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crib bedding ideas

Frequently, I get questions about crib bedding, so I thought it would be helpful to do a post with some tips about what bedding to choose.  I am a big fan of keeping it simple, with a neat, white crib skirt, and several different crib sheets so you can change up the look.  New Arrivals has a beautiful selection of crib sheets and crib skirts, so it’s a great resource for your registry!  I worked with them to select a few different crib sheets, so you can see how you can get a variety of different looks. (And, by the way, New Arrivals is offering 20% off with the code LAYBABY20!)

crib bedding inspiration

Above is the carnival crib sheet with the white pique skirt with gray trim.  I love this crib sheet!  The shades of orange remind me of my childhood (it goes perfectly with my old shopping cart above!), and it’s such a fun, happy neutral sheet.  It feels fresh and different, and I think it’s the cutest.

crib bedding inspiration

Next is the dreamweaver crib sheet.  This is a more feminine look, and the dreamy colors are so pretty.  It kind of dresses things up a bit, and it’s quite a different look from the carnival sheet.  I love the aqua!

baby bedding inspiration

This sheet looks girly without being too frilly.  It also pairs great with the white pique skirt with gray trim.

baby bedding inspiration

This is the sprout bumperless crib sheet.  It gives you the tailored feel of a bumper, without the extra fabric, if that causes you concern.  If you like the bumper look, I think this is a great option; I love being able to peek in on baby from the door, and the pared down bedding really highlights the lines of the crib.  This is a really sweet look.

crib bedding inspiration

(And by the way, the Jenny Lind is such a gorgeous crib.  It’s a fantastic look for the price, and I think it would work well for a boy or a girl.  I just adore this crib.)

baby bedding inspiration

Lastly, this is the piper sheet in gray.  This is more of a modern look, and is also a great neutral.  I love the way it pairs with that vintage plaid blanket.

baby bedding ideas

I also like the play on scale with the pattern society union rug.  So fun to see how you can get a range of different looks with a collection of crib sheets!  All these patterns are vastly different, but they still work really well in the same space.  With a little one, you will be changing the sheets frequently, and it’s fun to be able to freshen up the space in between washings!

baby bedding inspiration

(See more details about this room here.  Walls are Benjamin Moore Lido Green, and the print above the crib can be found here.)

Thanks so much to New Arrivals, Inc. for sponsoring this post.  I appreciate so much your support of Lay Baby Lay sponsors so that I can keep providing beautiful content and inspiration!


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Vivi is turning four in a week and a half (!) and I’m working on her party, and trying to figure out what to get for her.  There are so many cute little girly things out there right now . . . here is my wish list if I were turning four:

(1) Bow Headband; (2) Gunner & Lux Necklace; (3) Sleepy Kitties; (4) Ice Cream Set; (5) Merci Poster (email Sophie to purchase – thanks, Molly!); (6) Ava the Unicorn; (7) Pipsticks Sticker Subscription; (8) Furry Booties; (9) Bow Puffer Coat; (10) Sleepy Fox Print

Also, my friends at Babyli.st just launched a new app called little list where you can share a list of gifts that interest your little ones, and keep track of their ever changing clothing and shoe sizes – so great!  You can share it with grandparents and relatives, and since it keeps track of everything, there are no duplicated gifts!  It’s a great way to share what your child really needs (a new winter coat, shoes for school, a new bedtime book, etc.) so gifts are extra meaningful and helpful!  Check it out here!


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Operation Christmas Child is an organization I hold close to my heart.   For starters, I just adore what they do to bring joy to children worldwide.  It’s just the most precious thing.  Not only that, but they also share with them the good news of Christmas, and Samaritan’s Purse is also working so hard to serve those who are suffering in this ebola crisis.  I once heard a woman speak who received a box as a child, and it was touching enough to make sure we send boxes every year.  The collection week is usually close to Vivi’s birthday, so it has become a special tradition to pack boxes for those little ones who have next to nothing as a part of celebrating her big day.

This is such an excellent opportunity to have conversations around those in need and what it means to give to others.  I threw a very tiny little shoebox packing party to hopefully inspire some of y’all to do the same!  If you don’t know what OCC is all about, you just pack a shoebox full of fun items for a boy or girl in an age range you select.  I find it to be a fun challenge to see what all I can fit into that small box.

kid christmas party

It’s so fun to have a reason to enjoy a little of Christmas a bit early.  I just put together some sandwiches and picked up some cookies from our favorite local bakery, and had fun hanging all our Christmas ornaments (Land of Nod has the most whimsical Christmas decor!) from last year over the table for a festive touch.  I found these boxes on the table at Michaels’ – you are supposed to use regular shoeboxes, but I didn’t have quite enough!

