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Y’all be sure to go check out Honest to Nod today to find out how to make the DIY banner above, as well as the one in Timothy’s nursery!!  (photographed in the playhouse!)


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how to turn vintage photos pink I realized I never posted a tutorial on how to turn photos pink, and some of you asked about it, so here it is!  It’s actually really easy if you have Photoshop.   If you don’t have it and want to give it a try, you can get a 30 day trial for free, which is pretty great!  (I’m not familiar with Photoshop Elements or other photo editing software, so I can’t speak to how to do this elsewhere – apologies!)  Here are the steps: how to turn vintage photos pink (1) Scan your photo.  If you want to print this out large (I went from about an 8″ x 10″ photo to 40″ x 50″!), then scan it in at a very high resolution (600 dpi or so).

(2) Desaturate your image.  Even if it’s black and white, it may have some yellow or other tone to it, so go ahead and desaturate it.  You can do this in photoshop by clicking Image > Adjustments > Desaturate.

(3) Adjust the curves.  It will help to give the photo some more contrast, and will make it look cleaner.  To do this, go to Image > Adjustments > Curves.  To do this, adjust the diagonal line when the curves box appears.  An “S” shaped curve is usually what you go for, but play with it until it suits you.  (You may also wish to come back and edit it again after overlaying the color.)  If you haven’t done this before, pull the diagonal line up in the top right quadrant of the box, and maybe down a little in the bottom left quadrant. (If using curves intimidates you, this can be done somewhat by adjusting the brightness and contrast, which is found under Image > Adjustments > Brightness and Contrast).

(4) Overlay a pink layer.  To do this, set your foreground color (the two boxes stacked on top of each other in the bottom of the tools palette – they start white on black – just double click the top box) to pink.  I used fc5ea8, which you can just copy and paste by the # box if you want the same color.

(5) Adjust blending mode.  Make sure the Layers palette is showing (if it’s not, then go to Window > Layers and it will appear).  Double click on the layer with the pink box, and you will see a “layers style” box appear.  Change the blend mode to “vivid light”.  You may want to play around and try some of the other blend mode options – there may be one you like better!  (This can also be done by selecting/highlighting the layer and then selecting different blend modes under the drop down menu directly above in the layers palette.)   Also, you may want to adjust your curves again to make sure the image really pops.

(6) Save your image.  You can flatten it (Layer > Flatten Image) and then save it as a high resolution jpeg or tif to send to the printer.  Find a digital printer in your area (just google “digital printer Altanta” or whatever your city is) and call or email them for a quote.  You will probably be surprised at how reasonable it is to make large prints!  There are also a lot of substrate options, and you could go for sintra or cardboard or poster board, and then you don’t have to frame it! turn vintage photos pink Don’t be afraid to experiment with the colors – you might find something you like better than the pink, and you can certainly find some hues that would be better suited for a boy’s room!  It’s a fun way to make an old photo feel fresh and modern, and add a big pop of color!  Let me know if you have any questions!


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babe in wonderland

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alice in wonderland baby room ideasI have received quite a few requests for a wonderland inspired room, so here it is!  There are so many fun details you can include, but hopefully this will get you started if this is the direction you want to go.  I love how the natural Rhea crib grounds all the pinks, and how adorable are those bunny lamps?  I added a white shade just to keep things light, but the denim is fun, too.


