Friday, March 28, 2014

What a week it has been.  It’s been a challenging one, for many reasons.  Praying hard for some people close to us who are going through a heart-wrenching time, and feeling a little helpless about it all.  Brigie is teething, and Vivi has been a little sick.  Hoping for some quiet this weekend, and a chance for all of us to get a little refreshed.

A few links for the week:

(1) I love Hudson and Ruthie’s line of felt-embellished onesies and cardis.  Check out the lightning onesie, awesome for boys.  And, I mean, these giant bows?  My goodness, so cute.

(2) Speaking of giant bows, this is the etsy shop where I bought my favorites for Vivi (they are gorgeous!).  Usually I get the alligator clip version, but now that she has more hair, they are beginning to slip out, so I need to re-order some with the french barrette.

(3) Did you see the pic of Vivi and Brigie on instagram yesterday? Sounded like a lot of y’all could relate.  They were excited to try on their cute new matching bathing suits and we were going to snap a picture.  Both were really happy, but shortly after I put Brigette in her chair, she lost it (teeth!), which set Vivi off, too (which has been the trend this week).  I couldn’t help but still take the picture, which really made me laugh about it all.  Sometimes you really do have to laugh to keep from crying.

(3) I get a lot of questions about baby bedding.  I really prefer to keep it simple.  I suggest getting a few really adorable crib sheets; you’ll likely change them often, and it’s fun to have a few options to give the nursery a new look here and there.  I didn’t use bumpers for Vivi or Brigette and I liked being able to peek in the room and see them easily, and also I think it really makes the crib feel less bulky.  If you need a skirt, go with something simple that has clean lines or box pleats.  I started a pinterest board with some of my favorite go-to bedding options, and I’ll keep adding to it.

Happy Friday!  I’ll be posting on Monday with a peek into our den, plus a fun discount to one of my favorite online retailers.

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