Ellie James’ Nursery

Monday, February 1, 2016

bright baby room ideas

I’m excited to be sharing little Ellie James’ nursery today!  This room is such a happy space; I have enjoyed spending lots of time in here, snuggling, feeding, and changing our new baby girl.  It has quite a different feel from Brigie’s room!  It’s super light, bright, and airy.

(sources for above: Babyletto Origami CribGraham Gilder in Ash Grey; Metallic Knit Pouf; Cloudy with a Chance of Duvet; Pink Martini Side Table; Faceted Lamp; XO Print; Hello Print; Crystal Mosaic Rug; Honeycomb Shelf; Pom Pom Curtains; Sputnik Light Fixture)

mint green baby room ideas

I adore that sweet little origami crib!  It’s such a great option if you are short on space, or plan to share a room with baby.  It also folds up neatly, so you can take it to the grandparents’ easily.  We’re actually switching this crib out, as the one I had on my list isn’t available until just now (can’t wait to show it to you!) but this has been perfect for a tiny baby.  You can use it long-term, too, because you can drop the mattress.

(sources for the above: Babyletto Origami Crib; This Little Light print; Falling Star Garland; Cloud Mobile; Pom Pom Curtains; Crystal Mosaic Rug)

pastel baby room ideas

We switched the walnut dresser out with the other vintage one we had in the living room for a brighter look, and it looks really fun with Hadley’s fireworks wallpaper, which I still adore.  Those mint sconces just take the cake, and the artwork is a fun piece Vivi drew last summer.  I blew it up and sent it to Framebridge to have it printed and framed large scale.  I love having her little thumbprint on her baby sister’s space!

(Sources: Elephant Lamp (it’s a UK lamp, so it’s not compatible for US outlets – my dad re-wired it!); Mint Loa Sconces; Mod Botanical changing pad cover; The Egg Print; Charming Basket)

pastel baby room ideas

On the other wall, I wanted to make a little room for the big sisters to play or spend time.  Formerly, this room was our dining room and there was an arched opening between it and the living room.  To turn it into a bedroom, we closed in the arch with french doors so we can still keep it open if we wish.  It sort of felt like a lot of unusable wall space, though, so we cut some plywood panels to black out the windows, and used these spice racks for inexpensive book shelves.  It adds a lot more interest to the wall, not to mention some handy storage.  I love that sweet table, and those dipped Thonet style chairs from RH Baby & Child are just precious!!  It’s the perfect space for Vivi and Brigette to have a tea party, read, or color.

(sources: schoolhouse table; dipped french cafe chairs; spice racks; maritime garland; cloud rug; teaset)

girl baby room ideas

Here are a few more details!

baby room artwork

This animal canvas is always a favorite – it’s so sweet!  I also love these teethers/bath toys from Olli & Carol.  They are available in the sweetest shapes and colors.  I have a few stashed up high so the big sisters don’t stash them away before Ellie can use them!

baby room storage

I’m certainly not the first to do this, but these spice racks are just the perfect storage at a great price (only about $4 each!).  I painted the front bar for a fun detail, and filled them up with favorite books and toys.

(sources: Flora the Flamingo; Imaginary Fred; The Color Kittens; All About California; Unicorn; The Clown Arounds; Wooden Cage Rattle)

baby room artwork

I’m always a fan of Sharon Montrose’s photography, and this deer print is the sweetest!  That owl print (love all of Alphonnsine’s art!) just makes me happy, and that photo of her big sisters is perfect in the heartstagram from Framebridge.

baby room lighting

This elephant lamp has a bit of a retro feel to me; he has so much personality!  Unfortunately, it’s from the UK, so if you don’t have someone to re-wire it for you (thanks, Daddy!) it’s a bit useless, but so adorable, still!

west elm graham glider review

We went with the West Elm Graham Glider in Ash Grey for the nursery, and I love it!  It is so comfortable, and the perfect blend of comfort and clean lines, in my opinion.  I love the high back and it’s been really comfy for nursing and rocking Ellie.  Regardless of what kind of rocker/glider you choose (see some reviews here), I’d definitely recommend getting a footrest of some kind.  I slept probably too many hours in this chair with Ellie during her first few weeks, and this pouf definitely made things more comfy .  It has a metallic thread woven throughout that is so pretty.  Those pom pom curtains are also gorgeous in person; they have blackout lining so you don’t need another set of panels.

(sources: Pom Pom curtains (optic white); Graham Glider; Metallic Knit Pouf; Duvet; Pink Martini Table; Faceted Lamp; Crystal Mosaic Rug; XO Print; Hello Print; Honeycomb Shelf)

baby nursery art

This little collection of art is some new, and a couple of things I had stashed away that I bought awhile back.  Most of them are framed in simple IKEA frames, so they all sort of go together.  The shelf is an IKEA shelf and brackets and I painted the brackets blue and used pretty brass screws.

(sources: Gold Triangle Pillow; Duvet Cover; Graham Glider in Ash Grey; Vintage Radio; Unicorn Print; Hello Print; XO Print; Honeycomb Shelf; Faceted Lamp)

baby nursery art

On the shelf, I have some vintage Bobbsey Twins books (love the lavender color), my favorite vintage radio, a cutie pie llama, and a vase of my grandmother’s with some cheery camellias from our yard.

baby nursery decor

I’m completely smitten with Bijou Kitty’s work!

baby room ideas

That light!

baby girl room ideas

The name “Eleanor” means “shining light,” so I put a lot of little stars throughout the room.  Chip also sings “This Little Light of Mine” to the girls before bed every night, so it seemed especially fitting to put over the crib.  Vivi wrote out the words, and I scanned them in and put a little star above them; the sweetest blessing over where Ellie sleeps! (you can find the print here. Falling Star garland here.)

baby nursery ideas

baby nursery art

I found this little merit badge at Anthropologie – isn’t it the cutest?  I put it in a vintage frame, and hung it above her crib as well.

baby nursery decor

I was also excited to finally include one of Baby Jives’ beautiful mobiles! baby room ideas

She has been sleeping sweetly in her little space!  Love that sweet little nugget so much.

