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first birthday party ideas

It’s hard to believe, but my adorable squishy little nephew Henry will be turning 1 in just a couple of weeks!  I’m working with my sister on putting together a sweet little ice cream party for him.  Henry’s family also just moved into a new house, so it’s a celebration of his big day and a way to welcome friends over to their new home!  Above is some of the inspiration, and we’re using these adorable invites from Minted!  Love those stripes.

(Sources, from top left: Ice cream scoop, Adorable drink station, Sweet  Lucie’s Ice Cream Truck, Minted Crowns)


Lyn"The invites are so cute. And I love the sample had my daughter's name Rory! "

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traditional baby room ideas

Today on BHG style spotters I posted a primary hued nursery.  It’s fun, and feels nostalgic.  Go here to find the links – how fun is that banana lamp?!  Reminds me of Alison’s super cute banana bash for her son Rad’s first birthday party.


katerina@lexandliv"this is so adorable!! the milk and cookies poster- too much!! "

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playhouse inspiration

I’m working on a playhouse project with Home Depot, and I’ve been gathering up inspiration and drawing out some plans.  I’m really excited about building this for the girls.  I’ve been wanting to do a playhouse for some time now, and finally it’s going to happen!  It’s going to be a fun space that will hopefully spark lots imagination and delight, and I think it’s going to appeal greatly to Vivi’s current dramatic flair.

Sources: (1) Pendant Light, (2) Geo Chimes; (3) Svinga Chair; (4) Star Marquee Light; (5) Multiplayer Wall Hook; (6) Vintage Pineapple Sconce; (7) Cologne & Cotton Storefront; (8) Vintage Chalkboard; (9) Faux Grass; (10) White Playhouse (found via Pinterest – I can’t find the source, so you if you know it, please share, and I’ll update!); (11) Heart of Gold Shelf; (12) Pink Flamingos; (13) Neon Nightstand


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Bethany @ Dwellings by DeVore"oh I can't wait to see this! Love the inspiration board! "

Kendyl"I have no doubt their playhouse will be amazing! Can't wait to see what you come up with! "

Daddy"Need any help? These hands need something to build. "

Kitty"Very excited to see what you are doing here! Is this a start from scratch project with materials from …"


baby room inspiration

Pineapples seem to be the fruit of the season – here is some inspiration centered around them.  Go to BHG Style Spotters to find the sources to everything above!


twin nursery inspiration

A little twinspiration today.  Loved that “rebels with a cause” banner, and thought it perfect for a shared room.  I also love that pendant light – modern and playful at the same time!  Sort of has a tinker toy look.



Carrie"Where is the floor lamp from? "

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Alysa"LOVE this nursery!! I particularly have my eye on that rug... linking to you today! "

jessie"I spy my sconces on here!! Thank you for the love :) xoxo-Jessie "

emily"love the geometric lines of the pieces...subtle, but a nice thread through everything. such a fun room this would be. "