hand painted wrapping paper

Thursday, December 11, 2014

christmas wrapping paper

Vivi is incredibly excited about wrapping presents this year.  The moment we put up the tree, she was assembling a collection of toys and items from around the house to put under it right away, and she has been asking over and over to wrap some boxes to put under the tree.

christmas wrapping paper

I figured it would be fun to channel this enthusiasm into some wrapping paper making, so I pulled out a roll of black paper I’ve been holding onto from past craft projects, trimmed it down into 36″ x 36″ squares, and laid them out on the floor with some pink and white paint and paintbrushes.  Vivi loved painting whatever came to mind all over them.

toddler wrapping paper

After letting it all, dry, we just trimmed the pieces as needed for wrapping paper.

christmas wrapping paper

She is completely enchanted with all the embellishments of yarn, tassels, miniature trees, and jingle bells.

christmas wrapping paper

It’s almost like the wrapping is just as good as the gift to her.

christmas wrapping paper

Also, I’m pretty crazy about how some of the wrapping paper pieces came out that she painted – I’m tempted to frame one for over the fireplace, they are so cute! At any rate, it’s like having precious little masterpieces under the tree!

christmas wrapping paper

13 responses to “hand painted wrapping paper”

  1. Colleen N says:

    Love this. Was think about doing the same in whites

  2. Kitty says:

    The wrapping is just beautiful, and so special because of all of the enthusiasm and excitement that went in to making it! I bet it just sparkles under that pretty pink tree :-).

  3. I LOVE this so much! such a fun project to do with the little ones 🙂

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  5. Jessica R says:

    Okay, the first time you posted about that black paper, I almost bought it but talked myself out of it. But now… I just bought a roll of black and a roll of apple green. Surely I will use up 100′ of paper somehow right? 🙂 These are adorable! Hi to Vivi!

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  9. Ana Urquiaga says:

    Love how turn out your own wrapping paper. So inspiring!!

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