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DIY rock collection display

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Above is the DIY rock collection project on white – it’s just as fun, and gives it a little more of a glam edge.

We are nearly done with Vivi’s room – just have a couple of small projects and some artwork to finish.   Vivi is thrilled with her pink walls (Angelic by Sherwin Williams) and it’s really nice to have a change.   It’s amazing what some fresh paint will do.  Everything feels so clean and neat, and I’m just loving it!  Chip and I had a fantastic time painting it, too, which I never thought I would say.  The grandparents graciously kept the girls while we worked on it, and we stayed up late, playing 80’s music too loud while we painted our hearts out.  I’m finding that working together on something is one of my favorite ways to spend time together.  In this stage of life where there is too much going on all the time – the girls truly do keep our hands full! – it’s hard sometimes to really connect, even when we have a date night or try to be intentional about talking.  However, when we are working side by side, there is no distraction of screens or otherwise, and the conversation is better and the companionship even sweeter.  Not to mention the reward of just plain hard work.  It’s just so good!

DIY rock collection display

I had planned to have a painter do it for us, but the timing worked out where we couldn’t make that happen, and I’m so glad!  We would have missed out on a really fun adventure together.  Can’t wait to share the rest!



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DIY rock collection display

This little project is based on the arrowhead display I worked on with my dad in the girls’ shared room at the farm.  I just loved how it turned out, and I think it can be easily applied to displaying other collections as well, from rocks to shells, and it’s a sweet way to commemorate a summer’s worth of adventure choosing the perfect pieces to add to a collection.  The custom shadow box my dad created is much more of an involved project, but here is a simplified version.

Materials Needed:

Rocks or other small objects (these are a mix of some from our backyard, some from Chip’s childhood, and some purchased from one of my fave children’s shops, Treehouse)  | pegboard (you can even get them to cut it to size for you at the store, if you need – there are smaller 2′ x 4′ sheets available!) | two 3/4″ square dowels | Four brass screws | two packs of 3/4″ middle hinges | 10′ copper wire (they sell it by the foot at home depot – just ask for help!) | philips head screwdriver | drill and tiny drill bit | picture hanging bracket | jigsaw or hacksaw | black paint (I used chalkboard spray paint)

DIY rock collection display

First, lay out your items on the pegboard to determine how large it needs to be.  Cut it down to size, using a jigsaw or hacksaw (or get the guys at the store to do it!).  Then paint the board and trim the dowels to size.  I made the vertical pieces shorter, and the horizontal pieces longer.  Next, attach the hinges to the pegboard, two on each side.  It helps if you pre-drill!  After this, attach the other side of the hinges to the dowels.  It’s easiest to do this if you just lay it out on the table to keep the dowels in line with the back of the pegboard.  Then, I screwed the brass screws into the top of the horizontals, to keep the dowels in place.   Be sure to predrill, and do this carefully and slowly by hand, because this wood can split very easily!  Then comes the fun part!  Lay out the rocks, and twist the copper wire around them, through the peg holes and twist in the back to keep the rocks in place.  The copper wire I used came as a strand of 7, so I divided it into two or three strand pieces.

DIY rock collection display

It’s a really fun way to display a little collection – and I think labels would also be sweet, saying where they were found and when.

DIY rock collection

DIY rock collection display

So fun, right?  Also, don’t forget to sign up for the newsletter to enter the giveaway for the circus bear print!  Winner announced tomorrow night!

DIY kid art



Joni"They are vintage brass mice - you can find lots on etsy - just search for "vintage brass animals"! …"

Joni"Hi Rachel! They are vintage brass mice I used as bookends - you can find lots on etsy, just …"

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DIY baby room art

This is one project that will work in the baby room, your bedroom, your living room, or really anywhere.  It’s a great way to create a large, custom piece of art really affordably!

Items you will need:

Black and White Photo | 2 Eye Hooks | Rope | 1 x 2 furring strip, about 1″ longer than art width

DIY baby room art

To start, find or take a photo that you like and that would look striking as a black and white.  If it is a found photo, scan it.  I chose a vintage photo I had on hand, but you can also use a favorite snap on your phone just as easily.  I had mine printed at a local printer, but I’d recommend using PhotoJojo to get your print done.   It’s only $25 and is a super easy option if you don’t already have a printer you use regularly.

DIY nursery art

I purchased the furring strips at Home Depot, and had them cut the pieces to size for me at the store (super easy!).  I had them cut at 1″ longer than the width of my photo (so 37″ if you use PhotoJojo).  Staple the two pieces on the top and bottom of your printed photo on the back.  Next, screw the two eye hooks into the top piece (I painted mine gold, and pre-drilled to make it a little easier).  Then, cut the rope to length and knot the ends to keep it in place.

DIY baby room ideas

This makes for a really striking and inexpensive focal point for a space!  It costs around $30 to $35, depending on what materials you already have on hand, which is impressive for a 36″ x 48″ piece of art.  It’s also a really easy way to incorporate some vintage family photos!

DIY baby nursery art


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DIY book bin


DIY bookcase(Pictured with the Between a Rock LampPink Neon Nightstand, and DIY Tassel Hanging.)

