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“It takes courage to grow up to become who you really are.”  Sarah kindly sent me this tee from her adorable line (which I instantly fell in love with), Wolfe Brothers & Co., so I asked Vivi to style it up.  Brigie also styled herself up, which is what she does every day (she cracks me up).  Chip asked Vivi last week what she wants to be when she grows up (not sure why we have never asked this before!) and she said “myself.”  So I found this shirt to be perfectly fitting!  Definitely check out all the cuteness going on – these would be really thoughtful baby shower gifts for baby boys!  The tshirts are so vintage perfect, and I love the Scout blankets, which are also really affordable and super sweet.  And, of course, the adventure pennant is just so good!

wolfe brothers & co

These girls.  They keep me on my toes, but they keep me laughing, too!

(pictured with the Pattern Society Rug, Rikshaw fabric for curtains, and that awesome acrylic book cart.)


Fall Decorating Ideas Coming in Halloween Style Challenge"[…] Lay Baby Lay is where Joni Lay shows off all of the super creative ideas she has for her home. Joni clearly loves …"

Fall Decorating Ideas Coming in Halloween Style Challenge | DJ Web Reviews"[…] Lay Baby Lay is where Joni Lay shows off all of the super creative ideas she has for her home. Joni clearly loves …"

Fall Decorating Ideas Coming in Halloween Style Challenge | The Big Texas Web Reviews"[…] Lay Baby Lay is where Joni Lay shows off all of the super creative ideas she has for her home. Joni clearly loves …"

Joni"Aww, haha - they are her tap shoes. They are from payless! "

Billie"not decor related..but where did you get her shoes!! "

Joni"Hi Rachel! No the Wolfe Brothers item is the cute little tee. The rug is by pattern society …"


Have y’all been seeing the Bright Lab Lights everywhere?  They are just so cute and happy that I can’t resist.  I’m planning on putting some in Vivi’s room – I just love the punch of color they add.  One extra fun feature is that you can customize your own – try it out!  You could even throw caution to the wind and let your little create his/her own custom strand.  And they are surprisingly not too expensive!  (photo from their gallery)

Also, for those of you who asked, I added the “Love” print to my society6 shop, if you are interested!

playroom ideas



katie"cute! where is this play table from? "

Joni"Haha, tough choice, Molly!! I feel ya! "

Joni"Hi Amber - ah, I am sorry to hear that! I had gotten feedback from a few readers about …"

Joni"Oh, goodness, I had no idea! Are you talking about these, Sara? http://www.lacasedecousinpaul.com/en "

Molly"I've been going back and forth for awhile now: bright lab lights or juju hat? Decisions, decisions :) "

Amber"Your website has changed recently and is really hard to view. The top 3/4 of the page is links …"


baby room art

I’m really excited to share the work of Anna Church today.  I happened across her work on instagram, and just positively fell in love.  She creates these gorgeous, nostalgic compositions of carefully curated pieces, and they are the sweetest.  The one pictured above is Frogs & Snails, which would be perfection in a baby boy’s room, and would also be a precious gift for a father or grandfather as well.  Wouldn’t it be striking over a desk?  It brings up so much emotion about childhood.  To purchase a limited edition print, just email Anna for details.

Here is the feminine version, Sugar & Spice:

baby room art

The sweetest, right?  Daisy chains, ballet slippers, angel wings, ponies, and horse ribbons!  Such a beautiful statement in these frames:

baby room art

I also really love this Gentleman print as well – so dark, moody, and masculine:

baby room art

For even more fun, she has a time lapse video on her website, where you can see her meticulously creating these gorgeous insignias and curating the details.  It’s fascinating.  I came across her work while searching under Wes Anderson, and I think it really captures a similar quirky, whimsical, nostalgic spirit, don’t you?

baby nursery poster



Maggie"These are exquisite! Thank you for sharing her work with us! "

Anna Church"Thank you so much Molly! It was so lovely to connect with Joni and appear on her blog. We seem …"

Molly"Wow, what a find! This is so YOU, Joni. Love her work! "


I haven’t done one of these in awhile – so here is a current list of Vivi and Brigie’s favorites.


(1) Dressing up and being dramatic:  It took her awhile to get here, but she loves dressing up and performing.  Her life is a musical.  I found some used ballerina costumes for cheap at a vintage shop, and they are the perfect dress up clothes.  They are tiny adult sizes, so she can wear them with room for growing, and they are ball gown length on her – perfect!

(2) Dancing, dancing, dancing:  It never stops!  If you drop by and stand still long enough, she’ll put on a performance for you.  These extra awesome glittery ballet shoes make it even more real.

(3) Lunch dates with Daddy:  He is her knight in shining armor and the man of her dreams.  She lights up when he comes home, and regularly talks about how she can’t wait to tell him such and such that happened during her day.  His words of encouragement and pride make her feel like she can move mountains.  Since school is out, we are always looking for outings and meeting him for lunch and getting a special cookie afterwards is the best kind of treat.


(1) Climbing into things: She is a walking pro, and loves climbing into or onto things.  Her current favorite spot to hide is a cabinet in the sunroom. It’s the cutest.

(2) Being read to: Finally, she is enjoying books.  Vivi drinks them up like water, and has since I can remember, but I have had a hard time getting Brigie to sit still for a book.  She is starting to really enjoy it, and cuddling up with her is a treat for me.  Goodnight Moon and I am a Bunny are two current favorites.

(3) Putting supper in her hair: She is the messiest little eater.  Vivi was much neater – or maybe I just fed her more than letting her do it herself.  Either way, Brigie loves running yogurt, fruit, or whatever through her hair, so she gets bathed often.  Which works out just as well for her because she squeals and splashes like it’s the best thing ever.

My favorites:

(1) These shoes!  I am not normally a Birkenstock person, but after trying several different pairs of sandals, these are the perfect combo of comfy and cute.  The silver straps add just the right bit of polish and my feet are happy on walks or playdates outside.

(2) Short hair!  I got it cut a few weeks ago, and I’m loving it.  It’s so much easier, and it’s just a nice change.  Getting a different haircut always gives me energy for some reason; you kind of feel like a new person and I’m re-inspired to tackle some new and different things.

Happy Friday!


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baby registry baby listAre you working on your baby registry?  If so, you should check into BabyList!  It’s a fantastic registry option where you can add anything at all (from services such as house cleaning, necessities like diapers, or my favorite: vintage or handmade goodness from smaller shops or etsy!).  It’s great that you aren’t limited to bigger box retailers, which means you can register for items that you truly love.  It’s also awesome that you can support other moms running small businesses (like several of those pictured above!) and friends and family can appreciate purchasing items that are unique, special, and what you really want for your little one.  BabyList also has a checklist you can fill out based on your preferences, and they will send you a customized registry list to start (so helpful!!), and there are also several registries created by experts and others to get you started as well.   Lastly, want to know my absolute favorite baby item?  My Ergo.  I didn’t have it with Vivi, but I use it all the time with Brigette, and I’ll be really sad when she outgrows it.  Can’t say enough good things about having a baby carrier – especially when it’s your second!

(Thank you so much to Baby List for sponsoring this post, and for the awesome service they are providing.)


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