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candyland confection

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pink baby room ideasSome sugary sweet inspiration for your little gumdrop.  If you like this look, check out last year’s Marshmallow World board.  (. . . And if that gorgeous-but-pricey changing table is outside of your budget, get crafty with an Ikea dresser & O’verlays!)

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Allie Konish"Perfect! "

Emerson Grey Designs"I'm using the pebbles print in a nursery right now! Love it! "

Amy Peltier"LOVE that pink and white dresser, so fab! "

Rachel Booth"I LOVE this one!!! :) I'd love to see it adapted for a toddler room! My little girl is almost …"

Ann"Pink extravaganza! "


pint sized nursery

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closet baby room ideasI received an email from Nicole asking for ideas since she and her husband recently downsized to a very small San Francisco apartment, and were surprised with a baby on the way.  She is planning to make the walk in closet into a tiny nursery, but the wood paneling leftover from a Murphy bed and other details is difficult to work with. She loves peach and metallics and doesn’t want it to be too modern.  Here are my suggestions for creating a sweet space that still feels cozy and special.  Using washi tape to hang artwork is a great way to customize the walls without creating nail holes in the wood work, and full length curtain panels will create the illusion of a larger window and a taller ceiling.  Since the space is small, you can likely get a really great rug, either round or 3’x 5′ or 4′ x 6′ to soften the room.  I hope this helps, Nicole!  Utilizing a closet can be a great way to make space for baby – we’d probably be trying it if we had a walk in closet!  Our plan is to convert the dining room into a nursery instead . . . it’s a work in progress!


amber"Hi! What color paint is this? "

Chassie"this is perfection. is it alright that i take inspiration from your layouts for my own bedroom? you are so …"

Ann"Nicole, the Babyletto crib would be a great choice for your little one! Not only it is versatile but, convenient …"

Carolyn Cochrane"What a cute mix. Thank you for including my prints! :) "

Mara"What a great rug! "


modern whimsy

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girl baby room ideasHere is a bit of inspiration for a girly room that isn’t too girly.  It’s sophisticated and has some feminine details, but the mix of modern touches keep it grounded. I can’t get enough of InaLuxe – might have to snag a piece for the new nursery!  I have used that glider a few times lately in style boards, but I finally saw it in person last week, and sat in it, and it’s just as lovely as you might imagine as well as incredibly comfortable.  The back comes up really high, too, which is a plus.  It’s challenging to find a glider that has a taller back, and that drove me crazy about the glider in Vivi’s room.  I would be so tired, and couldn’t lean my head back . . . I’m hoping we can get one that is a bit taller, but tailored, this time around.  I’m dreaming about the Empire Rocker . . .


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Jean"Hi there, where can I locate each of the items in this room? It's darling and just what I'm looking …"

Lauren Bradshaw"Joni I love that you included Chester for a girl!! So cute! "

Coryann"This reminds me of my daughter's nursery! "


red, white, & baby

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I have always loved this Domino room from a few years back:Since today is a big day for our nation, I thought it would be fun to do a nursery inspired by this room, perhaps a little less political and a bit more patriotic:baby room ideasI’m a big fan of that wallpaper.  (Spoiler: we may or may not be using some of the black version in Peanut #2’s room).  I hope you get out to vote today!  I was a little worried about voting with a toddler in tow, but we had the nice surprise of no line!


Getting Residential Presidential | Kid and Goat"[…] (From Domino magazine.  Image via Lay Baby Lay blog) […] "

Megan King"I'm so happy you used my poster (E. Pluribus Unum)! "

Brianne Heape"I'm obsessed (and have been for as long as I can remember) with U.S. Presidents, so this is right up …"

Coryann"I would LOVE to use this theme if we had a boy! It would be a good tribute to my …"

wmbg"i love wallpaper. people are scared of the commitment but i can't get enough. hope you do decide …"

Elizabeth Wiggs Maas"This is gorge!!! I love the black version - can't wait to see your new nursery! "


serenity now

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baby nursery inspiration boardThis board has a similar palette to this one from last week, but I am just loving this combination of colors right now.  It just feels soothing and happy to me.  I know that chair is a bit, um, unconventional and perhaps impractical for a nursery, but perhaps it’s a reflection of my current search for the perfect rocker/glider that seems to be a bit challenging . . . and I kind of want to curl up in it and take a nap right now.


Chazare"Love this for my room! Haha! We are using the city baby bedding for our new ones room. I love …"

Coryann"Unconventional or not, that chair is stunning! "