vintage camping

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

vintage camping baby room ideas

This palette reminds me of the air mattresses and sleeping bags we used when we camped when we were little.  Last summer, Chip and Vivi did a little overnight camping at the farm, and used the same air mattresses and tent, and the yellow, brown, and avocado green stripes were so wonderfully familiar and the tent even had the same smell.  It was like walking back in time.  A couple of pops of minty blue add a little freshness to this space and make it a touch more modern. (that gorgeous tree photo is sold out but you can find something similar here and here.)

Sources: (1) Pendant Light; (2) Mountains Shelf; (3) Vintage Turkey Print; (4) Camp Pennant; (5) Hello Sunshine Pennant; (6) Trees Print; (7) Jason Munn Poster; (8) Go West young Man; (9) See America First; (10) Knit Pillows; (11) Jenny Lind Crib; (12) Linework Yellow Lamps; (13) Dresser; (14) Losange Green Chair; (15) Stump Table; (16) Plaid Rug; (17) Mint Metalwork Bookcase; (18) Never Give Up Print; (19) Leader of the Pack Tee

4 responses to “vintage camping”

  1. Jen Pollard says:

    Wow! So many interesting pieces. I love the Jenny Lind in a natural color; haven’t seen that before. And the green chair is fabulous. Could easily be integrated back into other rooms once a nursery is no longer needed. Great ideas!

  2. bebek giyim says:

    That’s room look soo organik and original!

  3. Becky says:

    Favorite one yet! (I have said that many times though). Thank you!!

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