I don’t know about you, but storing/organizing books always seems like a struggle.  I love that Vivi has such a penchant for reading, but sometimes the endless piles drive me a little crazy.  Lately, she has taken to making little stacks here and there, rather than keeping them in the bookshelves, so I thought a little book bin might keep them somewhat contained and scratch her itch for stacking them in piles. how to make a bookcase I’ve seen similar designs to this here and there, but I just wanted to tackle it myself to hopefully save a little, and also use the colors I wanted.  Here is what you need to get started (I picked up all the hardware items at Home Depot): 1 x 10 x 4 common board | edge glued board | jigsaw | 12 #6 1-/14″ brass screws | drill | measuring tape | chalk or pencil for drawing cut lines | acrylic paint for design | paintbrush First, cut the common board into two 24″ pieces (and honestly, you could go smaller!  I think 1 x 8 would work just as well, if not better, and you could cut it down to 18″).  You may need an extra pair of hands to help you hold the two pieces together at a 90 degree angle and put four screws to join them together. Next, trace the outline of the edge of the joined pieces onto the edge glued board.  Sketch out a shape around it, and make sure to do this along one of the flat edges, so it will sit flat on the ground.  I did a heart, but you could do a cloud, or any other shape you feel adventurous enough to create. Cut out the shape with a jigsaw (or have the handy person in your life do it for you!).  Trace the cut shape and cut out a second piece. DIY book bin Next, paint the shape. Vivi loved this activity!  I added a little face to the heart, and I did this by sketching it out with chalk before painting it, just to make sure I was happy with it. DIY book bin Next, I held the inside shelf part against the heart shape, and traced underneath it with chalk.  I did this on both sides, and measured to make certain the chalk lined up, and then screw in four brass screws to hold it together.  Do this on both ends, and you’ll have a book bin!  You may want to pre-drill (that’s what I did) since the wood is so soft. DIY book bin DIY bookcase Vivi seems to really like it so far, and Brigette thinks it’s her personal reading bench, so I’d say it’s a win! (Pictured with the Between a Rock Lamp, Pink Neon Nightstand, and DIY Tassel Hanging.) DIY bookcase And, just for fun, a shot of my favorite shelves (reclaimed wood + painted gold IKEA brackets): DIY book bin Let me know if you need any clarification on anything – it’s kind of tough to photograph the process, but I’m happy to answer questions! DIY bookcase DIY bookcase


kathleen"Looks so cute, I bet your girls love it! "

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playhouse fun


playhouse inspirationMy super sweet and talented friend Sara Harper visited us one morning to snap some photos of the girls having a fun time in the playhouse.  The pictures are just gorgeous, with the dappled light bouncing everywhere! (If you want to see the details about how we turned the old shed into this sweet playhouse and for more info on the paint color, those darling doors, and more, go here!) playhouse The playhouse has sort of a store front feel.  It’s part restaurant / theater / kitchen / whatever they decide to dream up. playhouse ideas The inside has a little pink kitchen prep area for tea parties and such. tea party I found those chairs on etsy – they are vintage from the 60’s – and paired them with an Ikea roxo stool, which is perfectly child-sized!  Vivi’s dress is a ballerina recital costume I found at a thrift shop.  It’s actually an xxs adult size, or something like that, and it’s meant to be knee length, but it’s ball gown length on a 3 year old. playhouse stage On one side, the deck functions as a stage, complete with shower curtain (I added pom pom trim) curtains so our little performers can dance and sing to their hearts’ content.  So far the curtain has held up really well in the rain, and the trim adds just the right bit of fun! playhouse ideas playhouse deck The windows are screened, so there is plenty of ventilation, and it makes the space feel really open and airy. playhouse inspiration toddler reading nook The girls love the svinga – it makes the perfect little reading spot! playhouse ideas playhouse inspiration playhouse ideas Drama comes natural to Vivi.  I promise I don’t walk around the house all day posing like this. playhouse inspiration Brigie, my little cuddler, is taken with the gilded frog and the pink flamingoes. pink flamingoes playhouse inspiration ballerina pig This is the little poster I made for Vivi (prints available here).  She is into pink these days. playhouse inspiration playhouse inspiration We added a chalkboard on the side to write up the weekly menu / performance schedule / doodles, and it’s been really fun for them. playhouse inspiration   I’m so happy to have this little bright spot in our backyard for the girls.  We worked super hard on it, but it was so rewarding.  It feels good to pour your heart and sweat into something and see your dreams turn into a reality.  It has inspired me to want to do more of these kinds of things!  Thanks so much, Sara, for the sweet captures, and to the Home Depot for making it happen!! playhouse inspiration


Alle"Absolutely adorable!! This is perfect place for memories. "

Joni"Thanks, Jen! The color is Behr Aqua Smoke (from Home Depot). "

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gina"this must have cost a fortune but if u can do it definitely worth it. it's beautiful. "

Emily"Seriously the sweetest thing ever I've ever seen. I wish we had a backyard to do something like this! "

courtney {a thoughtful place}"This is just beyond beautiful. Something so special that they will remember forever. To be young again! "