touchdown, baby!

Monday, May 7, 2012

(First, thanks to Donaville of Dearest Nature, who featured a a little tour of our house today.  Check it out here if you wish!)football baby room ideasThis post is for those of you who aren’t into geek chic nurseries.  I have received several requests from those of you trying to appease sports minded men, so I hope this will be of some help.  If you are trying to feature a specific team, try to find vintage programs, photos, and pennants, rather than current items.  It will lend the room much more character, and I was able to find a ton of options for lots of teams with a google search.  Etsy, ebay, and all posters all have great options available, and the covers for some of these old programs are really great.  Scanning in photos of your husband or other family members in their uniform and printing them out large in black and white would make really sweet custom touches.  If you are trying to highlight the colors of a certain team, maybe try to bring them out in places other than artwork or posters, such as stadium blankets, striped fabric, or even on a refinished dresser for a fun pop!

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3 responses to “touchdown, baby!”

  1. Great tour! You have such a lovely house! 🙂 

  2. MegVassar says:

    I love this board!  Well done!

  3. Coryann says:

    Can you maybe adopt me? So I can live in your house haha ; ]

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