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Monday, February 4, 2013

toddler room inspirationFinally, here are some pictures of Vivi’s room all re-arranged with her big girl bed in place.  (See here and here for previous posts on her room.)  This ended up happening much earlier than I anticipated, and I was anxious as could be about the transition, but it has ended up being really great.  We had a tough couple of weeks getting her adjusted, but I’m glad we were able to make the change before baby, so we were able to be patient and well rested throughout it.  All that to say, this was done on a bit of a whim, and with the last remaining end-of-pregnancy-just-got-done-with-a-nursery-energy I had.  My favorite part is the headboard her Grandpa crafted out of wood from her great-great-grandmother’s home (V for Vivi!).  I’d post a DIY, but it’s only a DIY if you know how to do things like cut angle iron, braze, and use a mitre saw with precision.  The one part of the whole process I could DIY was say, “yes, those pieces of wood look nice.”  We moved the bookcase beside the bed, which is a great sturdy little nightstand where we can place a sippy cup of water, and we have easy access to all her books at bedtime.

toddler room inspirationWe added those little teapot hooks from the Land of Nod for her jackets and coats (we live in Atlanta, so her outerwear wardrobe isn’t that extensive), and moved the changing table to another wall.  No – we haven’t tackled that big change yet!  She doesn’t quite seem ready, and I know I’m not ready, either.  We also bought the clock above that is on the black chest of drawers.  That was a really great purchase, and has been super helpful for the bed transition.  I was a little iffy about whether it would work, but I had heard great things from others, and now I am officially sold on the idea.  It has an alarm you can set so the clock will turn green when it is time to get out of bed (it stays green for a while, so if the toddler decides to sleep in, she won’t miss out on the green light).  Vivi thinks it is awesome, and we always make a big deal in the morning when she stays in bed until it turns green.  Before we had it, she was getting up super early!  The only drawback is there isn’t a second timer for naptime, which makes it a bit confusing for her when there is no indicator that she can get up from her nap.  It also has a built in night light that is quite bright, so we usually place a book in front of it to dim it just a little.

toddler room inspirationSome of you have asked about my toy organization strategy.  We keep toys in Vivi’s room and in the playroom.  I also keep all wheeled items (such as a baby doll stroller, shopping cart, etc.) parked in the den in the corner, just because one night when she decided to get out of her bed she tripped on one of them, so I took them out because they were a bit of a nighttime hazard.  It may not appear this way from the pictures, but I also try really hard to ruthlessly get rid of toys that aren’t used and give them away.  This really helps.  I do it about every other month, and it always makes me feel better and less cluttered, and she doesn’t notice.  In her room, she has her animals that go in the toy basket, the kitchen toys that go in the kitchen, books that go in the bookcase, and the Little People toys just stay neatly parked in the corner.  I try to have a home for everything, which really helps when cleaning up, and we also put away whatever we are playing with before moving on to the next thing to keep it under control.  I also usually do a super quick pick up before naptime and bedtime.  I’m really no expert – but that’s my method if it is of any help!

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  1. I love seeing how the room has evolved! And love the way that sweet chandelier ended up over her bed. Yay for Vivi and a successful transition. We sti haven’t tackled that one here. And I totally hear you on the potty training thing…I actual think Knox is ready but with 20 degree temps every day AND a newborn I know I’m not! We’ll wait for spring 🙂 Hope you’re doing well. Enjoy that baby!

    • Joni Lay says:

      Thanks, Dina! I agree about the potty training – spring or summer are what I’m shooting for! Hope you are doing well, too.:) I’m about worn out already, but things are going much better with a newborn this time around! I hope you are starting to get some rest! Seriously, the clock is awesome – you should try it when you make the transition. It keeps Vivi in her bed / room like nothing else will and she loves the positive affirmation when she waits for the light. I was doubtful about it, and knew we would be done with naps forever, but it has worked great!

  2. New Arrivals, Inc. says:

    Love this so cute!

  3. love it joni!! perfect transition to big girl. that head board is so awesome!

  4. So cute! I love how well the polka dot bedding fit in with the rest of the room! Great job, new mommy.

  5. stephanie lately says:

    love it! i have that fur neil poster above my bed too =) only mine’s purple and a little bigger it seems.

    your “sleep sweet, little brat” art is adorable too. did you make that?


    • Joni Lay says:

      Hi Stephanie! Thanks so much! The poster actually says “sleep sweet, little bear”, which is what I sometimes call Vivi. I did make it. I found an old framed piece of artwork, and took out the art and replaced it with the poster, so it has the mat and pretty frame.

    • stephanie lately says:

      hehe my bad! i guess you can tell that my mom was more likely to call me a little brat than a little bear… =)

  6. Marta Cook says:

    Thank you so much for sharing! It is really beautiful. And OMG, that headboard! What a lucky little girl to have that made for her with such TLC. Hope all is going well with the new addition.

  7. swervin77 says:

    Hey there! Precious new big girl/sister room! Try the “OK to Wake” clock- it has a separate nap timer that turns green also.