(sources: star pillow; oh joy swaddle; gray star pillow)

baby room ideas

That rug is also gorgeous in person. It’s a light mint color, and the lines running throughout are filled with sparkly iridescent thread, which is a subtle but really fun detail.  It’s hard to capture in photos, but believe me, it’s so lovely.

baby room decor ideas

So, there it is!  Having such a bright and happy space makes me feel so uplifted, especially during long nights (and sometimes long afternoons!). Hope you are inspired!


32 responses to “Ellie James’ Nursery”

  1. Jessica says:

    Beautiful. As always : )

  2. Lesleigh says:

    Oh my word! I absolutely adore all of the sweet details, airy feel, and adorable touches from her older sisters! What a perfect space!

  3. Stacy says:

    You are so good at this.

  4. AP says:

    Beautiful room. Do you have problems with the rug shedding?

  5. Candess says:

    Your designs are always so gorgeous!! I just love how you pay attention to the details–my favorite!

  6. Corrita says:

    Your designs are sweet and detailed and a pleasure to view. I have a practical question, how do you keep up with the dusting of all these treasures?!

  7. Tamsin says:

    What a beauty of a room! I totally feel your “makes me so happy”. I think sometimes nice spaces can be misinterpreted as show boaty (it’s a word right) but I love to feel happy in my space! Im sure that girl of yours will love that space too! I especially love the play area for the bigger girls in the babe’s room. Please please tell me where you got the multicoloured knob coat rack from? I’ve been searching for something like this for over a year!

    • Sarah says:

      Hi Tamsin, did you ever find out where that coat rack is from!!? I’ve been searching, too. Thanks!

  8. Kitty Lay says:

    So soft and sweet, and even more beautiful in person!

  9. Katie says:

    Gorgeous! What paint color is used on the wall with the crib?

  10. Jean says:

    So pretty. Beautiful details. Lucky little babe 🙂

  11. Kami Vanous says:

    SO lovely! I’m such a fan of your designs – I modeled my baby girl’s nursery after the shared room you created at your farm. And my daughter’s name is Ellie James too! How crazy is that?! She turned 1 in December. ?

  12. Rebecca Meier says:

    Such a BEAUTIFUL space! All of your girls’ rooms (& nurseries) have been so beautiful.

    And thank you for posting the sources. I checked and couldn’t find a source for the pink peacock print….can you share where you got it?

    Thanks so much! Love your blog! <3

  13. Leslie says:

    Hi there! Love this room! did you say what the name of this paint color is? Thanks!

  14. Michelle says:

    Love this beautiful space that you have created. Do you mind sharing the paint color on the spice racks and also the source for the lovely crib sheet?

    • jenna says:

      Hi michelle! Did joni reply with the paint color and crib sheet source? i had the same questions! 🙂

    • Joni says:

      Hi Jenna! The crib sheet is from Babyletto (they make the origami crib!). The paint color on the spice racks is a rust-o-leum spray paint in a chalk finish – bought it at Home Depot, and it’s the blue color they have. Sorry it’s not more specific!

  15. Tara says:

    I love your nursery. I am having troubles getting the links to work for the pink side table and pouf. I would love to know how I can purchase them for our little girl’s nursery.

  16. Courtney Tibbetts says:

    I am in love with this entire nursery but mostly the pink peacock print?! Could you please chair with me where I might find it? ?

  17. Tracy says:

    Would you mind sharing the paint colors for the walls and ceiling?

  18. Alison says:

    Beautiful room!!!!! Would love to know the ceiling paint color! Just the airy blue we are looking for. Thanks so much.

  19. Anne LOWI says:

    Hi Congratulations! This room is Gorgeous and so peaceful! I wonder if you could please tell me where you bought the wall paper from. I’m looking for a black and white light pattern just like that one. It’s stunning! Thank you!

  20. Alaina says:

    what is the name of the paint color on her ceiling? I love it!

  21. Amanda says:

    Is the graham glider in Dove gray or Ash Grey? You have glider review online from July where you answered someone and said it was dove gray but for this nursery blog it says it’s Ash grey! Which one is it? Lol I just love whatever colour is pictured above! 🙂 Thanks!

  22. Sarah Micklewright says:

    We are expecting our first baby (a girl!) in May! This is the nursery of my dreams! I love every single thing about this space. You mixed vintage and modern pieces so beautifully. Feel free to send any hand-me-downs my way. 😉

  23. Tana says:

    Gorgeous room!!! So many ideas for our room. Can you let me know what paint colour is on the walls. It’s a perfect shade of white. Thanks!

  24. Tomi says:

    I’m so sad ! Went to look for the pink martini side table and it’s no longer available! 😣

  25. Tomi says:

    Also those little scone light fixtures!!! This room is so beautiful and inspiring, I want to copy the entire room! Lol I’m so sad a lot of this is no longer available. The elephant lamp is the cutest! Maybe you can just sell me some items once you’re finished with them lol jk 😉

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