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shared room inspiration

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It seems that by far the most requests I receive for inspiration are for shared rooms.  Our family has a farmhouse on our family farm where we spend a good bit of time, so I thought it would be a fun project to create a shared space for Vivi and Brigie that will hopefully also serve as inspiration for those of you looking to do something similar.  I know they are both girls, but I don’t think it’s too much of a jump to make this room a bit more neutral or boyish to suit your needs (in fact, all the bedding is boy bedding!).  I have to say this has been my favorite project thus far, and I think Vivi is just as in love with it as I am (a sure sign of a success!).  I’ll list applicable sources after each photo, as well as in the pink margin. (Union Rug; White Jenny Lind Crib; Pink Coat Rack.)shared room ideasThe door to the room came from the house where my great-grandmother grew up.  The fact that it has a window makes it extra fun; I love being able to peek in during naptime!  shared room ideasVivi is crazy about her little toddler bed.  I found it to be a great solution to save some space, and she is enchanted with it.  It’s actually a bed I purchased secondhand, and I enlisted the help of my father (i.e. he did it for me!) to replace the headboard and footboard and then we painted it glossy white.  I also love the bedding; it’s a twin duvet and cover from the Land of Nod.  I cut them both in half exactly and just stitched up the edges (adding a zipper to one of the duvet pieces so it is still removable) which left me with the perfect toddler bed sized duvet and a fluffy blanket to use elsewhere. (Charming Hamper, Jenny Lind Nightstand)shared room ideasThe black dresser and the white changing table are both vintage, and I love how the Jenny Lind crib and adorable nightstand fit in with it so perfectly!  Those arrows are just taped to the wall with washi tape, and the curtains are painter’s dropcloth leftover from my sister’s wedding which I stitched into panels with pom pom trip added to the edges.  (Cloud Pillow; Woodland Animal Art Panel One & Two; The Greater Outdoors Bedding)shared room ideasThat metal tole chandelier was a last minute find from one of my favorite secondhand/antique shops, and I think it adds the perfect little bit of girly charm to an otherwise understated girls’ room.  The yellow and orange tie in perfectly with the bedding!  I created the art panels with the woodland animals just for the room, which Daddy custom framed with heart pine.  I wanted them to have the feel of pages from a vintage children’s books.  (You can purchase prints here and here, and I’m planning to add another text option here soon. Here is the source for that cute little dog picture.)shared room ideasI adore that gold lamp from the Land of Nod; it adds the perfect bit of polish!  The arrowhead art is one of my favorite details.  All of those arrowheads and that tomahawk were found close to this house, and we attached them with copper wire to painted black pegboard.  (Gold Lamp; Jenny Lind Nightstand)shared room ideasThe crib is the Jenny Lind we used for Vivi, and it’s so sweet and perfect.  I really can’t recommend this crib enough; you can’t beat the price and they really go so well with any look (and the black version is stunning, too!).  (Numbers Pouf; Pink Coat Rack; Charming Floor Bin; Greater Outdoors Bedding; Field Guide Crib Sheet)shared room ideasI adore that field guide crib sheet, and it’s fun to talk about all the little animals and colors on it.  The cloud pillows add the perfect whimsical touch, and I added little “scout” pillows to their beds.  I’ll post a tutorial here soon.  It’s really pretty simple.  That pouf provides the perfect spot for reading and playing. (Cloud Pillow; Field Guide Crib Sheet; Numbers Pouf)shared room ideasThe changing table is a vintage buffet, with a changing pad tray added, and a matching adorable field guide pad cover.  That photo in the middle is of the sunset over the field where Chip and I were married.  The artwork is all hung a little high, out of reach of kicking little feet and grasping little hands! (Field Guide Changing Pad Cover; Changing Pad Tray)

shared room ideasI’m pretty crazy over this little reading corner.  We hung that vintage boy scout backpack with an arrow, and suspended it from the picture hanging molding (as we did most of the larger pieces of art).  I love that detail.  Daddy constructed that simple little bookcase, and it’s such a perfect solution for book storage without taking up any space.  I’ll be posting a tutorial on that as well; I know there are quite a few out there, but I figured I’d post it in case any of you are interested.shared room ideasSo there you have it!  I hope you are inspired.  Stay posted for those tutorials.  I have to give a very special thanks to my father for helping me pull this together; he makes all my crazy ideas come to life and is so patient with all my requests.  He is a true craftsman, and getting to work on such projects with him is such a joy!  Thanks, Daddy!


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sharks & minnow

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sharks room inspirationRecently, I received a request for a shark room.  If you want to use this in a big kid room, just substitute a big boy bed for the crib, and maybe use some of these cute shark sheets.  That shark print over the bed comes in a small size, but you could scan it in high resolution and reprint it in poster sized scale to make it more fun. (And Julie, it also looks fun on the tiffany blue color, shown with this dresser!)shark room inspiration


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