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baby room art

I’m really excited to share the work of Anna Church today.  I happened across her work on instagram, and just positively fell in love.  She creates these gorgeous, nostalgic compositions of carefully curated pieces, and they are the sweetest.  The one pictured above is Frogs & Snails, which would be perfection in a baby boy’s room, and would also be a precious gift for a father or grandfather as well.  Wouldn’t it be striking over a desk?  It brings up so much emotion about childhood.  To purchase a limited edition print, just email Anna for details.

Here is the feminine version, Sugar & Spice:

baby room art

The sweetest, right?  Daisy chains, ballet slippers, angel wings, ponies, and horse ribbons!  Such a beautiful statement in these frames:

baby room art

I also really love this Gentleman print as well – so dark, moody, and masculine:

baby room art

For even more fun, she has a time lapse video on her website, where you can see her meticulously creating these gorgeous insignias and curating the details.  It’s fascinating.  I came across her work while searching under Wes Anderson, and I think it really captures a similar quirky, whimsical, nostalgic spirit, don’t you?

baby nursery poster



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baby room design giveaway

Happy Friday, everyone!  I have some really fun news today!  I’m excited to be partnering with Decorist, a really great design service, to give away a custom Lay Baby Lay nursery design tailored to your budget and taste!

This is something I wish I could do more of, but it’s just a challenge with little ones running around, so if you have been interested in a custom inspiration board, here is a chance!

Be sure to check out Decorist - you upload photos and inspiration with some details about your project and budget, and then they will match you with a designer to suit your style who will create a custom look just for you.  Awesome, right?  (And it’s absolutely not limited to nurseries – it’s great for any room in your house!)

Go here to enter!   I truly can’t wait to get to work with one of you to create the perfect space for your little one!

(photos of Henry’s nursery inspiration board come to life.)

boy baby room ideas

boy baby room inspiration


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ice cream nursery ideas

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A little nod to some of summer’s sweetest treats as it draws to a close.  That Little Hipsqueaks Ice Cream blanket is pretty much the perfect baby shower gift! (1) Open Heart Poster; (2) Gumdrop Pendant; (3) Pink Lemonade Poster; (4) Shelf; (5) Popsicle Poster; (6) Pancake; (7) Cool Treat Poster; (8) Ice Cream Pillows; (9) Caravan Crib; (10) So Fruity Poster; (11) Minty Green Dresser; (12) Silver Lamp; (13) Ice Cream Triangle Pillows; (14) Tufted Wingback Rocker; (15) Ice Cream Blanket; (16) Stacked Bar Rug; (17) Sprinkle Sheet; (18) Apple Pouf


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science + space nursery

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science baby room inspiration Be sure to check out Honest to Nod today, and the post about the Little Rockstar nursery!  I love how this room came together!  It’s a space and science baby room with an edge.  And I think it would work great for a girl or boy – extra bonus!  Ahh, how gorgeous is that campaign dresser?  Go here to see more photos of the space, and the inspiration board behind it all.

(Also, be sure to check out Timothy’s Nursery, the Candy Kisses Nursery, and the Baby Bear Nursery with the Land of Nod!)


We re-launched the new website several months ago, with a fresh, clean look that I really love (and hopefully y’all do, too!) and lately we’ve been trying to figure out where we can make it even better.  I’ve gotten some feedback that it feels a little “professional” or “impersonal” because it is so simple and clean, so I recruited my beautifully talented friend Alea Moore to take some photos as I’ve had a few occasions lately where I’ve needed a headshot other than an awkwardly obvious selfie and so I had something fun to add into the sidebar. Posting photos of myself is not my typical deal, but I just wanted to share her work, and especially some of the sweetness she captured of my snuggly little Brigette.

(p.s. one of my favorite new shirts here.) Alea took most of these in our bedroom, which we recently overhauled.  It’s super cozy, and I’m still crazy about it.  Recently, I have taken to a new nighttime routine which includes a hot shower and then reading before bed.  I know that isn’t anything crazy, but I found I was just doing things/work/etc. until it was time to crash and I would have a hard time settling down.  The shower sort of washes away the day and clears my mind and then the reading under those perfectly glowy sconces just puts me in my happy place.  I find I am less stressed and resting so much better! As for the site updates: we added that little pic in the sidebar, along with links to social media and a direct link to the Lay Baby Lay print shop.  We’re also starting a newsletter (still figuring this one out!) but you can subscribe to get a rundown of all the posts from the previous week as well as a fun exclusive tidbit or two that will only be there.  It’s just another fun way to stay in touch, and I know some of you have inquired about subscribing, so hopefully this will help! And there is my little snuggle bug.  She has me wrapped around her finger so many times I don’t know what to do with myself. I mean, goodness.

Anyways, I appreciate so much that y’all keep coming back here.  It’s such a fun privilege to get to post inspiration here and share this experience of motherhood with you!!!  Can’t express it enough how grateful I am!  Please let me know if you have other ideas or feedback for the site – I’d love to hear!


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