taking a deep breath

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Christmas advent inspirationIt’s been little crazy around here.  I feel like we’re always going through little seasons, as the babies are ever changing.  Things are just a bit challenging right now.  We’re going through a bit of an adjustment as Vivi is sort of dropping her nap (working on some afternoon quiet time – she is really doing great with it – just trying to figure out how to handle it when traveling!) and Brigette is waking up super early, while Vivi tends to wake up once or twice a night with a bad dream.  All this leaves me feeling just a little off-center and I seem to be forgetting things left and right.  (For instance, I put the wrong date on Vivi’s birthday party invitations and I forgot to take my power cord when we went out of town this past weekend, leaving me a bit behind on things – but also without an excuse to unplug!).  I’m learning over and over to just be a little more forgiving of myself.  At any rate, that’s what is going on over here, but there is lots of exciting stuff, too!  Vivi’s birthday party is coming up, and I’m having fun getting ready for that as well as the holidays.

I’m working with Lesley on a little advent fun.  I’ll share a few more details here soon, but  we’ll be posting about it all next week, so hopefully you can get ready to celebrate advent with your littles come December!  Above is the inspiration I was going for – let’s hope it all comes together just right!  Can’t wait to share . . .

(sources: (1) Christmas Greetings – pinterest find with incorrect link; (2) Glitter dipped feathers; (3) Elves; (4) Mirror; (5) Vintage ornaments)

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  1. Oh, I am right there with you. My son just wants to rest during the day (leaving me less time to get things done) and my daughter wakes about the same time every night. I ordered the wrong amount of something for a project and every step I try to complete seems to take longer than anticipated. I find it hard because I know I will look back and miss this season, but it is so very exhausting. 🙂 Keep your head up, and know you’re not alone…I look forward to seeing your hard work come together!

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