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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

girl play kitchen ideas

I hope you will excuse the length of this post, but I couldn’t stop adding in pictures!  Vivi was so fun to photograph.  She really loves her new kitchen.  I was a little worried before making it that she might not be able to enjoy it yet, but I took a trip to the Pottery Barn Kids store with her to let her check out their version, and it was hard to pull her away.  Since I knew it was just the right size, we based all the dimensions off of it (which can be found on their website!).  I was also inspired another DIY play kitchen, which I thought was really nice with clean lines and simple shapes.  We made this one from scratch (and when I say we, I mean I sent a drawing with dimensions to Vivi’s Grandpa, who fabricated it for me, and then I painted and embellished it).  I used the blue paint from leftover nursery paint (Valspar Aqua Glow) along with some light pink I had on hand for the knobs, and then chalkboard paint for the refrigerator door.  The knobs and handles were found at Home Depot, the sink is an old enamelware bowl I found at an antique market, and I added gold circles a la Oh Joy and Martha Stewart (#21 on that gallery & here is a link to gold contact paper for those of you looking!) for a little glam.  I know the play kitchens have been all over the internets for awhile, but I don’t think they will ever get old for little girls!  Hope you enjoy the Vivi guided tour!

**updated: Several of you have asked about the gold contact paper.  I actually used gold foil vinyl, but I did a quick search and found this contact paper that should work well.  The vinyl is much more expensive and a little trickier if you haven’t used it before.  (It’s probably closer to this, which has a very high gloss metallic finish.)   Also, as to the cost of the kitchen, it ended up being close to $200.  However, I didn’t buy any paint, as I already had that on hand, and I already had the gold vinyl, so that can contribute to the cost if you need to purchase those items.  Hope that helps!

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  1. Lauramagu says:

    Love it!!  My dad made one for my girls too … though we haven’t painted it, thanks for the ideas!!  Kids kitchens are a must for every little one.  Thanks for sharing!

  2. Vanessa says:

    the kitchen is too adorable.  I’d love to know where you got the cookware – especially the two in the oven. 

    • Joni says:

      Hi Vanessa!  The two in the oven are from Vivi’s Nana and she got them here:  They are soft, which is awesome!  The others came from Toys R’ Us.

  3. Megan says:

    Cute kitchen and baby!  I’ve seen a few really nice handmade kid-friendly kitchens in the past couple of months, but this one is my favorite. 

  4. Uncle Kemble says:

    Great sales pitch, Vivi!  Now I want one!

  5. Julia F says:

    love the dots idea!

  6. Emily Curfew says:

    i LOVED every single picture!! i’ve seen tons of play kitchens on the internet, but like you said, they don’t get old! Now that my little girl is at the age of play kitchen, I want to make (or buy) her one too! yours is absolutely adorable with all the pretty colors and embellishments, especially those DOTS!!!!

  7. Joni says:

    Hi Lynn!  That one is really cute – it isn’t the one I had in mind, though.  I ended up finding it here: . 

  8. I’m so jealous! I wish my kitchen & I were this cute. You did a great job!

  9. Heidi says:

    V’s kitchen set turned out really well! I also, have taken Elle to PBK to play with their kitchen set and she has so much fun. I would love for some day to get her the pink set but man it is pricey! 

  10. Katia Agnew says:

    what an adorable kitchen! she is such a doll and so lucky to have a fun kitchen to play in!

  11. What a beautiful kitchen. Did you do the price rundown? I’m curious to know how much it ended up costing. We are thinking of DIYing it as well. 

    • Joni says:

      Hi Kelly!  It ended up being around $200.  I already had the paint and gold vinyl on hand, though.  That includes about $25 for the faucet and $5 for the sink bowl, and the cost of the knobs and handles.

  12. Anonymous says:

    very cute! love the gold dots + the chalkboard fridge!

  13. Michele says:

    I can’t find the gold metallic paper anywhere . . . where did you get it from?

    • Joni says:

      Hi Michele! Here is some gold contact paper:  I actually used gold vinyl, which is super glossy and metallic, but it is a lot more expensive.  I have it on hand for other projects.  It’s probably closer to this, if you are wanting to splurge:×4528-pr-225.html

  14. That is adorable!  That is soooo amazing that you made that, love all of the touches!  I like yours way better than Pottery Barn (who doesn’t like a custom kitchen better 😉

  15. Jennings Lathan says:

    Thank you! Vivi is the cutest!

  16. it’s beautiful! So flattered that you liked our design so much…I wish I’d painted our fridge that aqua though! hehe looove the chalkboard front of your fridge!

  17. Brittney says:

    I love those gold dots! I tried looking for them via martha stewart and they only come in copper and silver. Where did you get the gold? I want to do my daughter’s headboard in those so I would love to know! Thank you! : )

    • Joni says:

      Hi Brittney!  I updated the post with an answer, but here is some gold contact paper: although I actually used gold vinyl that is very glossy and metallic, probably closer to this:×4528-pr-225.html.  It’s a bit more expensive, though.  Hope that helps!

  18. Danielle Norcross says:

    You are so talented, this is the cutest kitchen set ever!  

  19. Marie says:

    Oh my goodness- this is adorable! Looks like vivi is having a blast – what a lucky little lady to have such a talented momma!

  20. […] at Lay Baby Lay.  If you are decorating a nursery, go there for inspiration.  We also love her DIY play kitchen, and plan to make a similar version.  I can’t wait till we find our house and I can decorate […]

  21. Hannah Kristine says:

    Love this! What did you use for the stove top burners? 

    • Joni Lay says:

      Hi Hannah!  My dad cut circles out of plywood (with a circle cutter that you use for ceiling lights, I believe) but you can probably find some wood discs at a craft store.  Here are some online:

      Hope that helps!  Thanks so much!

  22. Noa says:

    it’s beautiful!
    The link to the pottery barn website doesn’t work, can you specify the dimensions of the kitchen? 

    • Joni Lay says:

      Hi Noa!  Thanks so much!  The kitchen is about 39″ wide, and 36″ high.  Hope that helps!   I also measured Vivi and tried to take into consideration her height for the counter and what would be comfortable.  I plan on adding little legs or feet as she gets taller so it stays at an appropriate height.

  23. […] Today, we have just a couple more that I hope to attempt at some point. I am so impressed by this DIY kitchen. It’s small and compact and stylish. The hubby and I don’t have the skills to do this, […]

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