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Thursday, August 25, 2011

baby girl nursery ideas

Molly emailed me recently saying she enjoyed the inspiration from Lay Baby Lay as she planned her nursery, so I asked to see photos.  Little Zoe Ellen’s nursery turned out adorably, and I have to say that I don’t think Molly needed much help!  I love the look of the space – it looks like the perfect sized room, and the fresh palette and clean lines make for a sweet space that isn’t overly girly.  It was also recently featured on Ohdeedoh, so check out that post as well for more source information.  Thanks so much, Molly, for sharing!  (I also asked her for some advice for new mamas, and I love what she had to say.)

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  1. TR Mom HI says:

    Adorable nursery! I’m actually looking for wall shelving for my daughter’s nursery. Where did you get the white wall-mounted book shelves?

  2. Molly says:

    Joni, thank you so much! I’m truly honored to be a part of your fantastic blog. You’re the best! xo

    TR Mom,  they are the Ribba picture ledges from Ikea: http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/20126065 
    Enjoy! 🙂

  3. Thenewdiplomatswife says:

    this turned out beautifully! i especially love the rug – nice work both!

  4. This is seriously the cutest nursery I have seen in a long time!  I love so many of the touches…I would love to know where the doll with the kimono is from–so cute?!

    • Mollyscott218 says:

      Thanks so much, Kate! I found the doll at a local Japanese shop. I believe it’s called a kokeshi doll. Perhaps you can find one online?

  5. Charlie says:

    This is really adorable.  Where did you get the white storage space that is under the windows? That looks super handy!

  6. Mandy says:

    What a great use of space! Love this nursery!

  7. What a chic nursery! Each piece is just fabulous! Enjoy the lovely weekend, Kellie xx

  8. What a chic nursery! Each piece is just fabulous! Enjoy the lovely weekend, Kellie xx

  9. Anna E Ball says:


  10. […] Zoe Ellen’s Nursery was recently featured on ohdeedoh, but I like lay baby lay’s post about it much better.  A beautiful space on a beautiful blog. […]

  11. jenn king says:

    i love it! i bought this same rug and i am getting so excited as i plan my baby girl’s nursery. 

  12. Corinne says:

    What a beautiful room – can’t get enough of this colour scheme with the white and wood… nyum!

  13. Marki says:

    Love this nursery. Where did you get the bedding?

  14. kari machal says:

    your rooms are beautiful!!! maybe i can take inspiration even though i haven’t had a child in a crib for 3 years…..


  15. Shan says:

    Great room Molly! Where did you get frame for the vintage scarf?

  16. Molly C says:

    It’s kind of nuts–my name is Molly, my baby’s name is Zoe, and her nursery has a very similar color scheme. Just had to share. This one is much more stylish than ours, though!

  17. nicki says:

    I really love this nursery – it is exactly the style/colours/energy that I was hoping to create for the nursery of my little one (coming soon!) but I have no design sense, so had a hard time thinking about how to actually do it! This is wonderful inspiration! Can you tell me the colour of the walls??

  18. Haydee says:

    Am really loving this nursery.  Love the use of gray these days, especially juxtaposed with the fun, bright pops of color.  Am looking for inspiration for two projects these days — converting my toddler twin girls’ nursery into a fun toddler room with room to play, and planning a NEW nursery for another little one on the way.  Looking for neutral themes because we are not going to find out the sex.  We love surprises.  Thanks for inspiring me. {PS My girls’ names are Zoe and Eva, so I’m a bit biased here!}

  19. Haeri Kim says:

    Hi Molly,

    I’m trying to build up my baby’s library and was wondering if you could give me the titles of the books on the shelves. I recognize Pippi, Whistle for Willie, Madeline, and On Top of Spaghetti. The other books I can’t make out, but the covers alone look enticing! 

    Great job on your nursery. My husband and I looked to it for inspiration and followed suit on many of the things you did–paint color, lamp, and shelves. We’ve adapted your design for a boy, and it looks great. Thank you!

    -Hae Ri

    • Molly says:

      Thank you so much! I’m flattered. And you’re talking to the right girl… I have a bit of an obsession with children’s books, being a preschool teacher. 🙂 The books in question are:
      Bruno Munari’s ABCs
      The Cat At Night
      The Story Of Zachary Zween (out of print, but used copies are available)
      Seasons (by Blexbolex)

      Here are some of my absolute favorites for ages 0-3:
      The Gruffalo
      Where Is The Green Sheep?
      Lunch (by Denise Fleming)
      The Monster At The End Of This Book
      Quick As A Cricket
      Panda Cake (also out of print)

      Best of luck to you! I’d love to see a picture of your son’s nursery, if you wouldn’t mind sharing. 🙂

      – Molly

  20. Kharps7 says:

    The paint color is wonderful, a great neutral!  Where did you get the paint from and what is the color?

  21. Katie M says:

    Okay, I know this was posted some time ago but would love to know where that blue throw is from on the rocking chair?! The balls on the end add at the perfect subtle and whimsical touch for a baby room. so many inspirational ideas through Joni and the real nurseries shared here.

  22. Anna says:

    Molly, I also love this nursery and want to use it as inspiration. Can you tell me where that dresser is from? It is beautiful.

  23. Yuki Tacy says:

    wow, i love your nursery.  i have two boys but i like all the colors ! 
    we are actually doing our floor , n so maybe i gotta redo my nursery all over again!
    will you tell me what brand+name paint it is on the wall???  love it!

  24. Repatel says:

    Hello! I am obsessed with your nursery. It is definitely coming in handy as inspiration. Where are the baskets that are in the shelf come from? They fit perfectly! Thanks and hope life with the little one is going fabulously! Thanks. 

  25. Barbara says:

    Beautiful room . Where did you get the rug and what are the dimensions ?

  26. Laurine says:

    Love this nursery so much! I have the hardest time finding artwork. Where did you get your’s?

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