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baby barrette giveaway

First, I have a giveaway!  Lulu of Lulu’s Nest on Etsy was kind enough to send Vivi two adorable felt hair clips.  They are so perfect right now, as Vivi has just discovered how to remove bows from her hair (not all the time – mostly if she gets bored, tired, or riding in the car), but she really needs them or else her hair is all over the place and in her eyes!  I can put these right on top of her head and their secure grip and the placement makes them a challenge for her to pull out, which makes me very happy.  I just bought the cupcake and bow versions as well because they are just so darling!  If you are interested in the giveaway for two clips, leave a comment and the winner will be drawn at random next Tuesday, the 13th!

Vivi's favorite things 9 month baby

Above are a few of Vivi’s favorite things.  She is really enjoying books now, which is really fun!  I have been reading to her since she was born, but now she seems to really enjoy sitting and looking at the pages and watching me read them.  She also loves to turn the pages.  The Hugs links pictured above are also a lot of fun (and the awesome canister they come in are also just as much fun as the toys)!  Vivi loves to chew on them, toss them, pile them up – B.Toys was kind enough to send us a set after I featured the Zany Zoo(which we still love!) and these are a hit, too.  Those stack and roll cups are also really awesome.  I purchased those at Target when I went to get her some new toys, and being overwhelmed by all the plastic and flashing lights, these caught my eye because they were so simple.  Vivi loves clanging them together, stacking them, putting things in them, and the ball keeps her attention for a really long time.  She rolls it across the floor and then crawls after it.  Lastly, (and this one is my personal favorite!) is Bear.  He is the cutest little thing ever.  We received him as a gift, but he has become Vivi’s snuggle buddy.  Since he is so small, I don’t worry about her sleeping with him, and he has acquired that sweet loved-in look like a Velveteen rabbit because she nuzzles him with her face when she gets sleepy.  I’ll never be able to part with this little fella, as he will always be a picture of sweet baby snuggles with Vivi!

(**Lastly, for those of you who asked, I included a link to some Magnum bows!  I purchased Vivi’s at a store in Albany, so they aren’t online, but these appeared to be similar – hers is on an alligator clip.)


52 Responses to “vivi’s favorite things”

  1. Katie says:

    So many cute things!  My baby is a few months behind Vivi but already has a full head of hair – the barrettes would be wonderful! :)

  2. Michelle V. says:

    These clips are adorable!!! 

  3. Lyn says:

    Will have to buy some if I don’t win.  They are the cutest

  4. Anonymous says:

    Cute! My daughter is only seven weeks old but she already has so much hair!

  5. Adele Yonchak says:

    These would be perfect as my little girl is 4 months and just about ready for hair clips and bows…we just need a little more length!

  6. I would love some hair clips for my baby girl!

  7. Thenewdiplomatswife says:

    never met a hair adornment that i don’t like!

  8. Ashley says:

    I’d love to win this for a friend who is expecting a little girl!


  9. laura kurz says:

    Love your blog and Lulu’s Nest. Would love some clips for my new baby girl!

  10. Cag77 says:

    Vivi is just too adorable!

  11. Oh my word…so cute!!  I’ve got a baby girl on the way and I’d love to start a collection for her! 

  12. Oh my word…so cute!!  I’ve got a baby girl on the way and I’d love to start a collection for her! 

  13. JH says:

    Our baby girl is due in December and I would love to see her in one of these adorable clips one day!

  14. Charlottemlay says:

    She’s not expected to be here for six more weeks, but I’m pretty sure my little girl will need some of these super-cute clips!

  15. Vienna Goates says:

    My baby girl is due in TWO WEEKS! and I would love those darling clips for her. I love your favorite things posts; they give me great ideas for cute baby things!

  16. Ashley Dascoli says:

    i would love these for my twin nieces! ;) your daughter is beyond gorgeous!


  17. Sarah G says:

    Love those clips!