  8. Shellaine says:

    You’ve probably mentioned in another post somewhere, but could you tell me what paint colors you’ve painted the walls, the gray dresser, and the changing pad tray? I’m expecting a baby girl, and these colors are PERFECT! 🙂

    • Joni Lay says:

      Hi Shellaine! Here is a link to all the paint colors: . I have had some write comments saying the aqua glow is much darker than it looks in the pictures; I’m not sure if Valspar has changed the color since we painted the room, or if the fact that Vivi’s room gets a ton of sunshine makes it brighter – but you may want to try the lighter Mackinac Blue if it seems to dark. Just wanted to let you know.:) I adore the color, though!

    • the aqua glow is much darker. It almost has a neon-ish quality. It looks beautiful in your daughters room!

  9. Lauren Tank says:

    This room is so sweet. Great job! I was curious to know where the music posters abover her dresser were from, and the five books on top of her bookshelf? They look so sweet and I was wondering what books they were. I love your blog. You have such amazing ideas! Good luck with everything!

    • Joni Lay says:

      Hi Lauren! Thanks so much! The music posters are Flight of the Conchords posters from Jason Munn of the Small Stakes: . The books are vintage “My Book House” books – I saw them in a used book store once and fell in love, but they were too expensive, and then I ran across a small set of 5 on etsy for much less. Not sure if you can see the listing but here is the link as a reference: Hope that helps!

  10. disqus_95ybJWrMMt says:

    A love the rug, where does it come from? I will definitely explore your blog… this is my first vsit.

  11. Noelle says:

    Are the frames bronzed gold or the classic gold? Love it all!

  12. Noelle says:

    Curious, are the frames bronzed gold or classic gold?

  13. meghanjoan says:

    I love that Aidan Gray wire toy basket. I’ve seen them on Layla Grace, but was curious if you purchased yours individually? $400 is a bit out of my price range, and I really don’t need a set of 3.

    • Joni Lay says:

      Hi Meghan! I purchased it individually – I found it at a local interiors store, which has since gone out of business. It was about $80 – I have searched and searched online and can’t find them sold separately – I agree $400 is too much!! Maybe if you have any interior design friends, they could help you find a source, or you could email Aidan Gray.

  14. Kjerste says:

    Looooove the little bookcase – where is it from? ADORABLE ROOM!

  15. Brooke Slater says:

    its Valspar Aqua Glow.

  16. Ashley says:

    Beautiful! I’m sure it’s been asked already, but my phone won’t let me see the comments, so I’m sorry if I’m being redundant, but…where did the Narnia pictures come from? A diy or purchase?

  17. Beth says:

    I absolutely love the wings! Were those a purchase from somewhere? Very, very cute room overall. I love all the inspiration!

  18. KVar7 says:

    I like that you took the basic IKEA bookshelf and turned it into something fun and unique! Where did you find the gold polka dots for that piece?

  19. sarah says:

    I am really curious about where you got the gold dots you added to the ikea bookcase as well. Please let us know! 🙂 Also how did you affix them to the unit?

  20. Anna S. says:

    Joni, can you please recommend another lamp that would go well in this room. I can’t find the one you have anywhere. I am using Vivi’s nursery as an inspiration for my baby’s room. If you have any thoughts on another crib that could work please share. My hubby doesn’t like white cribs. 🙁 You are amazingly talented!!! Thanks so much for your thoughts.

    • Joni Lay says:

      Hi Anna! Thanks so much for your sweet comment! Sorry for the late reply. The Jenny Lind ebony crib is really beautiful, too – but if you are wanting to go another direction entirely, I’m a big fan of the Babyletto Skip Crib, and all of the Oeuf cribs are really great. The Sparrow in birch is really lovely! As for a lamp, this one from Land of Nod is awesome: . It’s also available in white. It’s not as tall, but it adds a lot – I just used it in a room recently. Hope that helps!

    • Anna S. says:

      I LOVE that lamp! Thank you!!! We went with a more traditional crib but I am definitely making it work. I must pick your brain on one other thing. Where did you get the 3 gold square frames that you have over the dresser. I want to do a similar thing but with a baby pic of my husband, myself and our baby. I love how the square frames look with a mat.

  21. JillF says:

    Joni, I LOVE the panels that have the quotes from The Chronicles of Narnia! Which book in the series are they from?

    • Joni Lay says:

      Thanks so much, Jill!! The quote is from “Prince Caspian” when Lucy finds Aslan in the woods and sees him for the first time since their last visit to Narnia.:)

  22. Kendel says:

    Wonderful room! Where did you get that toy container?

  23. michele says:

    I love this room! CAn you tell me where you bought the framed Proverbs “life” quote and where you bought the bin labelled “toys?” Thanks!

  24. daisy says:

    What color is the wall paint? Love it!

    • jonilay says:

      Hi Daisy! Thank you – it is Valspar Aqua Glow (from Lowe’s). Some have commented the paint looks darker when they try it – so you may also want to try the slightly lighter shade of Grand Hotel Mackinac Blue. I love the aqua glow, though!:)

  25. hayley says:

    hello! i love the wings on the wall, where are those from?

  26. Sinead says:

    I have such a crush on this room! I was wondering where you got your chandler?

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