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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

route 66 baby nursery ideasInspired by family vacation memories, this room is a great place to feature some old family vacation photos (similar to no.2 and no. 3).  I know I have some of my parents and grandparents tucked away, and this would be the perfect opportunity to showcase them.  Another great way to introduce baby to the family!  I love that white vintage tourister bag (no.14) – what an adorable diaper bag that would make (or maybe it’s just because it reminds me of my grandmother’s luggage stash).  There are vintage pennants for so many fun places – find one for your region or that represents a favorite vacation spot.  This muted palette works well with a chalkboard wall,  which would become really fun as baby turns to toddler.  The links are listed below for today, as we are working through some technical issues:

No. 1 – Brewster Pendant (Brushed Gold)

No. 2 – Vintage Vacation Photo

No. 3 – Vintage Adirondacks Vacation Photo

No. 4 – Colborne Pennant

No. 5 – Count Your Blessings Poster

No. 6 – New York City Pennant

No. 7 – Industrial Mirror

No. 8 – Maple Caravan Crib

No. 9 – Chalkboard Globe

No. 10 – P.S. I Love You Pillow

No. 11 – Amelia Earhart Suitcase

No. 12 – Mustard Chair

No. 13 – Cream Dresser

No. 14 – American Tourister Bag

No. 15 – Harlequin Rug (in Natural)









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10 responses to “route 66”

  1. Angela says:

    I love the idea of a travel themed nursery. That pendant light is awesome too!

  2. Taranuncio says:

    i’m in love. i want this for my living room. 

  3. What a fun idea! The pendant lamp is so perfect, and I adore the pennants!

  4. Abbey says:

    Love your nursery themes!  You find such unique and kid friendly, budget friendly items.  Very inspired.  Thanks.

  5. Lisa says:

    Love your blog & your room themes! Thank you so much for including our vintage vacation photograph in this cool Route 66 collection, too!

    Lisa @ Cassie’s Tale Vintage

  6. Traderjoy says:

    Fantastic! May I ask what the paint color for the walls is?

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