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the little captain & his first mate

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nautical nursery baby room ideasCheck out today’s post on BHG Style Spotters!  Another “so happy together” board.  This one is a reader request – feel free to email me (joni@laybabylay.com) if you have any shared space conundrums.  If you are liking the nautical look, be sure to check out these previous takes on the look: first little mate, blackbeard baby, the little admiral, sail away, sailor boy, and sailor girl.


Meena"Very nice. "

hailey"how fun! "

Coryann"I need boys now so I have a reason to recreate this room lol ; ) "


and the winner is (+ some pirate fun) . . .

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pirate baby room ideas

And the winner of the Little Choux giveaway is Gail!!  Congratulations Gail!  I wish I could have given everyone wallpaper – but the winner is left to random.org.  My apologies for the delay in the announcement!  Just for fun, here is an update of the pirate board with the pirate seas wallpaper, which many of you seemed to fancy!


Carla Barber"Really like this. My two boys are going to be sharing a room soon. We were thinking of going in …"

Sam | Atkinson Drive"LOVE it! We're doing a nautical theme in little man's room and I want all of this! Especially that lamp …"


moonrise kingdom

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moonrise kingdom baby nursery inspiration boardI saw Moonrise Kingdom last weekend, and couldn’t resist . . . go here to find the links!


Evans-family"Love your boards!!!!! Absolutely incredible and so inspiring. Even thought of doing a girly horsey themed room? I have two …"

Mabdiamond"my husband and I are making our nursery a 'moonrise kingdom' theme, too! so cute to see what you found …"

Meghan" I don’t know how you find all these amazing pieces and incorporate them all into one space so divinely! …"

Brianne Heape"I am about to purchase #3, that's just too adorable. However, I'm going to hang it in our bedroom our …"

Coryann"This board is exploding with creativity! Darn you haha ; ] "

Kelly Rhodes"LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!  That movie was darling and so is this board. "


sailor girl

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nautical baby girl room ideasFor those of you who requested a feminine version of the sailor boy board, here you go!  (And don’t forget to enter the Minted giveaway!)  Happy weekend!


Joni Lay"Hi Paula! Yes, I think it would look great on the blue! Attached is an image so you …"

Paula"This is amazing!!!! I was getting stuck on figuring out how to incorporate a nautical theme for a girl …"

Joni Lay"Hey Kristina!  Oh, yay!  Congratulations on the boy - I would love to see photos, so please do send them!!! …"

Kristina Atkins"These sailor ones are SO cute! And we're totally going with the bike theme nursery--we're having a boy! Thanks again …"

The Turquoise Iris"Oh, I adore this one! Wonderful;) "

Alea"Love LOVE!! "


sailor boy

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sailing baby room ideasFor those of you who are less pirate and more prep, but still love the sea, here is a room for you!  I think this would also work well as a neutral room.


marjorie"Love it!! "

Ari"You have such great nursery ideas! Very talented. Any ideas for a trike/ retro bike baby boy nursery? :) "

Sarah Haslip"love love love this! "

Sarah Haslip"love love love this! "

My Babykins"love it!  if i ever have a boy, i always said i'd have a nautical theme to his nursery!   http://mybabykins.com "

Heather"This is really cool! I love nautical themed baby rooms, but I've only ever seen boy nursery this way. Do …"