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the grand budapest hotel

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grand budapest hotel baby nursery inspiration

So, have y’all seen anything about Wes Anderson’s new movie The Grand Budapest Hotel?  Chip and I watched the trailer the other night, and we had to watch it again and stop it at every frame just to take in all the gorgeousness.  It’s perfectly beautiful.  I adore all the pinks, reds, and rich purply indigos.  The movie poster is just lovely with that pink confection of a hotel juxtaposed with a breathtaking rugged mountain backdrop, and it’s such fun inspiration for a room.  I was going back and forth between that dresser and this one, but I love the punchiness of that pink.  That beautiful rug is a bit pricey, but this or this or the Minna Rug would be a good substitute for much less!  (And someone needs to snatch up that vintage birth certificate from the ’60’s that is still blank!  Would be so fun in a nursery!)

And, if you haven’t seen it, below are a couple of images, just to give you an idea (from here and here).

Breathtaking, right?  And just look at these colors:

As I was looking around, I also found SF Girl By Bay’s recent post on the movie.  I love her collection of imagery, too!


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jonilay"Love that rug, Colleen!! I think the muted pinks would look really beautiful, too! "

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Colleen N"I would love to see this board with more muted pinks "

Jenny V"And the birth certificate was snatched up. By me! I'm excited! Thanks for the great style board and decor suggestions! "


love me do

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beatles baby nursery inspirationA little Beatles inspiration for today!  That lamp is pricey, but I am loving the shape, and all of the color options are divine.



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adventure at sea

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nautical baby room ideasHave you seen all the new adorable-ness at the Land of Nod?  They just launched their spring collection, and it’s full of lots of fun new things.  I am loving all the new nautical touches, so here is a classic boy’s room designed around maritime adventures.  I also love all the new shelving options like these and these (excellent for storing and displaying all the books)!

We are on our way to Salt Lake City for Alt Summit – I’m so excited!  Be sure to follow on instagram.  I’m really looking forward to connecting with so many people in person!


my little deer

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Today, I have a fun giveaway from the talented Stacie of Gingiber!  I’m such a fan of her adorable prints and pillows, and she is offering a giveaway of her Pajama Bear Pillow and Reindeer Pillow, just in time for Christmas!  To enter, be sure to check out her shop and just leave a comment below, and the winner will be announced next Wednesday, November 20th!  Here is a little inspiration around that adorable reindeer pillow:my little deer


Chela"How fun! I love this! Gingiber is one of my favorites on Etsy! "

Sheri"Did you announce the winner?? Don't see it on here or on your instagram? "

Courtney Groce"Love the reindeer and bear but I also love the fox pillow too! "

lara"i hope it's not too late. i love gingber pillows and art and now your site, too! a fun discovery! …"

Chelsea"Not gonna lie, kind of want the pillows for my bed :) so adorbs! "

Courtney gray"Love love love these pillows!! "


johnny appleseed

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johnny appleseed baby room ideasToday I have a really fun giveaway, from the adorable Darling Clementine shop!  The winner gets one of those absolutely adorable apple pillows (I would love one!), so here is a little inspiration centered around them.  To enter, just leave a comment with something else that inspires you from Darling Clementine (there is so much cute to pick from – like this winter forrest dress, ah!) and the winner will be drawn randomly next Tuesday, October 22nd!


Courtney"My husband is a 3rd generation trumpet player. So of course the trumpet jumpsuit caught my eye. "

Allyson"Those fox pillows need to live in my house! "

Brooke"Darling Clementine has such cute clothes for boys. I would love anything from them!! "

Terra"Love the fox pillow! "

Katie Wendel"I love it all! But that winter forest dress is my favorite! My darling Nora would look adorable …"

Alecia McLochlin"The Bambi doll is adorable! "