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favorite kid spots in atlanta

Yay for Thanksgiving!  I just have a few quick thoughts to share before the big day.  First, I worked with the super cute Mini Style Blog on a list of my favorite spots to hit up in Atlanta with the girls (note these are kid-friendly spots, and the ones in our typical routine).  The talented Haily of Lucy Darling Shop created this precious map showcasing most of them, and it nearly makes me want to cry seeing all of our frequented spots all together.  We just went to the botanical gardens last Sunday for the Christmas lights, and it was simply magical, as it is every year.   It’s one of my favorite Christmas traditions we have as a family.

 minted christmas card

Next, have you ordered your Christmas cards yet?  Minted is having a 20% off sale for Black Friday (with code BF14 till this Friday, 11/28!), so it’s a great time to order.  This design is my favorite, and you can also add a photo to the back, getting the best of both worlds!

narnia nursery art

And, finally, I just added this print to my society6 shop.  I did a custom version for the girls’ room that I can’t wait to share soon, but thought I’d make one available for purchase, too.  This is one of my favorite quotes from the Chronicles of Narnia, and such a sweet blessing to hang on the walls of a child – that God will continue to get bigger as they get older, which is quite the opposite of everything else in life.


sugarboo blanketHappy Monday!  Hope everyone had a great weekend.  It is chilly and rainy here, but we had a fun weekend celebrating Vivi’s birthday.   I’ve got a lot of cleaning up to do!  Don’t you love this sunshine blanket above?   It’s from Sugarboo, and they have the sweetest art prints, and these blankets will just make you cry they are so sweet and snuggly with the most darling of quotes.  It’s perfect for Brigette because we all as a family sing her this song before she goes to bed at night.  Plus, her three current passions in life are blankets, stickers, and bunnies, so she just adores it.  (find that art print here!)

And, a few random things I am loving right now:

these jeans | this service | this place | this new restaurant | these christmas decor ideas | this DIY that would be great over a crib | this party

Also, if you didn’t see this bedding from last week’s post, be sure to check it out.  New Arrivals is offering 20% off with code LAYBABYLAY20!

you are my sunshine blanket


thanksgiving kid's table ideas

Today’s post is the second in a series of sponsored posts with Astrobrights Papers focusing on creative ways to use color paper for Thanksgiving decor, as a part of their Colorize Your Party campaign..  Yesterday was a bit more polished; today is all about the kids’ table.

thanksgiving kid's table ideas

We have this picnic table from my childhood that my parents let us have, and it’s the perfect option for a kid’s table.  I added those fun throws to the seats for some extra fluff (Brigie loves anything snuggly, so she was all about this) and I set the table with a few pieces of china (adore these mercury glass pieces!), those darling little vintage glasses Nana found, and some handmade feather crowns.

thanksgiving snack ideas

For some fun treats (seriously, the girls thought this was the best thing ever – waking up from naps for an outdoor treat picnic!) I used some Kellogg’s recipes to make these pilgrim hat cookies (but I used the dark chocolate Keebler Fudge Stripes and made the icing go all the way around because, well, icing) and this cranberry mango chutney with Keebler Club Crackers (because I’ll sign up for anything with cranberries – this treat was more for me) and then added in some pretty peppermint meringues.

thanksgiving snack ideas

The girls dove right in, and I’ll be honest, it was so much fun.  I was expecting this to be a bit more difficult, but they thought it was super special and I’m going to have to make this happen more often.  They were especially charmed by the straws in the big girl cups (I added on some little paper feathers for a festive touch) and it was like a for real tea party to them.

thanksgiving kid table ideas

thanksgiving kid table ideas

I’ll be posting details soon on how to make the crowns and other fun items from yesterday shortly.

thanksgiving snack ideas

Vivi was really excited about those pilgrim hats.  It was such a fun surprise finding a marshmallow in inside.

thanksgiving craft ideas

At the end of all the snacking, I was treated to a special dance performance.

You can see the sugar rush in Vivi’s eyes . . .

thanksgiving craft ideas

Thanks so much to Astrobrights Papers for inspiring such a fun and unexpected afternoon.  I’ll definitely be doing this more often.  Be sure to check out yesterday’s post for more inspiration and stay tuned for all the DIY details.  (Find Brigette’s super cute shirt here, and Vivi’s snuggly pullover here!)

This post was sponsored by Astrobrights Papers in collaboration with Kellogg’s.  I appreciate so much your support of Lay Baby Lay’s sponsors so that I can continue providing beautiful content.  I love working with sponsors who inspire creativity!


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DIY baby room art

This is one project that will work in the baby room, your bedroom, your living room, or really anywhere.  It’s a great way to create a large, custom piece of art really affordably!

Items you will need:

Black and White Photo | 2 Eye Hooks | Rope | 1 x 2 furring strip, about 1″ longer than art width

DIY baby room art

To start, find or take a photo that you like and that would look striking as a black and white.  If it is a found photo, scan it.  I chose a vintage photo I had on hand, but you can also use a favorite snap on your phone just as easily.  I had mine printed at a local printer, but I’d recommend using PhotoJojo to get your print done.   It’s only $25 and is a super easy option if you don’t already have a printer you use regularly.

DIY nursery art

I purchased the furring strips at Home Depot, and had them cut the pieces to size for me at the store (super easy!).  I had them cut at 1″ longer than the width of my photo (so 37″ if you use PhotoJojo).  Staple the two pieces on the top and bottom of your printed photo on the back.  Next, screw the two eye hooks into the top piece (I painted mine gold, and pre-drilled to make it a little easier).  Then, cut the rope to length and knot the ends to keep it in place.

DIY baby room ideas

This makes for a really striking and inexpensive focal point for a space!  It costs around $30 to $35, depending on what materials you already have on hand, which is impressive for a 36″ x 48″ piece of art.  It’s also a really easy way to incorporate some vintage family photos!

DIY baby nursery art


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baby room art

I’m really excited to share the work of Anna Church today.  I happened across her work on instagram, and just positively fell in love.  She creates these gorgeous, nostalgic compositions of carefully curated pieces, and they are the sweetest.  The one pictured above is Frogs & Snails, which would be perfection in a baby boy’s room, and would also be a precious gift for a father or grandfather as well.  Wouldn’t it be striking over a desk?  It brings up so much emotion about childhood.  To purchase a limited edition print, just email Anna for details.

Here is the feminine version, Sugar & Spice:

baby room art

The sweetest, right?  Daisy chains, ballet slippers, angel wings, ponies, and horse ribbons!  Such a beautiful statement in these frames:

baby room art

I also really love this Gentleman print as well – so dark, moody, and masculine:

baby room art

For even more fun, she has a time lapse video on her website, where you can see her meticulously creating these gorgeous insignias and curating the details.  It’s fascinating.  I came across her work while searching under Wes Anderson, and I think it really captures a similar quirky, whimsical, nostalgic spirit, don’t you?

baby nursery poster



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