy Alys Beach!)

Definitely check out Anna and Lesley’s posts on their trips to the same area this summer!!  Their photos are much better than mine.:)





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Have y’all been seeing the Bright Lab Lights everywhere?  They are just so cute and happy that I can’t resist.  I’m planning on putting some in Vivi’s room - I just love the punch of color they add.  One extra fun feature is that you can customize your own – try it out!  You could even throw caution to the wind and let your little create his/her own custom strand.  And they are surprisingly not too expensive!  (photo from their gallery)

Also, for those of you who asked, I added the “Love” print to my society6 shop, if you are interested!

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a new season


first day of school

The girls started school this week!  It’s kind of hard to believe that fall is already here again.  It feels like summer went by in a blink.  It’s always a mix of emotions for me when school starts – they only go a couple of mornings a week, though, and it’s so nice to have a little bit of quiet here and there!  Brigette did fantastic, and was so excited to get to be like her big sister.  No tears at all!  Vivi was really excited to be back with her friends, and she loves her cute new little lunchbox.  She wants to pack it every day, school or not.  Lots to look forward to – Chip’s birthday, halloween costumes, pumpkin patches, and my favorite – Vivi’s birthday!!

(Brigette’s Dress | Brigette’s Shoes | My ShoesVivi’s Dress | Vivi’s Bow | Vivi’s Shoes)

Just for fun, here is the first day of school last year.  I love having these photos to see how the girls change!


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kiwi crate finger puppets (Thanks to Kiwi Crate for this post – go here to try out Kiwi Crate for yourself and enter code LBLBTS to get 25% off your first month!) Kiwi Crate was kind enough to send the girls a crate of their craft goodies to sample.   I was pretty excited to try it out, because I’ve heard great things, and I want to do more craft type activities with the girls.  Sometimes I’m at a loss beyond just coloring, and I’m a little intimidated by the mess that I feel is certain to ensue, plus it’s overwhelming to keep a good stash of craft supplies! kiwi crate back to school I set out the Kiwi Crate, and let Vivi open it.  Getting to open a box to discover what treasure might be inside is pretty much a 3 year old top 10 activity, I’d say. craft activities for kids It’s pretty amazing what all they manage to fit into that box!  The Kiwi Crate includes enough supplies for 2 to 3 activities with instructions and a magazine to color and read.  The whole experience is very educational, and centered around a theme (this one was around farming) and Vivi also loved a little sticker chart that was included – you can put a sticker on the chart for each project you complete. toddler crafts Brigie was also eager to participate, and we enlisted Daddy’s help to contain things a little.  She has a deep affinity for stickers, and the finger pupped project was right up her alley.  She loved putting on the eyes and noses and details.  So fun!  She is almost 19 months old, and I wasn’t sure how well she would do, but she’s all in on any activity that has the enthusiasm of her big sister. toddler crafts Vivi also thought it was fun, and meticulously arranged the stickers on the finger puppets.  I love how hers turned out – they sort of look gabba gabba inspired, with their eyes on top of their noses . . . toddler craft idea toddler craft It was a good reminder that I often underestimate what they can really do.  They eat up the opportunity to be creative, and manage it much better than I expect!  It’s also SO helpful that the Kiwi Crate comes with precisely what you need, and it makes it easy to keep things under control.  The next project was a little mini garden (so cute!) which Vivi thought was spectacular.  I would definitely recommend spacing out the projects to make the most of them, but we just went for it. toddler craft This one was really neat – there were little dirt pellets that you placed in the “gardening containers” and when you watered them, they expanded to fill the containers with dirt.  It was so fun to watch and the girls loved the experience.  You also build a little fence around the edges, and we can’t wait to watch the seeds begin to sprout and grow! toddler craft I’d highly recommend trying this out.  It’s also a super great gift.  Kiwi Crate is kind enough to offer Lay Baby Lay readers 25% off their first month subscription (which also comes with free shipping and a bonus welcome kit!  Just use code LBLBTS when subscribing.). The boxes for fall look really exciting - it’s a time traveler theme and includes dinosaurs, castles and more!! toddler craft Thanks so much to Kiwi Crate, for letting us try out this super fun idea!  The girls had a great time, and will be playing with their finger puppets for the next few weeks I’m sure, and we’re excited to watch the seeds begin to sprout.   Go here to try out Kiwi Crate for yourself!


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