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ballerina pig(A new little print in my society6 shop!)  Goodness, I apologize for my absence.  I’ve literally had my hands dirty for the past week, working hard on our playhouse project.  We are getting very close to done, and I can’t wait to share it with you!  The past few weeks have been that way; having my hands in lots of projects that I’ll be sharing soon.

I’m also excited to begin sharing some of my collaboration with the Land of Nod on their fall catalog; I was thrilled to get to work with them on some inspiration boards which their team brought to life and photographed.  So fun!  Such a dream to get to work with their company, as I’m a big fan of their collections.  I love how all the rooms came together, and I’ll be sharing them over at Honest to Nod.  The first one was posted yesterday: Baby Bear.  I really love the colors in it, and I think you’ll be inspired – go check it out!


lesley"joni! this is so cool! i love the way they brought the room to life. you are brilliant. <3 "

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thundercat nursery inspiration (Note: Sources are listed below – having some technical issues!) Have y’all seen that the new Land of Nod collection has just been released?  It’s perfectly awesome, per usual, and I can’t want to share some collaborative projects here soon.  For today, here is a little inspiration featuring a few of their new items – I’m pretty crazy over that new rocker.  It looks super comfy, and a high back is essential, in my opinion!  It’s the perfect blend of modern + traditional, so it would fit well in any decor, and last quite awhile. Sources: (1) Metallic Gumball Pendant; (2) Small Faceted Mirror; (3) We Are Young Wall Hanging; (4) Tiger Says Meow; (5) Naica Hooks; (6) Tiger Print; (7) Sunshine Pillows; (8) Antique Brimfield Crib; (9) Vintage Glaze Lamps; (10) Petite Dresser; (11) Pewter Quincy Rocker; (12) Vintage Clock; (13) Tiger Rug; (14) Arrow Bedding; (15) Aqua Pouf; (16) Origami Shelf


happy 4th!



Last week, Vivi went fishing with her Grandpa.  It was a spur of the moment thing; I wasn’t sure how well it would go as it was the middle of the afternoon, shortly before her “nap time,” but it was a complete success.  She loved every minute, and was completely fascinated by the fish.  It was entirely worth it, and I love being reminded that sometimes a simple, spur of the moment plan can end up being a precious memory.


So, here’s to a happy fourth celebrating the freedoms we are so very blessed to enjoy.  Hope you make some happy memories with your littles and loved ones!


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first birthday party ideas

It’s hard to believe, but my adorable squishy little nephew Henry will be turning 1 in just a couple of weeks!  I’m working with my sister on putting together a sweet little ice cream party for him.  Henry’s family also just moved into a new house, so it’s a celebration of his big day and a way to welcome friends over to their new home!  Above is some of the inspiration, and we’re using these adorable invites from Minted!  Love those stripes.

(Sources, from top left: Ice cream scoop, Adorable drink station, Sweet  Lucie’s Ice Cream Truck, Minted Crowns)


Lyn"The invites are so cute. And I love the sample had my daughter's name Rory! "

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toddler closet organization Whew – I had a nice break!  It was so refreshing and relaxing to take some time off.  My parents had the girls for a few nights (so thankful!) so I could take a little trip with Chip and then we had one night at home to ourselves.  It was so nice!  I missed the babies, but sometimes it’s nice to have 24 hours in your house to just relax and go with the flow.  We watched soccer, fell asleep on the couch, went to a movie on a whim, slept in, and got a lot done on top of all that!  It was such a treat.  I cleaned out and organized Vivi’s room, and it felt so nice.  The toys and books were taking over, and we’re planning to redo it here soon. toddler closet organization Closet Maid contacted me recently, offering to send a 6 cube organizer (they just launched at Target in June), and I figured it would be a great opportunity to work on Vivi’s closet.  I really haven’t touched it much since she was born (!) other than to keep putting away more stuff.  I don’t really use it for clothes storage as she has plenty of drawers in her dresser, and that just seems to work better for her.  She loves reading, and we had piles of books everywhere in her room, despite all my best efforts at keeping them organized, so this seemed like the perfect solution to provide a little extra book and toy storage. toddler closet organization There was still just enough room for fluffy pillows on the sides, and it’s just the space she needs to crawl in and do some reading.  She loves it – and it’s made quiet time in the afternoon much better, too, since she usually only naps once a week these days.   Lately, she has been wanting a little of her own space, since sweet little Brigette wants to be right there with her all the time, so she loves that she can shut the door and her books and toys in there are out of reach.  I used some leftover wallpaper from Brigette’s room to cover the back of the organizer for fun, and I’m using the cubes in the top of the closet for handy storage of outgrown clothes, before they make it into the basement where I have their old clothes in bins. toddler closet organization It’s so nice to be making better use of her closet now, and I love that this little organizer is fun for her, too!


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jonilay"So fun - that would make a perfect little reading nook!! "

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