the lumberjack!

Monday, July 16, 2012

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lumberjack baby room ideasAwhile back, I did a Paul Bunyan board, but since many of the items are no longer available, I thought it time to do another.  A few of these etsy pieces have been purchased since I curated them, but I tried to link to the shops, and hopefully it will at least inspire you on what to look for should this look interest you.  I love all the pops of blue, a subtle reference to Babe, and while that chair is impractical for a nursery I found the fabric to be especially inspiring as it would make a fantastic choice for either recovering a chair or adding in some pillows.  I also love that camping bedding set from the Land of Nod – it’s actually for a big boy room, which I know many of you are working on!  I showed this board to Vivi, and she especially loved that lumberjack pillow.

Be sure to check out this shop where that little tree plushie is from – lots of adorable items.  I think the little log lumbar pillows are my favorite!

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12 responses to “the lumberjack!”

  1. Coryann says:

    I should remake this room for my husband.  It’s the perfect theme for a man cave because he looks like a mountain man haha ; ]

    • Joni says:

      Haha, yes!  Chip kind of looks like one, too – I think that’s why Vivi liked that pillow.    It kind of looks like him – except his scruff isn’t quite that long . . . 

    • Coryann says:


  2. elizabeth says:

    omg.  this is too cute!  i esp love the paul bunyan art and the chair.

  3. eeekkkk!!! love it ALL!!!! i am sooo following all of the links…darn you!! 😉

  4. Joni — I am always so frustrated when you find such awesome one-of-a-kind dressers that are not available!!! This is gorgeous. 

    • Joni says:

      I know!  It was available when I found it, but someone snagged it shortly before I posted – guess that’s what happens when there is only one!  They do provide good inspiration, though, if you find the perfect piece that just needs a little paint.

  5. Hi Joni, I love this theme! Funny isn’t it how during pregnancy we get really creative and once our little one arrives we can’t wait to theme their room! Keep us posted on new ideas – keep in touch  x Zoe x

  6. darci says:

    This is precious and SO unique — I’m bookmarking it in case we have another boy someday!  🙂

  7. Kristen says:

    Hello! Are the sources for these older boards still available? If so, would you mind pointing me towards them? Thank you!

    • jonilay says:

      Hey Kristen! the links to this board still work! If you click on the board image, you will see them appear to the right. There are some boards where the links aren’t working (slowly getting them updated!), but these will show up. If you have any trouble, let me know! Thanks so much!

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