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a big girl room for vivi

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pink big girl room

(sources below) For awhile, I’ve been thinking and planning about some changes to Vivi’s room.  We have moved things around a few times, but as we recently became officially done with the changing table and she has been adjusted to the big girl bed for awhile, it seems a good time for a refresh.  Her rug is also in need of replacing after three and a half years of toddler love, and all the moving around of artwork and such has left quite a few scars on the walls.  We are (attempting) to work on stopping the thumb sucking – it’s so hard!  She really wants to paint her room pink, and we have promised once she stops sucking her thumb, we will repaint it.  I’m also hoping to move Brigette into Vivi’s room once she graduates to a big girl bed (cue tears!), which is still a little bit away.  Vivi tends to have a lot of bad dreams, and I’m hoping having Brigette close by might bring her a little extra comfort, not to mention fun.  Also check out my pinterest board of inspiration here.

(By the way, anyone have any tips on the thumb-sucking thing?  It’s a challenge!  We are trying to be very encouraging, but it’s a tough habit to kick!)

(1) Marmont Pendant; (2) Mini heart print; (3) Large reprint of vintage photo from the playroom; (4) Sunshine Print; (5) Cloud shelf; (6) Pink acrylic shelf; (7) Pink Alphabet Print; (8) Brass Bunny; (9) Turquoise Lamp; (10) Caravan Divan in pink (for Brigette – Vivi will still have her big girl bed!) ; (11) Save the Day Sheets; (12) Belly Baskets; (13) Just love this art; (14) Faceted Mirror; (15) Gold Lamp; (16) Mon Cheri Print; (17) Bonjour Pillow; (18) Her dresser – thinking about stripping it; (19) Pom Pom Pillow; (20) Little Nest Chair; (21) Divisadero Rug; (22) Dress up clothes station (from pinterest); (23) Beach Basket; (24) Light Green Pouf; (25) Dance Party Print


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vivi & brigette’s shared room

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shared room inspirationI’m working on a room for Vivi and Brigette to share when we spend time at our family farm.  I’m pretty excited about working on a shared space, since I get frequent questions about how to make this work.  Of course, they are both girls, so that makes it a bit easier, but it still needs to work for an active toddler and an infant.  The beds will be different than pictured; I will likely use Vivi’s white Jenny Lind crib, and we are working on updating a cute little toddler bed (had to include that gorgeous iron bed, though – it’s so beautiful, and on sale!).  I’m going for sort of a wildlife + camp feel, since it is at the farm and in the woods.  Vivi has also been taken by the thought of camping since she saw a Yo Gabba Gabba episode about it awhile back.  We’ll have to have a real camping adventure here soon, but I thought it would also make it extra fun to take it inside for her, too.  Those pretty illustrations above are from one of my favorite children’s books, the Color Kittens (used them here), and I’m planning on some wildlife art with a similar look.  I won’t actually be including that gorgeous James Harrison chair, either – it’s not in the budget – but I’m still working on the seating part of the room, and it doesn’t hurt to dream, right?  Thanks to the Land of Nod for the adorable bedding, that pouf, and some of the other charming details – can’t wait to put it all together!


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Little Choux + Shop Belle Giveaway!

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playroom-boardI have a super exciting giveaway today: an adorable tent made exclusively for Little Choux featuring Hibou Home fabric, along with a $100 gift card to Shop Belle, which has some of the cutest tiny clothes around.  These sister sites are celebrating their second birthday, so they are generously offering these two items as a giveaway.  To enter, visit both sites and leave a comment under this post with either a Little Choux or Shop Belle item you’d love to have!  Winner will be randomly drawn and announced Monday morning, May 20th. (adorable photo by  MoxieSox).  And, just for fun, above is a playroom that would pair well with this tent.


toddler room inspirationFinally, here are some pictures of Vivi’s room all re-arranged with her big girl bed in place.  (See here and here for previous posts on her room.)  This ended up happening much earlier than I anticipated, and I was anxious as could be about the transition, but it has ended up being really great.  We had a tough couple of weeks getting her adjusted, but I’m glad we were able to make the change before baby, so we were able to be patient and well rested throughout it.  All that to say, this was done on a bit of a whim, and with the last remaining end-of-pregnancy-just-got-done-with-a-nursery-energy I had.  My favorite part is the headboard her Grandpa crafted out of wood from her great-great-grandmother’s home (V for Vivi!).  I’d post a DIY, but it’s only a DIY if you know how to do things like cut angle iron, braze, and use a mitre saw with precision.  The one part of the whole process I could DIY was say, “yes, those pieces of wood look nice.”  We moved the bookcase beside the bed, which is a great sturdy little nightstand where we can place a sippy cup of water, and we have easy access to all her books at bedtime.

toddler room inspirationWe added those little teapot hooks from the Land of Nod for her jackets and coats (we live in Atlanta, so her outerwear wardrobe isn’t that extensive), and moved the changing table to another wall.  No – we haven’t tackled that big change yet!  She doesn’t quite seem ready, and I know I’m not ready, either.  We also bought the clock above that is on the black chest of drawers.  That was a really great purchase, and has been super helpful for the bed transition.  I was a little iffy about whether it would work, but I had heard great things from others, and now I am officially sold on the idea.  It has an alarm you can set so the clock will turn green when it is time to get out of bed (it stays green for a while, so if the toddler decides to sleep in, she won’t miss out on the green light).  Vivi thinks it is awesome, and we always make a big deal in the morning when she stays in bed until it turns green.  Before we had it, she was getting up super early!  The only drawback is there isn’t a second timer for naptime, which makes it a bit confusing for her when there is no indicator that she can get up from her nap.  It also has a built in night light that is quite bright, so we usually place a book in front of it to dim it just a little.

toddler room inspirationSome of you have asked about my toy organization strategy.  We keep toys in Vivi’s room and in the playroom.  I also keep all wheeled items (such as a baby doll stroller, shopping cart, etc.) parked in the den in the corner, just because one night when she decided to get out of her bed she tripped on one of them, so I took them out because they were a bit of a nighttime hazard.  It may not appear this way from the pictures, but I also try really hard to ruthlessly get rid of toys that aren’t used and give them away.  This really helps.  I do it about every other month, and it always makes me feel better and less cluttered, and she doesn’t notice.  In her room, she has her animals that go in the toy basket, the kitchen toys that go in the kitchen, books that go in the bookcase, and the Little People toys just stay neatly parked in the corner.  I try to have a home for everything, which really helps when cleaning up, and we also put away whatever we are playing with before moving on to the next thing to keep it under control.  I also usually do a super quick pick up before naptime and bedtime.  I’m really no expert – but that’s my method if it is of any help!


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We will be making the transition to a big girl bed this weekend.  I had planned on waiting until well after the new baby arrives, but a storm of different circumstances has made it readily apparent that now is the time (2 year molars, anyone?  Whew!), and I feel like it’s now or three months from now, because I don’t want to be navigating this change while we are welcoming Baby Sister into the house.  So, this weekend it is!  I read that it can be fun to let the toddler pick out her bedding, so we made a quick Ikea run this morning, and I gave Vivi a few choices, and she picked the rainbow dots above.  I think it was a smart choice.  I’m not planning on changing too much in her room, as I don’t want to rock the peanut boat too much before the biggest change of her life arrives, so I’m trying to keep it as minimally invasive as possible.  I’ll admit it, though – I’m terrified.  Vivi has done remarkably well with every other transition up until this point while I have dreaded each one.  I’m praying she will surprise me again this time.  Any words of wisdom or encouragement as we navigate this change?

(p.s. Happy 2013 – hope all of you enjoyed a Merry Christmas!)


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