DIY Christmas Banner

These large banners are so fun.  I used black butcher paper, and painted the words with white paint and the design with gold sharpie.  I stapled them to wooden dowels and hung them with string.

The place settings have little jingle bell and wood bead necklaces as a little treat for the kids.

To stuff the boxes, I just ran to the store and bought a bunch of goodies, and the other moms pitched in, to keep it simple.  We included some dolls, crayons, notepads, stickers, fun sunglasses, hair accessories, princess tissues, play doh, toothbrushes, and more goodies, and the girls sort of “shopped” the table to fill their boxes.  (poster here.)

The girls decorated the boxes with crayons and stickers before stuffing them.

And if you think for a moment that maybe it’s crazy asking little ones to fill up boxes with toys they won’t get to keep or play with, then you would be right.  But that’s why it’s so good, isn’t it?  The girls were surprisingly on board with it, and did a good job of  “shopping” the little table to fill up their boxes for these special girls half a world away.  Sometimes I underestimate their ability for generosity.

I thought it was fun to put out the globes and write “joy to the world” because that is precisely what this project is all about.

Ahh, my favorite cake plates from Minted.

I’ll probably be leaving all this festive-ness up for awhile.

christmas party ideasSo, there you have it.  I hope you will consider packing a shoebox with your little ones.  It’s such a sweet reminder of what this season is all about!  You can also include a note, and you may get a response from the child who is on the receiving end of the goodies!

christmas party ideas



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Hope everyone has fun dressing up today!  I love checking out all the outfits on instagram.  My girls are strawberry shortcake and princess Vivi (or “pincess fee fee” as Brigie adorably calls her).  We were at the fabric store getting things for the shortcake outfit, and Vivi fell in love with this dress pattern, so I just went along with it.  She picked out the fabrics, and it was really fun sort of designing a little dress with her.  It was fun dressing Brigie up as a little shortcake.  Her hat is beyond ridiculous (but really, so was the original!); I realized too late I was following some DIY instructions for a hat for an older child, and then my sewing machine broke on me, so it is what it is.  It is pretty hilarious, though.  Have an awesome weekend, and stay warm!!


fall family photos

I adore this photo!  Looks like Vivi and Brigie are sharing sister secrets that no one else is allowed to know.  My sweet and super talented friend Jen Wright came over recently to take some photos of us.  She is just the sweetest with the kids (Vivi loved her so much that she told me a couple of days later that she “missed Jen and wanted her to come play again”), and once again, I am amazed at what an excellent photographer can capture.  She miraculously managed an amazing family photo where we are all looking at the camera and smiling (huge victory!) and got a few of Brigie, who is very noncompliant when it comes to pictures.  Not Vivi, however.  She is totally willing to perform and my goodness, she is a natural  (especially when she is told that Elsa is looking at her through the camera lens).  My darling girl!

Jen sent over the photos this past Sunday morning, and it couldn’t have come at a better time.  We were on our way to church, after a particularly crazy morning.  The girls wanted to just wear their pajamas to church, so getting them dressed was a serious uphill battle, and I kind of just halfway washed my hair in the sink because there wasn’t time for anything more, and we all felt a bit disheveled, rushed, and grumpy.  I opened the pictures, though, and just immediately teared up.  Such a sweet and timely reminder of just how blessed we really are.  When my patience is wearing thin, a good dose of perspective always helps.

I just love this one.  Chip is such a good daddy to the girls.  He patiently answers all of Vivi’s questions and is always willing to talk about anything and everything that is on her mind.  I love getting to watch him love them and they are so blessed to have him.

And this, oh this.  I think it might be my favorite.  My sweet little cuddly Brigie.  She has me wrapped around her little finger quite a few times, and while Vivi made me a mother, Brigette made me a mama.  That might be a weird thing to say, but after Brigie, I just surrendered a little more, let my guard down a little more, and just gave up a bit of the control I tried so hard to maintain (not that I don’t still struggle with that!).  I mean, sometimes mothering makes me feel a little crazy, but overall I feel like I roll with it much better than I did before.  And the fact that she can never seem to get enough snuggles just melts me all over.  So thankful for Jen and these treasures from this time!  It’s so good to be reminded that it’s ok to take things slowly, and things might get crazy, but what a privilege to be pouring into these little hearts that have been entrusted to us.  (See more of the photos here!)



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