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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

baby nursery inspiration

Vivi is just over four months (I have to post her pictures when they are done!) and above are some of her (or my) favorite things.  She can’t go anywhere without a bib these days, or her clothes will be soaked through, and she loves to cuddle that JellyCat bunny lovie – her ears and nose are perfect for nibbling!  I love the Absorba outfit above, because of the separate footie pants with a top, and was delighted to see they are on Zulily today!  Vivi seems to outgrow the long sleeper suits very quickly, and this is a great option that will keep her feet warm while lasting longer.

2 responses to “vivi’s favorite things”

  1. M Simpson says:

    LOVE this site. Absolutely inspiring.

  2. Amanda Lewis says:

    What a great list of favorites! Thanks for sharing- I’ve already placed an order with Blue Monster Bows on etsy =)

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