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diy jewelry holder

I am always loving the beautiful hardware at Anthropologie, but I have neither the furniture nor the budget to really utilize it very much.  When I came across these adorable companion knobs, though, I just had to find a use for them.  I thought they would be super cute as little holders for some of Vivi and Brigette’s necklace collection.

(sources: Faceted Pastel Table Lamp; Gunner & Lux Little Lux necklaces; Twig Creative Toy Camera

DIY Jewelry Holder

To make one for yourself, this is what you need:

1 x 10 pine board (they sell smaller lengths at Home Depot) | paint and paintbrush | jigsaw | drill with 7/64″ drill bit | companion knob | picture hanging bracket | metal shears of some kind or use the metal cutting blade with jigsaw

**If you prefer not to do the whole jigsaw thing, then you can purchase small wooden plaques from a craft store or amazon, and skip that whole step!

diy jewelry holder

If you are cutting your own plaque, draw out the shape with a pencil and ruler or measuring tape.  I started with a 5″ square, then made tick marks at 1.5″ and 2″ as shown above, and then drew the diagonals so I knew where to cut.  Cut your shape, and sand the edges as needed, and then paint.

Next, mark the center of the plaque, and drill a hole for the knob.

Before screwing the knob into the plaque, measure 3/4″ (the depth of the wood) + 1/4″ (for space to hang the necklace) from the back of the knob, and cut the extra length of bolt with the shears or jigsaw.  This is so that the plaque will rest against the wall – the knob bolts are really long!

Attach the picture hanging bracket (which you can find at any hardware store!) and then screw the knob into the plaque until the end of the bolt is flush with the back of the plaque.  The fit should be secure enough that you don’t have to use the bolts that come with the knob.

Then, hang and use!

diy necklace hook

These are so adorable on the wall, and I think they would make great gifts for friends – you could also make a more grown up version by staining the wood and using one of these knobs or one of these!  They almost look like little museum displays, and are perfect for Vivi’s adorable Gunner & Lux pieces!

DIY Jewelry Display


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paper mache jackalope

I made this little guy last week for a party, and to hang on Vivi’s wall, and thought I’d share the process because it was so much fun.  Seriously, this project was some good Mama therapy, so try it out if you need some kind of stress outlet.  The best part is that you can make this pretty much from things you have laying around your house, and is a great use for junk mail.

I don’t have the step by step photographed, but I followed this very helpful tutorial, and figured I’d share a few tips.

Here is what you need:

masking or painter’s tape | newspaper | cardboard | paper towels | water | flour | a plaque or something to mount it to (like this or this) | sticks for antlers | drill | screws (about four) | paint | hot glue

I followed this tutorial very closely, but for the paste mixture, I just simply mixed 2 parts water to 1 part flour and it worked great, no boiling needed.  Just be sure to mix it well, and you can also cover it and store it in the fridge to use for each step.  Using paper towels to cover the newspaper form was a really great idea, and made it easy to really give the bunny head some shape (I also made the ears from cardboard in the first step).  After applying the paper towel layer, I had to rig up some string to hold the ears up as they dried (I tied string around the ears and clothespinned the string to a shelf in the kitchen to keep them upright).  They were really heavy with the wet paper towels, and wouldn’t stay up otherwise.

Once it was all dry (which took a good 24 hours), they were hard as a rock and are very secure.  I did two layers of newspaper or magazine paper mache over the paper towels (and used the flour and water mixture, no modge podge, and it was fine!).  Before the last layer, I screwed the head into the wood base so the last layer of paper covers the screws.  I also drilled two holes in the top of the bunny head for the antlers.  I found drill bits about the same diameter as the antler sticks, and after placing them in the bunny head, I added some hot glue to hold them well and then put paper mache all around it.  I made sure there is about 3 inches of antler in the bunny head so it is extra secure.

The paper towel layer took the longest to dry, and the other two layers took about 6 to 12 hours, depending on how much paper you added.  Once it’s all dry, you can paint!

It was really fun just working with my hands.  The girls colored on the floor in their coloring books while I worked on it, and it was so much fun.  I’ll have to try one with Vivi next time!

paper mache jackalope

Thanksgiving decor ideas

This week, I have been featuring inspiration on how to brighten up your Thanksgiving table with Astrobrights papers, as a part of their Colorize Your Party campaign.  Today, I’m sharing a few details on how to create the items from the Thanksgiving table and kids’ table posts!

diy thanksgiving placecards

First up: Mayflower Placecards

items needed: Astrobrights papers, text weight | Straws | Washi Tape | Marker | Scissors

First, I cut down the 8.5″ x 11″ papers down a bit by trimming off 2 inches on 2 sides, making the sheets about 6.5″ x 9″.  This made the boats seem more appropriately sized for the place settings.  I followed these instructions to make the paper boats, and I think this would be a really fun project with kids who are a little older.  Next, snip off the tip of the boat (as shown above) for the straw.  For the sails, I folded the white paper in half vertically, and then horizontally and cut along the folds, getting 4 sails per sheet of paper.  Cut a small slit in the top and the bottom so you can slip it over the straw.  Write the name on the sail (I like these brush markers!) and assemble the straw, sail and boat together.  Lastly, cut out a little flag and attach it with wash tape.

