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playhouse fun


playhouse inspirationMy super sweet and talented friend Sara Harper visited us one morning to snap some photos of the girls having a fun time in the playhouse.  The pictures are just gorgeous, with the dappled light bouncing everywhere! (If you want to see the details about how we turned the old shed into this sweet playhouse and for more info on the paint color, those darling doors, and more, go here!) playhouse The playhouse has sort of a store front feel.  It’s part restaurant / theater / kitchen / whatever they decide to dream up. playhouse ideas The inside has a little pink kitchen prep area for tea parties and such. tea party I found those chairs on etsy – they are vintage from the 60′s – and paired them with an Ikea roxo stool, which is perfectly child-sized!  Vivi’s dress is a ballerina recital costume I found at a thrift shop.  It’s actually an xxs adult size, or something like that, and it’s meant to be knee length, but it’s ball gown length on a 3 year old. playhouse stage On one side, the deck functions as a stage, complete with shower curtain (I added pom pom trim) curtains so our little performers can dance and sing to their hearts’ content.  So far the curtain has held up really well in the rain, and the trim adds just the right bit of fun! playhouse ideas playhouse deck The windows are screened, so there is plenty of ventilation, and it makes the space feel really open and airy. playhouse inspiration toddler reading nook The girls love the svinga – it makes the perfect little reading spot! playhouse ideas playhouse inspiration playhouse ideas Drama comes natural to Vivi.  I promise I don’t walk around the house all day posing like this. playhouse inspiration Brigie, my little cuddler, is taken with the gilded frog and the pink flamingoes. pink flamingoes playhouse inspiration ballerina pig This is the little poster I made for Vivi (prints available here).  She is into pink these days. playhouse inspiration playhouse inspiration We added a chalkboard on the side to write up the weekly menu / performance schedule / doodles, and it’s been really fun for them. playhouse inspiration   I’m so happy to have this little bright spot in our backyard for the girls.  We worked super hard on it, but it was so rewarding.  It feels good to pour your heart and sweat into something and see your dreams turn into a reality.  It has inspired me to want to do more of these kinds of things!  Thanks so much, Sara, for the sweet captures, and to the Home Depot for making it happen!! playhouse inspiration


courtney {a thoughtful place}"This is just beyond beautiful. Something so special that they will remember forever. To be young again! "

Chelc"This play house is INCREDIBLE! Every kid should have a place to escape like this! www.insidethefoxden.com "

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DIY banner


baby room decor

Y’all be sure to go check out Honest to Nod today to find out how to make the DIY banner above, as well as the one in Timothy’s nursery!!  (photographed in the playhouse!)


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playhouse inspiration

Ok, y’all!  The playhouse is up!  Thanks SO much to The Home Depot who helped us make this little dream a reality.  Go here to see all the photos, and how we made it happen!  It is such a happy little space, and a bright spot in our backyard.

playhouse inspiration

The girls are crazy about it, to say the least!  And also, Timothy’s nursery is up on Honest to Nod today! Go check it out to see how the inspiration came together!  It was such a dream project, truly!!

boy nursery inspiration


jonilay"Hi Katie! Here is a link to those super cute bins: http://www.landofnod.com/blue-pinstripe-floor-bin/s228502 "

jonilay"Hi Katie! Here is a link to those super cute bins: http://www.landofnod.com/blue-pinstripe-floor-bin/s228502 "

jonilay"Thanks, Sarah!! It's from the Land of Nod - you can find it here: http://www.landofnod.com/all-kids-rugs/kids-rugs/indoor-outdoor-rug-blue/f14290 . "

sarah"love the nursery! could you tell us where the rug is from? thank you! "

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how to turn vintage photos pink I realized I never posted a tutorial on how to turn photos pink, and some of you asked about it, so here it is!  It’s actually really easy if you have Photoshop.   If you don’t have it and want to give it a try, you can get a 30 day trial for free, which is pretty great!  (I’m not familiar with Photoshop Elements or other photo editing software, so I can’t speak to how to do this elsewhere – apologies!)  Here are the steps: how to turn vintage photos pink (1) Scan your photo.  If you want to print this out large (I went from about an 8″ x 10″ photo to 40″ x 50″!), then scan it in at a very high resolution (600 dpi or so).

(2) Desaturate your image.  Even if it’s black and white, it may have some yellow or other tone to it, so go ahead and desaturate it.  You can do this in photoshop by clicking Image > Adjustments > Desaturate.

(3) Adjust the curves.  It will help to give the photo some more contrast, and will make it look cleaner.  To do this, go to Image > Adjustments > Curves.  To do this, adjust the diagonal line when the curves box appears.  An “S” shaped curve is usually what you go for, but play with it until it suits you.  (You may also wish to come back and edit it again after overlaying the color.)  If you haven’t done this before, pull the diagonal line up in the top right quadrant of the box, and maybe down a little in the bottom left quadrant. (If using curves intimidates you, this can be done somewhat by adjusting the brightness and contrast, which is found under Image > Adjustments > Brightness and Contrast).

(4) Overlay a pink layer.  To do this, set your foreground color (the two boxes stacked on top of each other in the bottom of the tools palette – they start white on black – just double click the top box) to pink.  I used fc5ea8, which you can just copy and paste by the # box if you want the same color.

(5) Adjust blending mode.  Make sure the Layers palette is showing (if it’s not, then go to Window > Layers and it will appear).  Double click on the layer with the pink box, and you will see a “layers style” box appear.  Change the blend mode to “vivid light”.  You may want to play around and try some of the other blend mode options – there may be one you like better!  (This can also be done by selecting/highlighting the layer and then selecting different blend modes under the drop down menu directly above in the layers palette.)   Also, you may want to adjust your curves again to make sure the image really pops.

(6) Save your image.  You can flatten it (Layer > Flatten Image) and then save it as a high resolution jpeg or tif to send to the printer.  Find a digital printer in your area (just google “digital printer Altanta” or whatever your city is) and call or email them for a quote.  You will probably be surprised at how reasonable it is to make large prints!  There are also a lot of substrate options, and you could go for sintra or cardboard or poster board, and then you don’t have to frame it! turn vintage photos pink Don’t be afraid to experiment with the colors – you might find something you like better than the pink, and you can certainly find some hues that would be better suited for a boy’s room!  It’s a fun way to make an old photo feel fresh and modern, and add a big pop of color!  Let me know if you have any questions!


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master bedroom inspiration

One quick little detail from the post yesterday on our bedroom.  I really wanted an extra long lumbar pillow a la Jenny Komenda, but couldn’t find one with the right proportions.  Enter Ikea cushions.  I bought two of the fjadrar inner cushions ($6.99 apiece!) and cut the seam on one end of both pillows and then whipstitched them together by hand really quickly (just be careful or you will have feathers everywhere!).  Then I used this fabric on one side, and a less expensive coordinating yellow fabric on the back, with a zipper on the bottom.  Because the pillow is so long and thin (about 16″ x 54″!), you can purchase half a yard of more expensive fabric, and get a really great pillow for under $50.  It’s perfect on a king bed, and also a queen.  I added that flokati pillow for a little texture, but you could just leave it without for a more streamlined look.

(sources: Everett Sconces, South Seas Side Cart, Black French Tassel Curtains, Citrine Cut Circle Sheets)


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