  18. Dimpleprints says:

    Cute clips, would love to win-baby girl due in October!

  19. Mary Beth says:

    These are precious!

  20. Kelly M. says:

    A wonderful giveaway! Those clips are adorable…but not as adorable as the rooms you put together. You are so creative.

  21. Staci Woolstenhulme says:

    I would love some of those sweet little clips for my little teeny! Thanks for the giveaway!

  22. Shelby says:

    Those would look so cute on my baby girl!

  23. Anonymous says:

    Love the hair clips!  My daughter is also 9 months and that little yellow ball on top of the fisher price stacker thing is a HUGE hit in our house!

  24. Beatrizbry2 says:

    aww my daughter is just getting enough hair for these! beatrizbry2 at aol dot com

  25. Meganwilson says:

    adorable! I’d love those


  26. Heidijrieck says:

    Super cute! Miss E would love to sport the cupcake clip!

  27. Colleen Staff says:

    We would love these clips!   My daughter’s hair is just now long enough for little clips and bows to stay!!  It’s been so fun! 

  28. carol says:

    LOVE the clips! i’m obsessed with all things strawberry. these would be perfect for my little girl that i’m expecting in december! 

  29. Lauren Agee says:

    These are all so cute. . .I really love the shamrock and the pumpkin!  Super fun!!   Thanks for sharing. 

  30. Kristen B. says:

    These are adorable!  I’m expecting a little girl in less than a month so these would be perfect.

  31. Emily Schwarting says:

    One of the huge upsides of having a baby girl it hair accessories! Even though I have a little boy, I always find myself wandering in the baby girl section looking for gifts!

  32. Those stacking cups are the best right?  they can do so many different things – much better than the old ring version in my opinion.  and love those clips – just the right size!

  33. Brandy Rose says:

    Love the hair-clips! Love the site. Expecting my 1st baby (it’s a girl!) this December and visit your blog often for inspiration for my own sweet-p’s nursery.

  34. Stephanie B says:

    My daughter has tons of hair, always has! These are so cute!!

  35. Amber Summerville says:

    These clips are precious. I have a 7 week old baby girl with lots of hair and these are the only clips that stay in! My fingers are crossed that I win them!:)

  36. Nicole Lou says:

    These are too cute.  Perfect for my daughter Violet (her nickname is Vivi by the way).  Love your designs! Great style!

  37. Christina says:

    I love the clips!! They would be perfect for my 5 month old, now that her hair is long enough to get in her eyes!

  38. i need a chevron rug like in the picture!
    following you on gfc as ashley

  39. ali jarman says:

    i would love these! so cute.

  40. Heidi Selch says:

    Love, love the clips :-)

  41. Alaina says:

    Love the strawberry one!

  42. Mindy G. says:

    Love the clips…and your wonderful blog! I have two daughters who would adore the clips  Thanks!

  43. Meangreenmom says:

    My daughter has the messiest hair right now, I would love to win these to tame it a little :)

  44. Emily says:

    As a mommy of two girls, I would love to win these adorable clips! 

  45. Jandell says:

    My just turned 9 month old today *finally* has just barely enough hair to start putting in clips, so I’m very interested in ones that will stay in place.  I will definitely have to check those out!

  46. Melissa says:

    Adorable!!  This would be the perfect gift for my friend expecting a little girl!

  47. Ally says:

    My 16 month old daughter would love to have one of Lulu’s cute clips.  She’s obsessed with her hair accessories these days!

  48. K.d. says:

    These would be wonderful for my 9.5 month old, Reagan. She just started pulling everything out, too!!!

  49. Jennifer Valerius says:

    LOVE the pink stork poster in her nursery – where did you find it?

    • Joni Lay says:

      Thanks, Jennifer!  I made it.  You can buy one here, if you are interested:  I sell them at the 18″ x 24″ size there, but I can make a 24″ x 36″ size (which is the size of Vivi’s) if you want a larger one.

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