thanksgiving decor ideas

To make the feather garland from this post, I just folded the paper vertically twice (if you use text weight paper, you can cut three sheets at a time) and then cut out leaf shapes, as shown above.  Feather the edges with scissors, and then stitch them together.

turkey feather crown

To make the turkey feather crowns used at the kids’ table, fold a sheet of paper (card stock weight works best for this!)  in half vertically and cut along the fold.  Then cut out two more strips about 2″ wide.  Cut out more feathers and attach them to the larger piece with double stick tape.  I also used the double stick tape to attach the smaller pieces to go around the girls’ heads, but staples would be a bit more secure.

thanksgiving decor ideas

There you have it!  Hope you are inspired as you plan to celebrate Thanksgiving!  This was such a fun and easy way to add some color!

Thank you so much to Astrobrights for sponsoring this post.  I love getting to work with brands that inspire creativity so I can provide fresh and beautiful content on Lay Baby Lay!

fall place card

Today I have some really fun Thanksgiving table inspiration in collaboration with Astrobrights Papers, a line of gorgeously hued papers.  I used a selection of shades to create an autumn inspired tabletop with a few ideas I hope you will love.  Using color paper is such a fun and simple way to customize a party or celebration, not to mention super cost-effective, and it’s also a great way to add in pops of color and create a cohesive color scheme really quickly.

thanksgiving decor

We put this table together outside, which I know might sound crazy to those of you who live in colder climates, but down here it is more often than not perfectly warm or slightly cool at Thanksgiving, so an outside gathering is the perfect way to experience the gorgeous weather.  For place cards, I made miniature Mayflowers, with the guest’s names written on the sails.  I have a feeling these would be a big hit at a kid table.  It’s instant entertainment.  (I’ll be posting more details on the how-to later this week!)

thanksgiving place card

The little flags on top are the perfect pop of color!  I used Astrobrights Papers eclipse black for the base of the ships, stardust white for the sails (which has fun flecks of color mixed in!) and rocket red (which I think might be my favorite), cosmic orange, and solar yellow for the little flags.

thanksgiving table

For another fun detail, I made a little “pin the feather on the turkey” banner.  This would be a really fun activity to do ahead of time with the kids as a piece of art, or while having supper.  The guests can write down something they are thankful for and then tack it to the turkey with double stick tape.   I added some brown Astrobrights Papers Jupiter Java feathers to the mix.

thanksgiving bannerAny activity that encourages conversation around gratefulness is a good one, I think!

thanksgiving activity

It makes a fun and colorful backdrop for the table!

thanksgiving decor

To add some interest above the table, I put together some feather/leaf garlands and hung them from a tree branch that is tied to the pergola.  It adds some dimension and color to the table, and draws the eye upward.

thanksgiving decor

It pops really nicely against everything else!

thanksgiving decor

I added in a plaid table runner for some warmth, and a centerpiece of cotton, wild berries, and evergreens.  The antlers add a fun bit of texture and interest to the table.


The playhouse looks so gorgeous against the backdrop of changing leaves, too.

thanksgiving table setting

I hope you are inspired!  This has me so ready for this fun holiday!  It’s definitely one of my favorites.  I’ll be posting more details this week on how to create these items yourself with gorgeous Astrobrights Papers, so stay posted!

Thank you so much to Astrobrights Papers for sponsoring this post!  It is so fun to work with brands that inspire creativity.  I appreciate your support of Lay Baby Lay’s sponsors so that I am able to continue providing fun and beautiful content!



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DIY Fruit Garland

Here is a fun little DIY for a cherry garland, made from wooden balls.  It’s a good way to add a little dimension to a space, and it’s also a fun one to do with littles, as they  will have fun painting the little balls!

(Sources: Overcast Wall Shelf; Flora and the Flamingo; Play Camera, Wall color is Angelic by Sherwin Williams)

DIY Garland

Materials Needed: Wooden Balls (can be found at Michael’s or craft store; make sure they have holes!) | Twine  | Yarn | Paint | Paintbrush | Green Felt | Scissors

Paint wooden balls.  While they dry, cut leaves from the felt, in a variety of sizes.  Cut one long piece of yarn to hold the garland.  Next, cut 5″ pieces of twine.  Tie a knot in one end (making sure it is large enough so the balls don’t slip off) and thread two of the balls onto the twine, making a knot on the other end to secure them.  Then tie each 5″ piece onto the yarn, spacing them equally apart.  Lastly, stitch the green leaves over the knot securing the cherries.

DIY Fruit Garland

A fun pop of color, right?

DIY Fruit Garland

Can’t wait to share the rest of Vivi’s room – just have a few more details to finish up!

DIY Cherry Garland

(Circus Bear from here.)




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