henry’s thoughtfully vintage nursery

Friday, October 19, 2012

baby room ideasMandy recently sent me photos of the adorable room she put together for her son, Henry.  I love all the little details that showcase the thought and love she put into creating this space just for him.  My favorites include that pegboard, complete with diaper storage, and the alphabet cards strung simply above the crib.  She actually bought the cards at Anthropologie a couple of years ago, knowing she would use them in a nursery one day!  She also scored that Jenny Lind crib for free on craigslist, and painted it by hand (that kind of makes me want to cry thinking about painting all those spindles, but it looks beautiful!).  She also handmade the bedding and curtains, and found all the other furniture pieces vintage.  Visit her blog to see more photos!baby room ideasOn another note, Chip and I are currently in LA for a few days to celebrate our 5 year anniversary, and have a little bit of a babymoon.  Any fun suggestions on places we need to see and go?  So excited to be here!


17 responses to “henry’s thoughtfully vintage nursery”

  1. The pegboard with diaper storage is genius!

  2. Coryann says:

    Happy Anniversary Joni! And welcome to California, too bad you’re far south otherwise you two could say hello ; )

  3. Sarah Haslip says:

    This room could not be cuter. That pegboard! That rug! That paint!……..

  4. Lauren says:

    Love this!! Mandy is awesome! 🙂

  5. Meredith says:

    Glad you’ve caught L.A. while our weather isn’t awful…it’s hard to make suggestions without knowing what part you’re in. But I guess I’d suggest Santa Monica–lots of options in one spot, and Cha-Cha Chicken’s coconut friend chicken is really yummy.

  6. Mishka says:

    This room is so perfectly adorable without being cutesy! Great work <3

  7. TLS says:

    This is beautiful! I LOVE it! One small worry, though. The baby could get caught in the alphabet card twine. Sadly, babies and even toddlers have died getting caught in rope, usually from blinds, but this rope would be very condusive to strangulation. I would recommend removing it completely, at least when the baby is able to sit up. Love the nursery however, it is completely divine!

  8. Ana says:

    This is isn’t my favorite style, but you did an amazing job putting it all together and giving it an inviting look. Nice job! Have an amazing anni/babymoon.


  9. Iva Izman says:

    oh my absolutely stunning! I love decorating nurseries…have done 2 nurseries for my little girls and now itching for another..hehe


  10. Lauren Poulos says:

    You have to go to the Huntington Library & Gardens in Pasadena. Absolutely breathtaking.

  11. I am in love with the color of the crib! Good choice and great idea for mine!!

  12. Tisha Nagel says:

    Great nursery layout.

  13. dawn says:

    Could you tell me where you bought the baskets hanging from the peg board?

  14. dawn says:

    I would really Love to know where she bought the chair…..

  15. Faith says:

    Love the curtains! How’d you make themjQuery21103300059309694916_1428889097176 I wish I could pay you to make me some exactly like that:)

  16. […] Peg board was put to smart use above the changing station in this boys’ nursery from Lay Baby Lay. […]

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